The Fascists of the Future...

World War II  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said that "The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists." I don't think Churchill knew just how accurate and prophetic his words were at the time, but he was spot on.

A Pig's Still a Pig

In the 1930s and 1940s fascism was a living, malignant organism that spawned such diverse entities as Adolf Hitler in Germany, Benito Mussolini in Italy, Francisco Franco in Spain, Japanese militarists, and numerous other lesser beings of the same ilk. In Soviet Russia, Communist dictator Josef Stalin and his sycophantic political hacks were responsible for far more deaths of their own people than those killed, executed, or gassed by the German Army, the SS, and "action group" death squads during the horror from 1941-1945 on the Eastern Front. Stalin and the Soviets claimed they were anti-fascists since they were overtly fighting the "fascists" on their doorstep. In the final analysis, however, Stalin was as big a fascist as Hitler, Mussolini, or Franco. You can put lipstick and eye shadow on a pig but it's still a pig no matter how you try and gussy things up.

Look at the Results

There was no choice but to fight fascism in all its forms during World War II and the ensuing Cold War era because the liberty and freedom of all right-minded persons was at stake. Fascism (whatever form it takes) is a totalitarian mindset wherein the individual and personal rights cease to exist and the state (Big Brother) calls all the shots. Fascists dictate how you should think, act, and live, and to accomplish that mission they use fear, threats, intimidation, and yes...violence, imprisonment, and mass murder. One only has to look at the results of Nazism and Communism in various nations throughout the world over time. Winston Churchill may have been a flawed character at times during his life and career, but he knew real fascism when he saw it. His core belief in this regard? Confront that beast directly whenever and wherever it crops up...left side or right side.

 (Sir Winston Churchill.)

Like All Good Fascists...

Today Churchill's words ring with more clarity and truth than ever before. They are manifested by numerous so-called anti-fascist groups and organizations such as ANTIFA, those scrawny leftist pseudo-intellectuals and college drop outs you see on the news wearing masks, all dressed in black, and waving black flags emblazoned with red hammers and sickles superimposed over ANTIFA's own symbol (shown below). What does ANTIFA stand for? Well, it should come as no surprise to anyone that it stands for "anti-fascist(s)." Getting the irony here, are you? You and I and the rest of the value-driven, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens here in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and many other countries as well are the enemies of ANTIFA along with the capitalist economies we labor under, be those economies good or bad. Like all good fascists and anarchists, ANTIFA seeks to create instability in the status quo by rioting, blocking roadways, smashing storefront windows, overturning and torching private vehicles, battling the police and patriotic citizens...all the while spewing the filthiest language you've ever heard come out of anyone's pie hole. ANTIFA is/are Churchill's fascists of the future and if they're not stopped here and now worse things will come. You can count on it.

 (ANTIFA type "anarchist" flag. Often the anarchist symbol has a red hammer and sickle superimposed over it.)

Spoiled Children

Just last week these aimless, jobless, shiftless icons of the left rioted in Berkeley, California. All during the Obama administration these leftist dirt bags and erstwhile mommy's boys and girls were pretty much allowed to run free in the streets preaching their unique brand of hatred for all things most of us consider sacrosanct. They rioted, smashed, threw rocks and bottles, set cars on fire, and generally behaved every bit as badly as their fascist precursors in history. These are the people who want to take your freedom away...not Trump or the corporations (although I'm no fan of the New World Order). These skinny little leftist twerps are the ones who want to dictate every aspect of your life to you and if they ever gain ascendancy you can damn well bet the gulags and "re-education" camps will soon follow. They are akin to children who've been spoiled rotten...they have no gratitude for the great blessings living in freedom has brought them...they only want to stamp their feet and howl about all the "social injustice" around them. Although social injustice certainly exists throughout the world, most of these liberal/leftist crybabies haven't ever felt its sting. No. Most of them come from comfortable, middle class environments where they wanted for nothing and got everything.

 (Spoiled rotten.)

Get on YouTube

The postscript to all this is that the ANTIFA protesters who attempted to disrupt the "system" last week in Berkeley got their asses kicked. By the police? Hell no, the police were nowhere to be found. ANTIFA got its collective ass handed to it by everyday citizens who are sick unto death of this leftist dribble and their scare tactics. Don't believe me? Get on YouTube and do a search for the Berkeley demonstrations/riots last week. What really amazes me, however, is that ANTIFA was sent scurrying away in BERKELEY!!!! The historical hotbed of leftism, socialism, and communism on the West Coast. Now that says something...

 (Citizens wading into ANTIFA at Berkeley.)

Churchill was right. These are the new fascists, marching under the black banner of "anti-fascism." We can't let them get away with it...we the people that is.


(c) Jim Rocha 2017

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  1. JR, This is the first I have heard of this group, are they new? Just what we need, more organized idiots.
    I was always raised with "The Golden Rule", and to worry about what affects me and my family directly, but leave the other guy alone. Folks today are not taught these things. Most have no idea what the golden rule is, nor do they care. It's just "Me, Me, ME!" and if you don't agree, they want to force you to see things their way instead of leaving you alone... or else!
    I am very glad I live in a small town away from most of those kind of people. Sad to say, it is a disease and it is spreading fast.
    The latest anti mining scheme I have heard about is "The Sage Grouse Initiative". Because of the decline of these birds, they want to stop allowing all new mine claims. I have been trying to file on one for at least fifteen years, but get the run around when I try. I guess it's time to try again.....
    Because of this, they want to ban cattle from the range, close roads and all sorts of other things. The real goal has nothing to do with Sage Grouse and everything to do with taking away our public lands and controlling us "renegades". I'm getting worked up....better quit for now. Gary

  2. Jim,
    I'm sorry to see you go. but what an exit! Thank you for telling it like it is. I'm hoping that the other sheeple will take a cue from the "every day citizen) at Berkeley! It's time to put an end to these tantrums. Stop by if you ever get to Silver City.

  3. Thank you very much Greg. I surely will give you a holler if I get down that way.

  4. These sorts of assholes would get any responsible person fired up.

  5. I read that after they got a whippin in Berkeley the criminal thugs plan on indulging in some combat training including packing guns. Wonder if the police will show up then?
    Seems that war is breaking out on all sides.
    Chemtrails sprayed over head full of only God knows what. Muslim radicals pouring in intent on doing nothing but harm. Domestic gangs running wilder and getting more brazen along with the BLM nut jobs and not to mention just everyday people snapping out and snuffing their kids and whoever else unfortunate enough to be nearby and all the while seemingly cheered on by a NWO shadow government. And I think they got hold of Trump. Now they are talking regime change here and there and they ain't backing down. Holee shist! All hell is gonna break loose and we got a front row seat.

  6. It's a crazy ass world for certain Sniper...


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