More Not-So-Good News for California Miners (and a Decent Rant)

 (Good old Uncle Joe. A great egalitarian!)

As most of you know, the once-Golden State has been (and remains) at the forefront of the anti-mining movement regarding small-scale miners and their activities on the Left Coast. The green legions and their political hacks have already shut down suction dredging in the state and have either severely limited the use of other small-scale equipment or reduced some "open" areas to the use of gold pans only. So it goes in a state pretty much controlled by what I like to call "Neo-Stalinists."

"Wow! Really?"

To add greater insult to injury, California miner Mark H. recently informed me that it appears the East Fork of the San Gabriel River in Southern California may be placed off limits to small-scale gold mining and prospecting activities in the near future. All I can say is "Wow! Really? The East Fork?" You see, the East Fork of the San Gabriel has provided small-scale guys and gals and weekend gold panners in the greater Los Angeles and SoCal area with a moderately decent spot to work for as long as I can remember. Granted, there are often hordes of our mining and panning compadres shoveling dirt along the East Fork on any given weekend (especially on the good weather days that SoCal supplies in plenty), and many more folks there to swim, sunbathe, and just raise hell of one sort or another. But with those crowds come problems of various sorts. I hate crowds so I pretty much avoided the East Fork back in the day, but you know me...I'm a contrarian of sorts. That said, the real issue here isn't my tendency to go it alone, it's the fact that another so-called "public" area may be removed from the ever-shrinking list of "open" gold locations in Cali.

 (I suspect much of the trashing of the East Fork is the result of non-miners...but who's to say?)

A Done Deal

According to Mark, the main issue regarding the East Fork is the heavy trashing of the area by many of the above-mentioned folks looking to turn a bit of yellow in their gold pans or sluice boxes, or pee in the river. There's an old, old adage that most of you are familiar with. "Don't shit in your own nest." Apparently the situation along the East Fork has become problematic in this regard and it doesn't take much of anything for the do-gooder, pot-addled, dazed and confused "greenies" to latch onto to shove their agenda(s) down out throats yet again. Remember, as foolish and self-righteous as these idiots can be at times, they are well-organized, highly motivated, and have enough folding green in their coffers to buy just about any legislator, congressman/congresswoman, or senator in the state. These state and Fed types are the ones who give the Forest Service guys and gals their marching orders and, well...after that it's a done deal.

 (Some crazy "greenies" even see the Sierra Club as the enemy! I wonder if that old bag is burning her draft card???)

Piss-Poor Moves

Shame, shame, and even more shame on you ass clowns who trash up the East Fork. You've screwed up royally you dumb shits. Give the "greenies" an inch and they'll take the proverbial can bank on that. So what do you do? You hand things to the "greenies" on a silver platter and then wonder why you no longer have places like the East Fork to take your kids gold panning or swimming on the weekends. You f'ing idiots! Go right ahead. Keep shitting in your own nests. Geeze Louise...piss-poor moves like this make my thinning blood boil. Just like when I used to return to my last North Yuba River claim each year and find wrappers, food packaging, and empty beer and tin cans strewn about. Not to mention all sorts of other junk and trash. What the hell is wrong with people??

 (Way to f'ing go folks.)

We're All Equal, Don't Ya Know?

You know, it's never wise to under-estimate the enemy. As Looney Tunes as the "greenies" can be at times in their messianic mission to convert us to their idealized world view, they are relentless in pursuing their version of the New World Order. Their plan for the East Fork? Why transform it into a nature reserve of some sort, of course! Then they can hike along the river or the trails up the canyons and hillsides to their hearts' content without having to be outraged by those low-class simpletons tearing up Ma Nature's beauty with their picks and shovels and gold pans, or by the hordes of worker drones swimming and pissing in the river. I suspect it's the latter who do the real trashing of the East Fork, but who can say with 100% certainty? Either way, elitists like the "greenies" and their leftist supporters just love shoving the rest of us aside so they can have things their way. More importantly, they love making us march to the drumbeat of their social vision where everyone is equal and the riches belong to all equally, including Ma Nature's bounty. What a crock of shit! None of them lived in the Soviet Union during the Stalinist years where to utter the slightest dissent meant 10 years in a slave-labor Gulag. Oh, and by the way, even in today's Russia there is NO such thing as small-scale mining. It's not allowed (although many do it on the sly).

