A Few Info Tidbits

It's a brand-new year and I'm still here. (No intentional attempt to create a rhyme but what the heck?!) Anyway, I wanted to pass a few tidbits of information along as we start 2018. If you're scratching your head and wondering why the blog is still up I'm making one last go of it in an attempt to turn things around from a monetization standpoint. Anyhoo...read on.

Jacob H. Gets Another One!

Well I'll be slapped silly and flat bamboozled if Jacob H. didn't turn up another nugget with his Minelab! He went back to nugget hunt the same area I suggested he try (where he found the first nugget of his mining/prospecting career) and turned up its slightly larger cousin. Here's the new find:

(Jacob's first nugget is the smaller one closer to the dime. Interesting how similar in overall structure to it's smaller cousin the larger of the two is.)

Congrats to Jacob! These are nice little finds, especially for a younger guy who's just starting out in this small-scale thing of ours. Keep at it Jacob and let's see some more of these in 2018. Who knows? You may very well turn out to be my "go-to-guy" when it comes to all things nugget hunting!

A New Look

As you've already noticed, Bedrock Dreams has a new look. One that I consider to be leaner, meaner, and more professional looking from a visual standpoint. So far the comments about the site's new look have been very favorable but even if they weren't...I like it! And ultimately I'm the one who calls the shots on this sort of stuff. By the way someone asked me about who did the new look and I can happily report it was yours truly. Although Blogger templates have certain limitations (for example, I can't create a subscription site with them), I DO find them easy to use and manipulate. For an old dog like myself, the Blogger platform seems to work best. We all need some sort of makeover or substantial change as time goes by and this new look has renewed my overall energy toward maintaining Bedrock Dreams moving forward. So there ya go.

The Money Thing 

The other driver behind keeping Bedrock Dreams up and running is the money thing. Or "monetization" as they call it in the online techie world. There are many ways to monetize a site, including various sorts of ads and ad banners for percentage of sale deals and pay-per-clicks, but none of these really worked well for me in the past since my traffic is light. These sorts of things tend to work best with high-volume sites...something Bedrock Dreams is not. The other thing is that once you start dropping ad boxes and banners all over a site it begins to look cluttered and messy. Nix on that.

By the way, don't you hate it when you click on a site on the web and a "pop-up" ad is the first thing you see?! Or you go to a site, start reading an article, and while you're doing so a pop-up appears and blocks the screen as well as your train of thought. Lots of websites employ these annoying ass ads and I can tell you here and now that you won't see one on Bedrock Dreams as long as I'm living and breathing. And to all you greedy clowns who use these pop ups on your sites know this: any time I go to a site for info and I'm hit in the face with pop-up ads I NEVER return to those sites. So you ain't getting my folding green. How 'bout that homie? (Time for a pop-up blocker methinks.)

Your Donations Provide the Most Support

For some time now (and no doubt moving forward) your donations have been the biggest financial support I've received on a yearly basis. One generous donation by you can bring me as much cash as six-months' worth of generated income from the numerous pay-per-click or percentage ads I used to plaster on the site some years ago. Over the past few months I've experienced stepped-up giving by certain readers and supporters. This may be due to the fact I was planning to bail out on Bedrock Dreams and these folks were expressing their appreciation in concrete terms. Or, it could be these are people who aren't afraid to say "Thanks!" with their wallets. Some of these folks are monthly donators or give consistently over time (some for years now). You know who you are without my naming names and I want to thank all of you who donate or have donated in the past. I hope you will all consider donating as we move forward since your donations provide me the most financial support.

Anyhoo, moving into 2018 my main monetization strategy (and it ain't much) is three-fold:

1) Stimulating more readers and supporters to donate to the "cause;"

2) Removing the Archives (10 years worth of salient info) from "free" access;

2) Marketing/selling the Archives with Bedrock Dreams as the launching platform.

FYI: I could have opted out of the Blogger website template thing and moved over to WordPress where I could have made Bedrock Dreams a pay-for-view or subscription site where you couldn't even access it at all without paying up front. But I chose not to go that route, just so you know. That's why your donations are so important.

No, it's not all about the money. But I've worked hard the past 10 years and want to be paid for my efforts. I don't feel that's unreasonable.

Anyway, let's see what shakes out down the road a piece, OK?

Best to all.

(c) Jim Rocha 2018

Questions? E-mail me at jr872vt90@yahoo.com


  1. JR, It's a brand new year, brand new look for Bedrock dreams, and a brand new strategy. Let's hope things work out for the better! I have no idea how it works as far as getting paid, but some of those "Youtube" sites make quite a bit of money. Have you ever thought about gold mining videos? Just a thought....

    1. Gary I'm a writer and not a video guy...also, I don't get out enough these days to make videos viable. Were it the 1980s or 1990s it'd be a different story!

    2. I understand! I thought about making some trapping videos, but I don't know how to do the Youtube thing. I could probably figure it out, but I'm not sure I want the added hassle. I do know some folks make a fair amount of money doing it, but I think they have to work at it quite a bit too......I dunno.....
      Sometimes turning something you like into a job takes the fun out of it!

    3. Your last sentence is right on the money Gary.

  2. David In Red RiverJanuary 6, 2018 at 6:17 PM

    So excited to see you still up and running, Jim. The new format looks amazing!!! Happy New Year and here's to hoping things go well moving forward.

    1. Thanks David. Let's see if I can turn things around....worth one more try anyway.

  3. Michael in Mid-HudsonJanuary 7, 2018 at 6:23 PM

    Been fairly successful in North Carolina, but I've somehow found myself transplanted into the Mid Hudson region of New York. This is about the wackiest state when it comes to gold recovery... it all belongs to the state?! Perhaps that is one of the reasons that there has been little if any "reported" gold mining in the state. On the flip side, there are no laws or regulations regarding suction dredging whatsoever. Has anyone ever experienced the area next to our "nanny state" neighbor, Vermont. There appears to be significant glacial deposits, but sluices are banned throughout the state of Vermont, but not in Massachusetts or New York. Any ideas or suggestions where to set in a pick and pan, before I bring in my four inch suction dredge.

    1. Can anyone help Mr. Mike out here?


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