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Its time to throw a bit of news and views your way (and a rant), something I do periodically. Hopefully you'll find some value contained herein, so read on.

The Minelab "Gold Monster 1000"

As someone who started swinging a metal detector over 40 years ago, I do my best to keep up with the latest units and trends, especially concerning those detectors that are specifically designed for nugget hunting and gold searching in general. Although the Minelab "Gold Monster 1000" may not be brand new, I've been delving into its capabilities as a gold machine and what I've seen and heard is quite promising. The "1000" is especially good at detecting very small pieces of gold (and yes, I know other detectors claim the same capability). The Minelab series of metal detectors has a sterling reputation among hard-core nugget shooters...just ask any Aussie who swings a Minelab for gold. Yes, Minelab machines tend to be pricey, but you get what you pay for. Based on what I know, the "Gold Monster 1000" surpasses other well-known machines (even some I own!) in its ability to detect even the smallest flakes and gold nuggets. If you doubt what I say here, try doing a search on YouTube for the "1000" and see the results for yourself. The "Gold Monster 1000" operates at 45 kHz (which boosts its sensitivity to gold) and comes with a standard large coil (10" x 6" double "D") and a smaller, five-inch coil which is the one you want to use for detecting small gold (we used to call these "nugget coils" back in the day). The "1000" retails for around $800-$900 (USD), so its a bit more expensive than comparable units by other manufacturers but still in the ballpark. So if you're in the market for an excellent gold machine that has great small gold and ground neutralization capabilities, I think the "1000" is a detector you should consider (and no, I'm not getting paid by Minelab to write or say this).

"Do My Rocks Contain Gold?" and Fire Assays

As most of you who are observant already know, I no longer answer ANY questions about rock identification or if rocks contain gold (see the first statement in the left sidebar of the blog). There are a number of reasons as to why I had to take this stance. The first is that these sorts of e-mail queries were so frequent they literally became a royal pain in my ass. The second is that it's nearly impossible for me to accurately ID rock finds from digital images, especially when most of those rocks are misidentified will-o-the-wisps. On one level I feel somewhat bad about not sharing my expertise this way, but on the other hand I get sick and tired of inane queries that could be readily answered by the folks tending them if they did the slightest bit of homework of their own either through books or online sources. Moreover these are the folks who NEVER donate to Bedrock Dreams or offer any compensation for my time or knowledge. (I'll talk about this issue a bit more at the end of this post). They want fast answers all for free. Anyhoo, anyone out there who REALLY wants to know what their rocks are or what constituents they may contain (including gold or silver or platinum) should send some off for fire assaying or contact a resident geologist at their local college or university. Fire assays have been around since mankind began mining precious metals and they are the primary means of identifying the "value" of the rocks some folks think are indicators of striking a new Motherlode. Assays aren't free though and neither is my time or expertise in this regard any longer. It's tough love time, you see?

 (Nope, no gold here.)

Another Fake Vietnam Veteran and Media Darling

Forgive me for going here again, but as a "real" Vietnam Veteran, I absolutely cannot stand ANYONE who falsely claims service in Vietnam (combat or otherwise). I consider this a disturbing aspect of what's known as "stolen valor" and I don't tolerate it anywhere or anytime. I'll call a phony out in a heartbeat and have done so many times over the years since I returned from my second tour of duty in Vietnam in the fall of 1968. You see, I owe it to my buddies (living and dead) NOT to have their sacrifices and service tainted by liars, cheats, posturers, phonies, draft dodgers, and the like. I hold rock firm in this regard and will continue to do so until I cross that Final Divide. Some people I know have said to me, "What's the big deal? Just let it go." They mean well, of course, but they don't have a clue because they weren't there fighting alongside of us. You had to be there. Then you'd understand...

(The real deal.)

What disturbs me a great deal nowadays are the number of Vietnam-era veterans who are claiming to be Vietnam Vets. Those folks may have served honorably but they ARE NOT Vietnam Veterans. In fact, just last year I called one of these posturers out while grocery shopping. He had the Vietnam Veteran ball cap and Vietnam service stickers plastered all over the back of his pick up truck but had never served in Vietnam and admitted the very same to me after I grilled him a bit. His tour of duty overseas was as an aircraft mechanic in Korea. Geeze Louise! There is a distinct difference between being in Vietnam and service in Korea, Italy, Germany, Japan, or other countries at the time. Anyone should be proud to be a veteran and a Vietnam-era veteran if you will, but they should NOT claim Vietnam service if they were never in Vietnam in ANY capacity. It's a slap in the face to myself and my buddies and I don't give ANYONE a pass on that issue. No one.

