Monday, July 27, 2015

Mining Tips From an Old Timer (Part 9)

(A "small"-scale gold miner with her batea in South America.)

Here's the ninth installment in this series of mining tips from yours truly. Take what works for you and apply it to your own small-scale gold prospecting and mining efforts.You never know what added benefits may come from it down the road a piece.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bigger Fish to Fry...

 (Very few old timers ever hit it big.)

I've known very few small-scale (i.e., non-commercial) gold prospectors and miners over the course of 35+ years who consistently "made wages." This includes myself. Even during the heyday of gold discoveries and rushes in the American West or Southwest (and Alaska and the Yukon too), only a few intrepid individuals hit it big and became wealthy men despite the fact they were working what was essentially virgin ground. That's a historical fact and not supposition on my part, by the way.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mining Tips From an Old Timer (Part 8)

(It's all about getting gold into that poke.)

Here's another installment in my old timer's tips series. Who's the old timer, you ask? That would be me. Bit-by-bit I'm passing along my own gold prospecting and mining knowledge gained over the course of three and a half decades as a small-scale miner and guess what? It won't cost you a dime. Quite a deal when you stop and think about it, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stolen Valor: I Don't Wish These Idiots on Anyone

 (Richard Rahn...just another stolen valor douche bag...note the CIB, jump wings, Ranger tab, and plethora of self-awarded decorations.)

I'm going completely off topic in this post to address a malaise that seems to keep spreading despite the hard work and relentless pursuit of the truth by concerned military veterans, active duty military personnel, and their friends and families. What am I talking about here? Stolen valor, of course.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Snipers are "Cleaning Up" in California

 (My ear is always to the door.)

My ear is always to the door when it comes to small-scale gold prospecting and mining and my sources (friends and fellow miners, that is) in California's Motherlode Region say that they and others are literally "cleaning up" gold sniping. This fact follows hard on the heels of my recent tip about shallow water and underwater sniping. It goes without saying the extremely low water conditions in California have pretty much provided manna from heaven for snipers the past couple of years or so.