Important Notice to All Readers

 You good people listen up now. I have something of importance to pass along to you.

I will be out of the loop from February 26-March 12. This means no new posts during this two-week period and no responses to your e-mails so please don't e-mail me expecting a response during this time. I'm heading down to the Texas Gulf Coast to do some beach hunting, my old forte and something I've not been able to do for nearly 20 years now. I'm taking my new Garrett AT Pro detector along with me and hope to turn up some gold in jewelry form. Back in the 1980s I scored big this way on Southern California beaches and I'm itching to find out if Texas will be as kind to me. I'll have a full report for you plus photos when I return as well as a review of the AT Pro. So hang in there.

In the mean time, be good to one another OK?

(c) Jim Rocha 2017


  1. JR, Very glad to hear this. You deserve a vacation in a big way, as well as a break from this. I wish you luck, and hope you find a wheelbarrow load of great stuff! HAVE FUN!

  2. Looks like South Padre been there done that good finds and remember there is a treasure near the cut and a wreck near there as well

  3. Actually it was Mustang Island Bob.


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