Some Incidental Information

I just wanted to pass along some incidental info in this post about various things. Nothing earth shaking or significant but please read this post none-the-less.

PayPal Donate Button Issues

The first item I have to address has to do with the PayPal donation button in the right sidebar of this blog. Paul A., a Bedrock Dreams reader and supporter let me know that the donation button was not taking him to the right place so he could donate. He was absolutely right about that. Some weeks ago PayPal changed the structure of their web page and when they did so this changed the HTML code in the donate button. I've corrected this error and now there should be no problem for those of you who care to donate. I apologize to Paul and the rest of you for the screw up. Like they say, shit happens. Also, I am always greatly appreciative of those of you who make donations to help keep Bedrock Dreams alive and well. Every little bit helps and you may not realize it, but your donations are mainly used to defray the cost of web hosting, etc., which runs me over $300.00 (USD) per year. The rest of your moolah I blow on women, whiskey, and fine cigars! (Not true of course...I don't drink or smoke cigars and if I chased women my wife would hand my ass to me...legally if not physically.) Anyway, I do want to thank those who DO donate for their generosity and support, especially those of you who do so consistently over time. It really helps keep me in the game practically speaking as well as from a morale standpoint. By the way, the poll in the sidebar is very shows I'm doing something right here since Bedrock Dreams is rated superior as opposed to similar sites. But you all are prejudiced, aren't you?

Low-Down BS

There's not much new in terms of mining news these days. The suction dredging issue remains pretty much a dead dog in certain Western states, California being the biggest offender. Law suits and legal actions are still being carried forward by certain prospecting groups and clubs who have taken on all parties to help keep our small-scale mining rights alive. Despite their best efforts, however, dredging has been halted (temporarily or otherwise) in some states and many bullshit rules continue to plague us when it comes to small-scale gold mining activities, including...if you can believe panning and sluicing. Of all the low-down BS to ever come down the pike the attempt to limit or control these last two activities is the lowest of the low. There's a bunch of lily livered SOBs behind this sort of crap, including the greenies, corrupt politicians, and mindless bureaucrats with their feet on their desks waiting to check out and draw their government pensions. Let's hope the new regime in Washington, D.C. will effect some positive changes that will help rather than hinder us in the future. We shall see...

God Forbid

As I mentioned some time back, due to threats of legal actions for defamation of character, etc., I'm no longer able to name names when it comes to claim scammers still operating in California, Oregon, New Mexico (where I live), and elsewhere. Ditto for certain mining T.V. stars on certain popular gold shows. Noticed the word certain did you? Well, those of you who've been with me a while know what I'm talking about. I've been doing a bit of research on "certain" individuals who mine gold on T.V. and although much of it may be hyperbole, there may be a kernel of truth running through what I've turned up. Some of this info has to do with conning people while wrapping things in the flag of "certain" spiritual beliefs and questionable ounce counts when it comes to what transpires in a "certain" gold recovery room. Who knows? Anything is possible. After all, much smarter folks than some of those would-be gold miners driving excavators on television have gotten burned by fast talk and the rally around the hard-hat routine. But God forbid I defame anyone, right?

Monitoring Things

Winter's heading our way so it's time to start packing up the mining gear and dreaming about next season. Unless you're a dry washing desert rat, that is. Now that I'm retired I'm monitoring the beach conditions out west for possible big winter storm surges and beach erosion. If anything significant happens, I'll be "mining" gold again with the ocean as my back drop. If you know what you're doing, those beach "placers" can cough up quite a bit of 10k, 14k, and 18k gold...if you get my drift.

That's all I had to say. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy being around those you love and who love you back.

(c) Jim Rocha 2016

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  1. Not ready to hang up the gear here in New Mexico yet. Actually thinking about going old school and melting snow for re-circulation. If we don't get the snow it is still good to go sampling and find new spots to dig come spring.

    1. Yep...we've had a pretty good warm and dry streak for the Fall here in New Mexico.

  2. And from all of us to you, HAPPY THANKSGIVING JR!

  3. Regarding the clean-up rooms. It always tickles me that all they clean up is fines! I wonder where the chunky stuff is. I hope you and all of your readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  4. There's some suspicion cast in that direction by certain folks, for sure.


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