 (Gotta love socialism/communism. No? How about a "tenner" in the Gulag?)

Want the shining, egalitarian image of socialism or communism do you? Want to be told where you're gonna live, what car you're going to drive (if you can own one, that is), or how many kids you can have? Or that gold panning by the citizens of the labor commune you were forced to live in is not allowed?

Then keep f'ing up.

(c) Jim Rocha 2017

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  1. Last day of 2017. The end is here. I'll be interested to see how "Bedrock Dreams" plays out. Good luck to you Jim, and thanks for everything you have done here over the years. Stay in touch! Gary "Muskrat" Thomas

    1. It ain't over till it's over Gary. I'll push ahead into 2018 and see if I can make this viable.

  2. Love the new look and and your insights over the years. I feel guilty for not contributing more so thank you for all your work. Wish you the best for whichever direction you go.

    1. Gary, no need to feel bad at all. You've been a solid supporter since day one and I rely on your advice and perspectives.

  3. Michael in the Mid-HudsonJanuary 8, 2018 at 7:34 PM

    I agree with most of the opinion... but painting Socialism with the same brush as Communism. I think not. Communism was a necessary event in countries where about four percent of the population, literally enslaved the rest (serfs). Thankfully, that violent "grand" experiment imploded upon itself. Social democracy on the other hand is great... until those that supply the resources for it, have just run out of money to support a noble, but grandiose idea.

  4. Michael in the Mid-HudsonJanuary 12, 2018 at 12:06 AM

    U.S. Supreme Court Slams Door on California Suction Dredge Miners -

    Who would have foreseen this! The entire state of the state of California has been like this for decades. The "conservationist" clubs would sue the various forestry services to prevent CONTROLLED burning of sage and overburdened fuel sources in the forests. Now these "experts" have been the cause of massive UNCONTROLLED/UNCONTROLLABLE conflagrations for firefighters to deal with. Instead of being science-based organizations, they have resorted to pseudoscience that equates to - "if you cannot dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit"." I admire those that have fought a good fight, but it has been for naught. I suggested years ago, vote with your feet and your wallets. There are still vast swaths of this country that have not yet become gentrified "nanny" states. Move on and move away. There is absolutely no logic to complain and then pay high taxes that are used to revoke your rights, or in California's case, a permitted "priviledge".

    On the SCOTUS decision - Not really surprising at all. But, who doesn't recognize that the manufacturers, distributors and yes, website operators, share to a large degree the responsibility for this result. There is an old Russian proverb... "Don't wait until your back is firmly against the wall, before you can read the writing that's upon it." Fact of the matter is clear and simple, the industry has failed its' customers and users by not organizing and LOBBYING our corrupt government. Either in Sacramento or Washington, DC. Now that the horse is out of the barn, the tree huggers and toad lovers will now have a legal decision to go to one court after another to seek the banning of what they self righteously describe, as the wholesale rape or destruction of mercury laden waterways. Don't worry, your big brother always knows best, and is doing all of this to "protect" you from harming yourself or some mindless organism that resides in a puddle of water. In the meantime, buck up, stiff upper lip lads, for you have been properly CALIFORNICATED.

    Please don't take anything that I've written as serious or personal. I seem to have a bit of sarcasm that is running full throttle today. So, in the meantime, STAY CALM, and move to climes that aren't so bloody hostile. Don't forget to take your wallet and other viable assets with you.

    1. This crap has been in the offing for quite a while and it comes as no surprise in most respects. California is my home state and I left it (gold or no gold) 27 years ago because of the trends, the over-population, and the political climate. Your words ring true Mike.


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