Culvert Gold Again and Other Rants

I was wondering when the axe would fall concerning my previous post on culvert gold and other "wishful thinking" and here we are. Bedrock Dreams reader and supporter Paul A. had a few things to say concerning placer gold in culverts so I thought a counterpoint to my views was in order. So off we go!

Here's what Paul had to say about culvert gold:

"I know your gonna poop on me, but myself and a friend went to the Duesenburg Lost Dutchman Mining Association LDMA camp a year or so ago. We never saw ANY color except in someone else's pocket all weekend. We were joking on the way back and started laughing about someone who parroted you imbeciles about "mining" the culverts! We got to laughing about it and started stopping at each one (finally had to quit, way too many out there) and started scrapping a shovel full out of each one and another from a foot or so after the drain end. It was a hell of a laugh. We got home and six to seven months later I remembered it, but rather than throw it in the garden I ran it through a newly built sluice. My Long Paul sluice! There ain't no "Tom" here, so.... There was almost a pennyweight out of that bucket! It seemed like it was from one layer, as the dirt was a bunch of different colors and shades. Never told anyone before now, as I figured to get laughed out of the room. Ya NEVER actually KNOW!"
"Keep ya powder dry, may need it soon."

Struck by Lightning 

Well folks, as you can tell Paul is a bit of a wag who likes to throw the tongue-in-cheek thing around  (bless his pointy li'l head)! I had to laugh when I read the "I know you're gonna poop on me" opener but obviously Paul knows how I operate. (We both have military backgrounds and "understand" one another.) Nah, Mr. Paul. I'm all sweetness and light don't ya know? Anyhoo, I'm still not sold on culvert gold. But a pennyweight is pretty good for stabbing in the dark methinks. So Mr. Paul, I think the overall message here is that even YOU can get struck by lightning and find some placer gold in a culvert (just messing with ya my man!). By the way, for those of you who aren't familiar with the LDMA, those initials stand for the Lost Dutchman Mining Association...a selective (and more pricey?) offshoot of the Gold Prospector's Association of America (GPAA). Even though it doesn't matter a hill of beans to them or most of you, I've never been a fan of either, truth be told. But I am ever the contrarian, don't ya know?

All I'm Trying to Say
But to get a bit more serious here, I want you all to know I'm no neo-Stalinist dictator sitting here in my own little Kremlin with the idea that everything I say is absolute and etched in granite. Moreover, I'm not always right (even though at times I think I am!). Paul has shown that gold can be found in culverts as long as he ain't jerking my chain, which is always a possibility with him methinks (smiling here). That said, I still believe that wasting too much time on culverts, moss, and waterfalls is...well...wasting too much time. There are better and more productive things you can do in the field and more productive spots you can work. That's all I am trying to say here and was trying to say in the previous post. Yes, you should always keep an open mind when searching for gold because it does turn up at times in some very strange or off-beat spots. So it doesn't hurt to check a culvert or two if that's your thing. So go for it. Just stay the hell away from waterfalls...that's all I ask.

A shout out to Paul A. for providing me a counterpoint and for his sense of humor throughout.

PART 2: Turning Grim on You

Now I'm gonna turn grim on you. Man alive, I often think we're sliding into some sort of dysfunctional new Dark Age here in the United States and Europe. The latter part of the world best watch its step lest it become totally suppressed by uncontrolled immigrant waves from the Middle East who carry with them a penchant for playing European socialist welfare systems like a violin and carry within themselves a dangerous plague that demands the death of all "infidels." But there are good Muslims right? Like those murderous scumbags in Morocco who recently gang-raped and beheaded (on video, no less) two young Scandinavian women who were trekking and camping by their lonesomes in the Atlas Mountain Region. And if there truly are "good" Muslims out there why aren't they doing something (anything) to counter the acts of savagery and mindless terror by the so-called minority of fanatics who abuse their religion? Is it because those "good" Muslims are too busy trying to push Sharia Law here in the United States as well as Europe? Just asking. And kudos to the people of Poland, Russia, and other eastern European nations who don't play this uncontrolled and unvetted Middle Eastern immigrant shit.

