Beware the Angry, Paranoid, and Confused

I decided to publish this post before continuing with my series on gold in small streams, creeks, and brooks so please bear with me. The topic I'm about to address isn't earth shattering, but I feel it needs addressing none the less. I suspect you'll get the main drift here and hopefully carry my thoughts forward in your mining and, if necessary, your personal lives too.

Exceptions to the Rule

As I've said numerous times in the past, most small-scale miners are good people. They are generous with their time and expertise, and always willing to lend a helping hand when asked. These are the folks who carry forward the history, traditions, and ethics (yes, there are ethics involved too) of small-scale gold mining in an honorable fashion. And we must thank our lucky stars that the bulk of the men and women who compose the small-scale mining community in the United States (and throughout the known world) tend to operate this way. But like anything else in this life there are exceptions to this golden rule and therein lies the heart of this post.

Talk is Cheap

Some time ago in the not-so-distant past I wrote and published a post on a gold location here in the West. This particular post was simply a breezy bit of information on a potential "go-to" location that folks looking to do a bit of gold panning or small-scale mining might consider if they were in the area. In this post I reminded folks that I wasn't sure of the "open" status of this location and to check with local agencies or miners to determine its accessibility, or lack thereof. My writing about this location must have struck a raw nerve with a claim owner in this area because he soon fired back a comment on this post that was outright angry and even threatening. And from my standpoint wayyyyyyy beyond the context of the situation. I replied to his comment with something to the effect of "Hey! Take it easy pard. No one's looking to jump your claim." Those weren't the exact words but they're close enough to give you the idea. Well, some time goes by and out of the blue I get another angry vitriol from this dude. Sigh...So I publish his comments as I try to do for everyone unless I know for certain they're spam-oriented or full of too-nasty language. You see, I reserve that right since I'm the guy doing the work and publishing this blog. Now fast forward to yesterday...yep Easter Day. Lo and behold I get another nasty, angry, and very threatening set of comments from this same person. In this one he goes beyond the pale and suggests that anyone who gets close to his claim in the afore-mentioned, non-designated location is in for deep trouble. And he says if I (like I've ever been close to his claim??) or anyone else shows up armed he says we best be "well-lubricated" because he's gonna shove our weapons up our asses. Really? Talk is cheap, my friend.

Don't Get Me Wrong

So this guy definitely has a bug up his ass...that much is certain. Without a shadow of doubt he has anger-management issues, is paranoid, and operates from some sort of delusional, confused fog that the rest of us aren't privy to. Here's the deal, however. You never know what's going on with certain people. What truly lies in their heart of hearts or in the dark recesses of their minds. Perhaps this dude has come across numerous claim jumpers on his claim and they've trashed the place up (like they did on my last claim), maybe his favorite dog died last week, or maybe his home life is filled with stress, pain, and heartache of one sort or another. Whatever the case, this dude is half-crazed (if not a candidate for intensive psychiatric/anger management care). At first I published his latest paranoid tirade, but then thought better of it. Why give him a free venue to spout off on yet again? But the more I thought about it I decided the best course of action was to delete the post in question and remove that particular source of his anger, paranoia, and mental confusion. You know, sorta remove one burr from under the saddle because he undoubtedly has many other "burrs" in his life. Did I do this out of feeling scared or intimidated...because this dude put the fear of God in me? No, despite what he may end up thinking. Or anyone else for that matter. The "true" reason I eliminated this post can be found in the "Peace and Contentment" section that closes things out here. Now if this nut case still wants to shove my gun up my ass all I can say is, "If you feel froggy pard, why then go ahead and jump." I'm right here in Northern New Mexico and just about 12 miles outside Santa Fe. I suspect I'm even in the online White Pages. But I don't seek out confrontation and physical violence any longer...unlike my earlier days (and I'm not proud of my actions back in those days). Oh, don't get me wrong. Push me into a corner or threaten my family or friends and I'll go combat on your ass in a heartbeat. Count on that. I didn't survive two tours of duty in the Vietnam War by being a pussy or a push over. Sure, I'm an old coot now but I don't use a cane, walker, or wheelchair yet. Still mobile...still slim, trim, and combat ready at all times.

