Making the Connections (Part 1)

 (It's all about making the right connections.)

Although true anomalies due exist in prospecting and gold mining, the majority of the time things tend to follow certain predictable trends or connections. Tuning into those connections is a big step in finding where the gold is. Interested? Then please read on.

The Fact of the Matter

Over the course of 37 years in this small-scale gold mining and prospecting thing I've seen all sorts of methods and strategies employed out in the field. Some of these were good and some were quite least from my perspective. The worst of the bunch in this regard, however, are those small-scale guys and gals who don't practice a controlled logic in their mining and prospecting activities but who choose instead to approach things from a haphazard or even scatterbrained standpoint. You veteran miners and old timers know the type. The "Chicken Littles" who race around a gold location digging dozens of holes here and there without any rhyme or reason given to their efforts. It's the "If the gold ain't here it's gotta be over there and if ain't over there it's got to be here" mentality and it shows a distinct lack of experience and depth on their part. Now I'm not here to beat anyone down or make fun of them. But the fact of the matter is that these types DO exist out there and if you've been around the small-scale mining block for a while you know exactly what I'm talking about. Hell's bell's folks! I've even seen the Chicken Little thing on a certain TV reality gold show with a certain crew from out West. Instead of glorifying some of these idiots and making them TV stars the powers at be should be putting a foot up their ass. But hey, what can I say? I'm a dreamer.

  (Chicken Littles don't make the connections.)

Everyone's a Winner

We live in a time and place these days where instant results are not only desired, but expected. Everyone gets a trophy for participating and if you do lose...why by God, that's not supposed to happen. Everyone's a winner until they lose and then they blame it on anything or anyone but themselves. But you can't blame your lack of success in gold mining and prospecting on anything but yourself, push come to shove. You take your licks, learn from them, and then move on. That's one reason I love small-scale gold mining and prospecting so much. It's true reality therapy at its very best. What many would-be miners fail to realize, however, is that there are certain connections that must be made each and every time they're out in the field. Putting any anomalies aside, gold tends to turn up in those spots where it was found earlier. If you're blind to those connections you're essentially operating in the dark and the Chicken Little thing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And all the fancy or expensive gear or equipment you've just shelled out a ton of money for isn't worth doodly squat. You come up empty anyway...or close to it.

A Painful Thing

I'll stick my neck out here (as I'm wont to do) and say that most small-scale gold miners fail to make these connections in the field. They think if they find some good gold (an infrequent occurrence) they've done so due to their superior skills when in fact, they just got lucky. Luck is a good thing but I suspect the majority of the time the less frequent occurrence is the rule of the day and these types drive home scratching their heads and complaining about their...yep, you guessed it...bad luck. What has really transpired, however, is these folks failed to make the appropriate connections as they went about their mining and prospecting activities. Yes, we all get skunked or nearly so at times, but the Chicken Littles make getting skunked a high art because they miss the connections staring them in the face time and time again. It's a painful thing to see and watch and its a self-inflicted pain on their part that's totally unnecessary. Again, you old salts out there know exactly what I'm saying here because you've seen it too.

 (It's a painful thing to watch.)


By making certain connections in the field you can actually make certain predictions about where the next decent gathering of gold is. Yes, I said predictions. There are no guarantees to anything in this life but if you make the right connections out in the field you can pretty well rest assured you'll find more gold in certain locations or spots that are reflections of those connections. It's not a guessing game as some of you out there choose to think. There's a real logic flow to it. And the connections you make are the purest form of that logic and practical mind set. Sure I'm being vague here. I'm not giving everything away in this post nor will I in subsequent posts. Giving what away, you ask? How to make these sorts of connections. The connections that will bring you more gold over time...consistently.

If your curiosity has been piqued stay tuned. You just might learn something new.


(c) Jim Rocha 2017

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  1. JR, I've even seen folks that swear you can find gold with dousing rods! Worse, there's those that are 100% convinced a plumb bob held over a map will show you where the gold is! Hocus-pokus ,voo doo , but they swear it works! It's enough to make a fella walk away talking to himself! I guess if they are happy with that, what the heck? Funny thing is, they might get lucky and find something! Who am I to be a non-believer? Ha!


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