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 My previous post garnered some interesting comments so I want to touch on a few of those as well as some additional comments and what I call "odds and ends." So let's see what's what in this regard.

"Rattlesnake" Jim and Fighting the Government

It seems that my friend "Rattlesnake" Jim also had some contact with one of the family members involved in the last hunt for the Victorio Peak treasure trove. In fact, he helped her out with a metal detector problem. Jim and I have much in common and have just missed each other over the decades in our pursuit for placer gold and for treasure. Like I said to him, "We were like two ships passing in the night!" Anyway, "Rattlesnake" Jim believes that the Victorio Peak treasure and all that gold was taken (i.e., stolen) from the finder's family in the 1960s, which is highly likely. I tend to think the trove was removed either in the 1960s or early 1970s at the latest. To sum things up, we are both in agreement that Victorio Peak's 100 tons of gold was real and that the vast trove discovered back in the 1930s is no longer within the Peak itself but safely tucked away in Big Brother's coffers. By the way, Jim sent me a link to a video some of you may be interested in regarding the Victorio Peak treasure trove. It's called "Fighting the Government for the World's Largest Treasure (Guess Who Won?)" The video was put on YouTube courtesy of Dr. Oren Swearingen, one of those knowledgeable folks I have communicated with in past years and who was involved in the final search for the trove at Victorio Peak. Despite the fact the video is not of the highest quality, give it a whirl if you want to learn more about that 100 tons of gold. (A tip of my hat to Dr. Swearingen and those other fine people involved in the Victorio Peak search who communicated with me freely in past years.)

Are You Retired?

Chicagoan Tom V. is thinking about early retirement and suggested that I get reader's perspectives on retirement (provided you're near retirement or already retired). He's interested in your take on things, what sorts of pursuits or interests you're involved in (gold mining and treasure hunting included), and the like. Essentially anything and everything about retirement from your point of view. You can e-mail me this info and I will put together a post on the topic. So feel free to give your views on being a retiree as will I. And, as always, your complete privacy will be strictly maintained.

Gold Mines in Ohio Anyone?

My buddy and Oregon gold miner "Sniper" should get a kick out of this one, providing it's not old news to him already.

On December 18, 2018 a federal grand jury convicted a former Tigard, Oregon man for his role in an Oregon-based gold mining scam that swindled investors out of $3,200,000 (USD). More than 140 investors (mostly in Oregon) were taken in by the scam headed up by Harry Dean Proudfoot (78) and carried out by him and his children. At the core of the scam was Proudfoot's "3 Eagle Research and Development Company" which was established in 2008. The scam centered around an investment deal involving mining Ohio gravel pits for gold. (Yep, you heard right...Ohio. I am sitting here dumbfounded as I write this, my jaw dropping and my eyes slowly glazing over.) "3 Eagles Research" solicited investment money to purchase mining and processing equipment to "mine" two gravel pits in Ohio and for "donating" their money each investor would receive a full 10% of the gross gold returns recovered. Needless to say, the whole deal was one huge scam and Proudfoot and his kids spent all that money on personal use, including new cars, travel trips, and to pay their own living expenses and bills. Surprise, surprise folks!

Although there is glacial till gold in Ohio and small-scale miners and club members continue to recover small amounts of that yellow, most of you already know that Ohio is NOT the best gold area in the Lower 48 states or Alaska. There may be some small commercial operations for recovering gold from gravel pits there, but nothing of big economic value as far as I know (note the last four words). With that in mind I just gotta say this: From my point of view, you have to be nearly brain dead to get sucked into a gold mining scam involving gravel pits in Ohio! I mean I can sort of understand how some average Joe Blow might get those greedy little lights in his eyes when we're talking a gold-mining operation in the California Motherlode, Arizona, or the Bering Sea, but Ohio???? Ye Gods and little fishes! How uninformed (i.e., stupid) can a person be? As Mark Twain once quoted, "A gold mine is just a hole in the ground with a liar at the top." Don't get me wrong here, I feel a certain amount of empathy for anyone who gets scammed badly like this, but being totally ignorant doesn't help you out in "deals" like this. Personally, I think all that TV reality shit (especially concerning a certain crew from Oregon) over the past eight years or so had an unintended impact on all those couch potatoes sitting there dreaming about piles of gold in Sandy, Medford, Eugene, and yes...Tigard. This played right into Proudfoot's scam, I believe. It's only a personal theory though...

 (And now I present to you none other than Harry Dean Proudfoot ladies and gentlemen!)

Anyway, Harry Dean Proudfoot faces a number of charges and could face 20 years in prison, a quarter-million dollar fine, and three years' supervised probation for each wire fraud count filed against him and 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and supervised probation for each count of money laundering and larceny. Some of his kids face similar charges. But the way things work nowadays, I bet the elder Proudfoot doesn't do any real hard time. He'll appear in court with a walker or cane, claiming ill health.

Investing in a purported gold mine/gravel pit in Ohio?? It just doesn't get any dumber than that folks. But I have to give the Proudfoot family credit where credit is due. They were shrewd enough scammers NOT to place their fake gold mining operation(s) geographically close by.

A sucker is born every minute for sure...


I just want to extend another big "Thank You!" to those generous hearted readers and supporters who made donations just recently. Interestingly enough, they tend to be same folks who donate over and over again. That affirms my personal theory about people being divided into two main types: 1) the "givers" and 2) the "takers." Whatever the case, I appreciate the support and those monies go into paying my annual subscription fees and to fund my monthly luxury travel trips to Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Best to all of you.

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  1. That's interesting! I have never heard of the Proudfoot scam. Are you sure that it was a scam?
    If old man Proudfoot isn't in jail maybe he could help me round up some investors for a little claim in Quartzville.
    That would be...probably a big mistake.
    Some of those con guys are so good that they can sell aluminum siding to folks with brick homes.
    Yessir they can!

    I will definitely check out the link to the Victorio gold theft. Thanks for that.
    Hard to imagine 100 TONS of gold. Not bars or pounds..but tons.
    Where in the heck did all of that gold come from?
    I doubt that it ended up at Fort Knox. Maybe Fort CIA?

    1. Greed or something for nothing is always at the heart of these scams. Three million ain't small potatoes though. The US Government stole that gold. But, there's nearly 100 bars of bullion stashed somewhere in the Southern New Mexico desert!


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