Want Peace and Contentment?

Those things said, I feel sorry for this guy and others like him that I've come into contact with over the years. He's got some sort of very dysfunctional internal issues going on that he can't control or refuses to admit. And somewhere along the line something bad is going to happen to him if he continues along the path he's on. If it hasn't happened already, that is. You see, we draw unto ourselves what we put out there. The universe doesn't distinguish between giving us what's good or bad. It simply fills the "orders" we send out to it. Anger breeds only more anger. Violence more violence. Paranoia is a sickness that draws us deeper and deeper into our own delusions and leaves us fearful of all things and all people. Confusion blocks clear thought and reasonable ways of handling things...even the worst of things. Want peace and contentment in your life? Then reach for those things that inspire, calm, and heal. Think clearly and act with positive intent. Avoid those who are vexations to the spirit, who seek to threaten and intimidate. Live a happy life...mining and otherwise.

 (Be happy doing what you love and let the rest of the shit go.)

'Cause if things get to the point that they have with folks like this dude, your life is (or soon will be) hell on earth. Trust me. That ain't the way to bring more "gold" into your life.

(c) Jim Rocha 2018

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  1. Okay, here's my take on the meanie miner mo in Washington.
    When he complained about the post and claimed that he had a claim, did he ever provide you with his claim #?
    Or his name? Did he take any steps to prove that he actually has a claim in the area described in the post?
    If he did then wouldn't it be a simple matter to amend the posting with the claim owners information and make your readers aware of the fact?
    The new information could definitely include the boundaries of the person's claim, with a reminder to your readers to always respect those mining claim boundary markers. Problem solved!
    But if he is unwilling or unable to provide that information, and expects everyone to just take his word for it, then he can stick his whiny mouth straight up his kazoo.
    See without knowing who he is and the claim number there is no way to verify anything.
    So it boils down to the old country slogan of "Put up or Shut up"!

    1. Well said from the claim perspective sniper. But I want everyone out there to know I'm not writing and publishing this blog to get into pissing contests with nut cases. Or to argue fine points with them. Nor am I here to direct my readers to locations where potential Sons of Sam exist. There's a time to fight and time not to. Just as there's a time to give free reign to idiots and a time to take away their soap boxes and doodle pads.

  2. There is always someone out there that just has to be nasty. The world is full of them unfortunately.
    You did the right thing deleting your post Jim. Not because he tried to bully or threaten you, but because it was the right thing to do. If he felt like you were somehow robbing him, it's best to just get rid of it. You have always tried to help people, not cause them trouble. It's too bad he had to be unreasonable about it though. Funny thing is, I'll bet he is not finding enough gold to make the fuss he has. Oh, well.

    1. You're as reliable as the day is long Gary. I knew you'd understand why I pulled that post off the blog. I hope this guy gets some help. He needs it badly.

  3. I just had a similar situation. Found a Utube video of some kids "looking for gold "on a local Forrest service land creek, though they didn't actually show any prospecting just some hiking with no visible mining equipment. The video had 0 comments and was over 5 years old, so I asked in the comments section if they had found any color that day. The video author never responded but one of the claim holders on the creek felt the need to go off like a crazy person with accusations, bold threats, attempts at intimidation, misinformation and outright lies in a multi post multi paragraph tantrum. I corrected all the false information he was spewing for any future visitors of the comment section. I recon some people are just legitimately out of there minds.

    1. I hear you Jacob. Some people think I'm a bit heavy handed with this stuff. But in the 1980s I know of two instances where people got killed (murdered) over claim squabbles. One in San Diego County, California and the other up in Sierra County in the Northern Motherlode. You never want to get confrontational with these nuts nor do you want to get into a pissing contest with them. Best thing is to walk away or take away their soap boxes.


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