I Need Your Input

I've been writing and publishing Bedrock Dreams for going on nine years now and I must admit I'm running out of steam. No, the will and spirit are still there but I'm just about tapped out in terms of ideas for posts. That's why I need your input.

Where Do I go From Here?

Here's the deal good people. I think I've just about reached the limit in terms of new posts for Bedrock Dreams. I have a lot of small-scale gold mining experience (37 years now) but I don't know everything and I've laid out just about everything I know to this point. I've talked about equipment, where to find gold, gold geology, gold mining history, gold deposition in both wet and dry placers, and on and on and on. The fact of the matter is this pertinent question: "Where do I go from here?" If I can't answer that question to good effect I fear I'll just be regurgitating the same old stuff in slightly updated terms. That's not fair to you and it isn't satisfying for me. So I need your input.

Feeling a Bit Flat

Are there specific areas of interest you have that I've missed or need to expand upon? Are there certain topics that you'd like to read more about? In other words, what can I touch on in Bedrock Dreams that I may have missed or that would continue to hold your interest as miners and readers? Lay it on me, because at this point in time I'm starting to feel a bit flat in that regard. You can make suggestions via my e-mail (jr872vt90@yahoo.com) or by using the comments section of this post. I am open to all ideas and suggestions so feel perfectly free to offer your two cents (or fifty cents worth for that matter!). I want to continue to make this blog viable and I need your input and help to do that.

 (Feeling a bit flat...)

Fresh Blood

Another means of infusing some fresh blood into Bedrock Dreams is having you tell your stories, relate your mining and prospecting experiences, and provide your own tips and suggestions in terms of equipment, lessons learned, shortcuts, and so on. It's your chance to be an active part of this blog and give voice to your own thoughts and experiences relating to small-scale gold mining and prospecting. All you need is to write that stuff down, send it to me as an e-mail attachment or as an e-mail itself, include some appropriate pics if you like (images not mandatory) and I'll take care of the rest like editing, formatting, and publishing. You can't lose that way...as long as you're not coming across as a blowhard or more foulmouthed than I can be on occasion!

 (Fresh blood is needed.)

Other Involvements

I need your help and input, OK? Otherwise, I'm not sure what the future holds for this blog. I'm not a quitter and have no desire to bring Bedrock Dreams to a close. But I'm tapped out folks...for the most part anyway. Now that I'm retired I'm also more heavily involved in writing another book (mining-related this time) and I'm also getting back into my coin, beach, and treasure hunting activities that I've left parked at the curb for the better part of 22 years. In fact, I'm headed to the Gulf Coast in late February for just that purpose.

Anyhoo, things are changing and part of that change requires your input. How about helping a fellow miner out?

Thanks all!

(c) Jim Rocha 2017

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  1. Not sure if you are into it but maybe some short videos on certain topics people needed to see to really understand. Also maybe rather than people send a personal message about something they found and need help identifying they can post it and we can all discuss it. Might get people involved a little. I know I myself am confused about where gold I had been mining is coming from and when I'm done mining where to start prospecting to get closer to the source.

    1. Thanks Rene! Maybe I need to get a Go-Pro camera and do a few videos as you suggest. Thanks for the input...much appreciated.

  2. JR, My cousin is also a writer. He writes mainly fly fishing books and magazine stories, and a few hunting ones now and then. He has had the same feelings you are having now....what to write about next that would not be just more of the same. After all, just how much can a guy write about catching a fish? I think every writer go's through this sooner or latter. To be honest, it amazes me that you can keep coming up with more as often as you do. If it were me, I'd cut back to just one or two posts a month. More if you think of something, less if you don't. I don't think there is much you haven't touched on, but I'll make a short list below. As you know, I love the Old West and the old ways of doing things. Non-motorized mining gear we can make probably would top my list. I enjoy making and using outdoor equipment and never have "extra money" to spend on the factory made stuff anyway. Hang in there my friend. I suspect you have a bit of the "winter blues"!

    Home made gear
    state by state gold areas
    lost treasure stories in the Western states
    Ghost towns dealing with mining in the Western states
    rocker boxes/sluice boxes and dry washers (how to make and use them)
    known gold areas in the United states
    gem stones and fossils
    how to refine gold into ingots
    different types of gold pans (there are many!)
    your own personal adventures yet to come this summer as well as in the past

    Anyway, here are just a few ideas. Most you have touched on at least once, but hey,just how many ways can you catch a fish??!!