Anyway, there's been a big stink in the mainstream media (MSM) lately about some young kid from a Catholic school in Kentucky wearing a Trump "Make America Great Again" hat supposedly mocking or fronting off a self-proclaimed Native American "elder" and purported Vietnam Vet beating a drum in some dumb ass protest in Washington, D.C., I believe. All sorts of headlines emerged from those  MSM propaganda outlets like CNN (and YouTube and FaceBook vids) claiming that Nathan Phillips (the "drum beater") was a Vietnam Vet (although he stated he was a veteran of "Vietnam times" ????). However, Phillips has said that he is a Vietnam Veteran in other online vids, as a counterpoint. In other words, he's another phony or posturer who became a hero to the MSM and leftist activists who painted a picture of him as an "indigenous Vietnam Veteran being abused by white Trump supporters." I love the left. The only time they don't despise military veterans is when they can use them as tools or stooges in pushing forward their political agendas. So, in my view Phillips is a piece of shit, just another turd flung out of the cage by rabid monkeys.

 (The turd in question.)

If you want a full rundown on Phillips (including his service records and his REAL name), please watch this YouTube vid from former Navy SEAL Master Chief Don Shipley who is well-known for rousting out and exposing phony SEALS and other stolen valor ass clowns (by the way, Don's a real hoot to listen to as you'll see!):

The Donation Issue 

I'll be blunt here and you can make of it what you want, that I'm begging or pleading or scolding or forcing or whatever. But I am really disappointed with the lack of support for Bedrock Dreams in terms of donations...yes, folding green. With an exception or two, donations have essentially dropped off the face of the earth over the past six months. That was one reason I was originally gonna pull the plug on this thing a while back (but not the only reason to be sure). Yep, you're right...I've written and published this blog since 2008 on my own and ostensibly for "free," but I depend on your generosity to keep me going. Now I'm not talking here about those who have consistently "ponied up" in the past or those folks who are in financial distress. If it helps ease the "pain," think of donating like leaving a tip, just like the ones you give your favorite waiter or waitress.

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  1. Veteran of "Vietnam times"? I was a small kid then, but alive at the time.....does that make me a Veteran of Vietnam times? Geese....this is getting out of hand. It seems like there is more and more of that all the time.

    2008? Wow, has it really been that long? Time sure passes fast. I'm not sure any of this computer stuff is worth the time or effort involved. If you enjoy it, it might be, but if not...…..

    I can sure understand why you are getting frustrated. There must be some way to make some money at this outside of donations, isn't there?

    Maybe it's time to hit the creeks yourself and "retire" from Bedrock Dreams.

    I hope not, but you might be more happy if you did.

    1. I'm thinking maybe you're right Gary.

    2. Ha ha..
      Just another turd flung out of the cage by rabid monkeys?

      OK man..maybe something this Friday. No worries.
      If everyone just tossed in at least a couple bucks or so then you would probably be in pretty good shape.

      NOW..IF you are looking for a creek to work I just happened to have one waiting for you!

      I have seen and heard nothing but good about the Gold Monster 1000.
      And the price looks good too.
      The only thing is, for me anyway, is that you can't get it wet.
      I like the looks of the Makro Gold Kruzer.
      Same price range and it is waterproof to 5 meters.
      I think that it's an awesome detector and the company builds really good detects.

    3. I didn't realize the 1000 wasn't waterproof. But still a good machine Don.

  2. O.k. ... How do I help .... ?????

    1. Do whatever you can Grandpa.

    2. So ... How do I get funds to you .... I am Swedish - I need specifics

  3. JR, I wanna send you MY rock! Can you tell me if I have rocks in my head from it? LOL

  4. I sent the following to JR in an email before I read this post. Here is what I sent: I’ve been enjoying reading some of your older blogs and will continue to do so. You are soooo right…knowledge is power.

    What I really want to say is thank you for your service in Viet Nam. I graduated in 1971. My lottery number was 251 which meant my draft classification was 1-H or lottery number too high, lucky you. I was told by one Viet Nam vet that the soldiers today have it worse (in his opinion). People just ignore them and pretend that there are no wars going on at all.

    I am sorry you had to experience that war but grateful for your service.

    1. No sorries needed my friend. I was one of the lucky ones...I made it home.


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