Dredging Tips (and a Rant or Two, Part 3)

I'm here once again, stutter-stepping along with another suction dredging tips post. Oh...and as the title suggests, I'll be throwing in one or two of my world-famous (well, almost...) rants about various aspects of the general idiocy we seem to labor under these days. So gird up thy loins, grab a cup o' Joe, and read on.

A Driving Suspicion

You know, the more I get to thinking (risky business, by the way) the madder I get. Who the hell are these idiot bureaucrats to tell you and I how, when, and where we'll do our gold mining? I DIDN'T vote for them, let alone go into ecstatic seizures or pee my pants in excitement when they held their hands clasped tightly above their heads in victory. I have a driving suspicion that most of you didn't vote for the ass clowns currently warming seats in the White House, the Senate, Congress, or your state assemblies either. So how does all of this work? The common will of the people (the so-called "silent majority") is disallowed or even ridiculed by these liberal, elitist hacks who love sniffing each others' butts like the running dogs they are. But hey...if you listen to them, they're soooooooo much smarter than you and I and know what's best for us all, don't ya know? I know I sound like a broken record here, but I've seen this holier-than-thou mentality at work before many years ago in the anti-war movement of the 1960s and early 1970s. Unfortunately for me and my buddies, we couldn't fire up a joint, wear pretty flowers in our hair, and march lockstep down San Francisco streets chanting slogans like "One, two, three, four, we don't want your fucking war." Nope, you could count us out of that sort of class act. You see, we were too busy fighting for our lives in Vietnam, day after brutal day. That pretty much sums it all up, doesn't it?

Full Circle

So one thing I learned way back then was to keep my head and ass down and my eyes and ears open. And so should you. You see, any time a segment of the population thinks their shit doesn't stink and believes they stand on the crest of the hill of moral certainty, our asses are up for grabs...both literally and figuratively. Fanatical fervor in any form is bound to become dangerous at some point (e.g., ISIS and Al Quaeda) whether it's religious, political, social, or environmental. Rationality gets replaced by junk science and common effort takes a back seat to personal agendas and "group think." This sort of tribal mentality becomes even more dangerous when it's fueled by lots of folding green dollars, cynical politicians, and hordes of fellow travelers operating from a standpoint of total rigidity and the unshakeable belief that they're right and everyone else in the world is wrong. That's why I don't write much about things like suction dredging. It seems a moot point or a done deal, depending on which angle you care to choose. So here I come full circle again. The fact that dredging is pretty much a dead mining art in California and Oregon pisses me off to no end. Who the hell are these sycophantic idiots who've never had a real job or busted their butts a full day in their lives to tell us how, when, and where we'll mine for gold? Moreover, how did we ever allow ourselves to be dominated and controlled by a bunch of lazy non-hackers, dope-smoking moonbeams, self-righteous elitist assholes, and sycophantic incompetents (a.k.a, politicians)? And regarding the latter, I mean every single career politico from the White House on down, lest my words be misunderstood here. So it goes in La-La Land these days. It's a damn shame, truth be told.

Entrenching Their World View

I may be letting you all down and if so I apologize in advance, but I just can't muster the excitement, passion, or energy to write about suction dredging any longer. Don't get me wrong...I will always love small-scale gold mining in all its glorious aspects and suction dredging is a key element in getting the gold, and I've done my share of it over the years. As I've already stated, however, dredging has been put on the back burner in California for over six years now and its pretty much a dead issue there, as it soon will be in Oregon and elsewhere. This despite the valiant efforts of individual miners and pro-mining groups that I've mentioned many times before, God bless them. But as long as we have these smug, self-serving environmental idiots calling the shots for us, you can damn well bet they'll find a way to stop us from even breaking out a gold pan and a garden trowel. Just wait and see, wait and see. I take no joy in these sorts of negative predictions but that's the trend these days, like it or not. For the past 15 years or so this anti-mining thing has been growing in volume and intensity in the western and southwestern United States, and when that posturing, arrogant little prick who never worked a day in his entire life was elected "prez" back in 2008, things were only bound to get worse...and they have in an overall sense, not just in terms of small-scale mining. The armies of the night finally got the power they've been seeking since the mid-1960s and it should've come as no surprise to anyone that the first thing they would do is foist their distorted socialist world view on the masses (i.e., you and I). They've managed to entrench that world view in the Unites States through the skillful use of both propaganda (the media) and fear, which is what all good leftists do. They've gotten most of the American public so cowed with their politically correct bullshit and their racial and diversity wedges that people are afraid to speak the truth about how they really feel and think, and simply give up. This is classic Stalinist or Maoist philosophy being implemented in the so-called "land of the free" (never mind the "home of the brave").

There is a glimmer of hope for the rest of us, however. And I mean those who are not fooled by this neo-socialist razzle-dazzle and its countless buzz words. For every action there is a correlating reaction. Good, solid, value-driven people can only take so much before they rise up and shout out, "Enough is enough!" History is replete with examples of what I'm talking about, lest you doubt my words here. These smug, little leftists and environmental ass wipes may be crowing and strutting at the top of the dung heap right now, but their day in the sun won't last forever. Trust me on that. What goes around comes around. Just you wait and see...

What about those suction dredging tips? It's a dead issue for me right now, but if there's something you want to know hit me up via my e-mail address.

Best to all.

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2015

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  1. JR, I too am both pissed off and scared by the way things are going in the good old USA. We have nobody worth voting for once again. The last several "elections", before the polls were even closed here in Idaho, they were announcing the winner. Positive proof they don't care what we think in the Western States and our vote doesn't count! In my heart, I don't feel Obama was "elected" but rather placed in office with a rigged "election". I hope I'm wrong because if I am not, Hillary will most likely be placed into office next. If that happens our way of life, and America in general is finished. Trump, is pretty much of a clown, but given our "choices" I will probably vote for him. At least he is not a career politician. Sad when you no longer vote for the best man for the job, but rather the best of the worst......OK, enough of that!
    Here in my part of Idaho, suction dredges are also banned. A shovel fed sluice box is also illegal (I do it anyway), a gold pan is legal, unless you use a shovel to put the dirt into the pan! Who thinks this crap up??? They must be smoking more than tobacco!! By the way, judging by your flag count, you are "World Famous"! Hang in there Jim, you are not alone feeling this way. In fact, Russia is looking better all the time! Muskrat

  2. Sometimes it is damn hard not to comment on your rants because they are my thoughts exactly.

    1. There's always hope...but screw the "hope and change" bull shit.


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