  3. Gary thank you for the excellent input here. Your overall analysis is solid and your list of ideas gives me much food for thought. Thanks for all!

  4. J.R.
    I sincerely hope you are not "burned" out, but just outa notes! You have done SO MUCH good with your site. I have been directing everyone I can to it, and have captured every one even remotely applying, for our club library. (Central Coast Gold Prospectors) My suggestion would be a VERY back to the basics line. A huge amount of your audience is far from newbies, but enjoy your outlook and the reminders of what we "shold" be doing and looking for! But I have heard from several beginers, that while your articles are easy to understand, the jump around from subject to endeavor a lot. What about TWO sets of articles? One, anything that hits your trigger, and the other an "in series" set of newbie notes? Just start reposting or whatever, some of you basic articles, and then advancing one line of learning at a time up to a certain level then going to another subject.
    Just a thought. Thanks for all you do.
    Paul A.

    1. Just outta notes methinks Paul. Thank you so much for your support and good ideas. I like the idea of "newbie" notes for each post, regardless of the post content. That's something I hadn't thought of. So stay tuned!

  5. JR.
    I agree with Paul. Look back though you old posts and rerun some of them. Newcomers won't know the difference and those of us that have read them can brush up on them. There's too much good stuff here to call it quits!

  6. Sounds like a plan. I'm taking everything in that all of you are suggesting and plan to put your ideas to good use.

  7. Hello J.R.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts over the years and feel like you're a friend I just haven't prospected with yet. I'm kind of in your boat. 72 now and the wife wanted to move to Brookings, Oregon. A little bit of placer on the beaches and the Sixes River areas, but not enough to leave a warm house for. I'm more into the fishing and reading on these rainy days.

    The idea of rerunning some of the old posts (above) sounds like a good idea. We all appreciate your work over the years to produce this enjoyable email. I enjoyed the excerpts from your book awhile back. I think most of us are like you, conservative and men of many interests. How about keeping it alive with posts that interest you. . . politics, current events, things that interest you, etc. We all enjoy kicking things around with a good friend. We can always wait for your next post if the current one is not "out cup of tea."

    My best regards and if you read this on the beach while swing, good luck.


  8. Thanks Reily...I can always depend on you for a level head and good advice. You hang in there my friend.

  9. A few additional thoughts:

    1. Using a small scale leach system to test tailings and or primary recovery system. For example using iodine or nitrate
    2. Discussing when a NOI is required
    3. Detailed discussion on mining laws, 36 CFR 228 subpart a
    4. USC 30 known as the 1872 general mining act
    5. The 1955 multi use act
    6. The difference between public land and public domain
    7. What is a mining claim
    8. Title 16 the Organic Act" which have established the USFS
    9. When to use a Direct and Constructive notice
    10. How to use the rule of vagueness to your advantage
    11. The power of mining districts.

    I found that most miners, in my area of Idaho, are ignorant of the various laws, CFR, case law which leads them to be intimidated by USFS.not to mention basic prospecting/sampling.

  10. That's a good list of topics. I'll definitely see what I can do with some of them. Thanks for your input!

  11. You could tell us the stories over again. You know the old timers do that all the time. LOL. Personally myself I listen no matter how many times I have heard the story. It always has good information. I've always been interested in water flow and sluice box. How much is needed how much is too much. Or more importantly how much is not enough. I'm kind of interested in creating a hand dredge. One that I can dump out into a horizontal small sluice, maybe 6 to 8 inches wide. Mounted on some type of float system. BUT attached to my underwater hand dredge pump. Would non constant flow, ie stopping and starting the material cause a problem. It doesn't in a Rocker Box does it. Would totally be interested in you dissecting this problem and giving your thoughts. I don't believe we really ever invent anything. We just improve and reinvent what was already out there. I'm very interested in how we can get around modern day restrictions and laws. Those are some of the things I hope you can explore. Either way you know I think by far you are the best ever.

  12. I will take your good input here to heart. Thanks much for helping me out and commenting/providing tips!


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