(Savagely raped and murdered in Morocco.)

Not All Are Good and Loving 

Meanwhile, European and American youth are being told in school and in universities that anyone who speaks their mind contrary to liberal, leftist, or socialist ideology is a "fascist," racist, sexist, or xenophobe. We live in a world of "pussification," for lack of a better term. Men are no longer men but metrosexuals, beta orbiters, or weak sisters who buy into all the emasculating propaganda shoved down their throats by the main stream media and its minions. Social, familial, and sexual lines have become so blurred as to become unrecognizable while diversity continues to be preached as the true measure of the brave new world that leftists are so fond of creating. I feel true sorrow for the families of those two Scandinavian girls, and the way they died was absolutely disgusting...the work of depraved animals...not human beings. But WHO IN THE HOLY HELL inculcated in those two young women the idea that the world is an open and loving place, and that all people want to the do the right thing despite religious, social, or racial factors?? Had they not believed this pie-in-the-sky diversity crap they would have thought twice about camping alone in a Muslim country wherein not all people are good and loving, as was proven in the most horrible manner possible.

Totally Unapologetic

Those of you who live and work and mine in my home state of California know of which I speak here. If not in the Middle Eastern context, then in most of the others. A once-proud and economically solid state has been brought to its knees by too many debilitating causes to count. I hate to single the once-golden state out this way but it's the damn truth. That state has gone to hell in a hand basket in nearly all respects and there's no escaping that fact. In some ways California is a microcosm of what's happening in Europe, and that ain't good brothers and sisters. That's not good at all. And if I've offended someone by my statements in the second half of this post all I can say is tough shit. I'm totally unapologetic. One of the main problems in the world today as I see it is that there is no longer a concept of a "bottom line" where enough is enough. If the brakes aren't jerked hard here and in Europe sometime soon we're all heading for a world that won't be safe or sane for our children or grandchildren.

And this is coming from someone who once fought for this country. Think on that.

(c) Jim Rocha 2019

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  1. Hello JR, The culvert thing, I think has some merit in certain situations, but not "the magic gold trap" folks make it out to be. I don't think clean riffles will trap gold at all, but even a smooth bottom cement culvert with no riffles, just a few inches of gravel in it must act like bedrock I would think. Just guessing here, I've never found anything in the few I've tried. I haven't tried many I might add.
    The Muslims......I would like to think there are good ones, but I think that is because of the way I was raised. The Golden Rule, and to look for the good in everyone was the two top things I was taught. Trouble is, the Muslims are different than non Muslims. They haven't been raised in the same way. I hope there are good ones, but the more you hear about the horrible things they do,and the lack of outcry from the "good ones", it makes it hard to believe. Is that fair or accurate? Who knows? It might be like saying "all Mormons have more than one wife". You would think though, that any "good ones" would not stand for their good name being tarnished and try to make up for the "bad ones". I don't know any Muslims, but from what I have heard, I have to agree that it is a very dangerous religion that preached violence and hate against all that think differently than they do. I'm glad I live where I do, far away from the "real world", and all it's problems.

  2. Jim, there has all ways been good and evil in the World; and that will never change. Saying it ain't so, doesn't change the facts. It's hard for me to understand how so many people are that naive or ignorant.
    Rattlesnake Jim

    1. There is no doubt that these young women's' relative lack of street smarts and p[lain common sense cost them dearly. I wouldn't travel to a Muslim country if you stuck a gun t the back of my head...

    2. Well stated , people in the usa have no idea how the rest of the world lives or behaves. I do , i grew up overseas , dad was old school usmc/army. People taking their kids to school here have never had to drive by gallows with dead guys hanging from them. Never walked into a store with hands nailed to the entry doors. People here have no idea who they are inviting in. Joe.

    3. Thank you Joe. I'm not a hateful person by and large, but sometimes you gotta call it the way you see it. These "people" are animals.


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