My First Book is Finished

Well, after some time and great effort my first book is finished and will be going on sale on Amazon Kindle within the next few weeks. No, the book is not about gold mining and prospecting but there is a great amount of gold to be mined from it. Read on for details and how to get your copy.

Although I've written and published short stories and poetry in the past, Guided Steps: Simple Strategies for Improving Your Personal and Professional Life is my first non-fiction work. It's an 85-page, no-nonsense self-improvement book divided into 25 mini-chapters or steps each preceded by a relevant quote and followed by three positive affirmations relating to each Step's content. The Step topics include:
  •  Letting Go;
  •  Developing Your Personal Power;
  •  Directing Your Own Life;
  •  Reducing Fear, Stress, and Worry;
  •  Dealing with Addiction;
  •  Manifesting Your True Self;
  •  Improving Your Relationships;
  •  Keeping Your Word;
  •  Healing the Damage Within;
  •  and 16 other Steps for improving your outlook, thinking, and behavior.
Much of the contents in Guided Steps I've learned the hard can trust me on that. I'm one of those individuals who doesn't get it until they've been smacked up alongside the head with a two-by-four. One of the reasons I wrote this book was to save others the pain and misery I've endured developing into the person I was meant to be. Since we're all works in progress, I truly feel Guided Steps: Simple Strategies for Improving Your Personal and Professional Life can help others in shaping a more positive and productive life by employing the Steps contain within it, and at the same time assist them in leaving behind their limiting beliefs. Even if you don't have issues or feel the need for personal growth and development, I'd bet a dollar to donuts someone in your immediate or extended family does. Pass the book along to them.

I realize many of you don't like digital books (electronic or e-books) and don't use personal electronic tablets or other forms of digital Kindle-based readers. That said, what you should know is that this approach is the future staring you in the face whether you like that fact or not. You might also like to know that unless an author has a reputable literary agent virtually no publisher of worth will even look at a submitted manuscript. Digital publishing is the easiest way these days for an author to get him or herself out in the mix these days and test the water in terms of book sales. However, a few months down the road I DO plan to publish a hard-copy, "real" version of the book in limited quantity which you'll be able to buy at that point if interested (and yes, I'll sign your copy!).

The Amazon Kindle version of the book will sell for $4.99 (USD) which is about what most people pay for a foo-foo coffee drink at Starbucks. Trust me...your money is better spent on Guided Steps. But hey, I'm prejudicial in this regard. When the hard-copy version of the book is published it'll be for sale at a much higher price because paper, printing, binding, and shipping are costly these days. But for those hard-cores out there who hate digital books, having the hard-copy version of Guided Steps in your hot little hands may be just the ticket.

Right now, I will send a digital PDF file version of the complete book to anyone who makes a donation to Bedrock Dreams of $4.99 or more and those of you who've been consistent donors in the past ("Rattlesnake" Jim, Bill. B., Ron R., "Muskrat," etc.) will receive a copy of Guided Steps for free. Those particular folks can hit me up via e-mail if they want a digital copy or can wait till the hard-copy version comes out. But remember, if any of you want the book in digital version and you or someone you know has a printer, you can print out the PDF version of the book and have an 8.5"x11" paper version of the book in hand in a few minutes.

Stay tuned for more options on Guided Steps, including the publication of its promotional website. You might also like to know that I've started a new book and this one IS about gold and gold mining!

Thanks for your patience here and keep smiling.

(c) Jim Rocha 2017

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  1. JR, CONGRATS!! Way to go!

  2. Thanks Gary. Much appreciated!

  3. Here! here! i second that emotion. You have taken us on so many adventures, and given us all your knowledge about your search for gold.As in the past you have saved the best for now.This is the true gold and will be with us always.Thank you for your efforts and sharing.We are all better prepared in our personal searches with these tools. Bill Bailey

  4. Thank you very much Bill. Your input is greatly appreciated.


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