Why the Green Giant Isn't So Jolly (Part 2)

 (It's money, not morals, that fuels the green movement.)

As I pointed out in my previous post, California's "green giant" is not only well organized, it's well funded by a diverse group of corporate supporters and extremely wealthy individuals, all purporting to have our best interests in mind when it comes to all things green. Obviously, the greenies and their bankrollers don't look very kindly upon people like you and I...small-scale gold prospectors and miners that is.

Utter Hypocrites

The thing that strikes me the most about radical environmentalists, their financial backers, and your plain-Jane "progressives" in general is their utter blindness to their own hypocrisy. Remember Tom Steyer? The filthy rich Californian who spent over five million dollars to defeat Proposition 23 and who also pledged to spend another 100 million dollars getting environmentally friendly politicos into the U.S. Congress and Senate so they could help "shape" Federal environmental policy? Well good ol' Tom made the bulk of his millions as a hedge fund honcho investing in...guess what? Fossil fuels! Yep, oil and gas. What an utter hypocrite this dude is. But aren't they all? I'm reminded of the furor back in the mid-to-late 1970s when court-ordered busing was mandated in the working class neighborhoods of South Boston, Massachusetts. Black students from the poorest sections of the city were bused into Southie while white students of primarily Irish or Italian heritage were bused into the ghetto to "achieve ethnic and racial balance" in Boston's public schools. Needless to say this didn't go over well in Southie (home of the infamous "Whitey" Bulger). Much of the impetus behind Boston's busing issues was triggered and sponsored by white liberals from Boston's wealthier neighborhoods and elsewhere seeking "social justice" for the downtrodden masses. While street battles reigned in Southie, the sons and daughters of the wealthy or influential weren't bused anywhere. They continued as before attending private schools or Boston's creme-de-la-creme public institutions. No hypocrisy there, right? (Just another example of what I'm talking about here...)

Poor Hippie-Dippie Babies

Hypocrites or not, the specific issue that doesn't bode well for those of us who prospect, pan, sluice, dry wash, and dredge for gold here in the West and Southwest is simply the fact that these neo-Stalinists have the folding green...and lots of it. Oh, we'll go down swinging of course. But in the end I fear the valiant struggle carried on by Public Lands for the People (PLP), the New 49'ers, the Western Mining Alliance (WMA), and others will be for naught. This may sound defeatist on my part but we all know that politicians are too easily "influenced" by people like Tom Steyer who are willing to throw obscene amounts of money at anyone who can get their agenda across. And politicians love money even more than themselves. In truth, it really doesn't matter what the source of green money is. They have it, they have lots of it, and they use it effectively. However, green organizations in general have received a lot of criticism lately over the fact they seem to be composed primarily of aging, liberal white Americans who have the time and money to play do-gooder. Once again, this elitist profile fits my generation to a tee. Back in the day (late 1960s, early 1970s) they were living in communes, smoking dope, dropping acid, and generally acting like a bunch of spoiled, imminently selfish, self-serving know-it-alls while the rest of their Baby Boomer contemporaries (myself included) were fighting and dying in the nightmare known as Vietnam. Poor hippie-dippie babies. When the much-vaunted revolution DIDN'T happen after all, many of these anti-establishment hippie types went on to make substantial money in various capacities "working for the man," something they swore they'd never do back in the day sitting around the campfire singing "Kumbaya" and passing along a joint to the glassy eyed, drooling stoner sitting next to them. Sadly for these trust-fund babies and rich hippie types the only "good" thing remaining of their '60s-'70s hey days was their "progressive" thinking. Since tuning in, turning on, and dropping out was an abject failure in terms of instituting real social change in the United States and the world at large, these "visionaries" and ever-so-earnest keepers of the high moral ground needed something else to focus their attention on. What better agenda to sink your teeth into than reshaping the world from a radical environmentalist point of view?

 (And I thought it was all about peace and love...silly me.)

Contrary to popular belief, the greenies don't get their level of political influence from street organizing or grass roots proselytizing. No, not at all. What does DO the trick for them is all the political lobbying, legal support, and whistle stop campaigning they are so, so adept at. There are more green organizations these days than you can shake a stick at, ranging in size from a few local yokels banding together to the big boy behemoths like the Sierra Club, Earth First, Earthjustice, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). These last three organizations represent a new trend in greenie thinking and approach, wherein legal issues and the law are used as the primary weapons to be wielded against all enemies of the green New World Order. For example, Earthjustice is a 40-million dollar a year "public interest" group that fancies itself as the earth's "lawyer." My, my. How cute is that? But with a 40-million dollar bat to swing, Earthjustice is a formidable foe when most pro-mining factions only have a few thousand dollars stuffed in their shirt pockets to carry the fight forward. For example, last year the NRDC (headquartered in New York) received over 18 million dollars, including 2.5 million dollars from our buddies in Silicon Valley, the Hewlett Foundation (yep, keep buying those HP printers boys and girls). Oh...that reminds me. The Hewlett Foundation also beefed up the EDF's coffers by nearly one million dollars in U.S. greenbacks last year as well. Remember, the Hewlett and the Packard Foundations are only two of the many corporate donors to green organizations and their associated legal defense funds. There are others too. With this sort of cash laying there on the table and up for grabs, what environmentally conscientious greenie (or greedy politician) can resist the temptation? Now you're starting to see that the greens aren't your run-of-the-mill do-gooders but sophisticated, well organized, and fervent believers in their cause...well, some of them at least. The remainder are cynical manipulators bent on molding the world in bright green and guess what? They have the bucks to do it.

I don't want to play Chicken Little here and run around screaming "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" But like it or not, I've tried to get this message across for years now. What we're witnessing in California is the eventual death of small-scale gold mining there. You can cluck your tongue, shake your head, and say it's all too bad or I'm dead wrong but remember this. When the greenies get finished in California they'll come looking for you too in Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Don't think you're safe back there in the South or Southeastern U.S. either. With the money they have to spend attacking logging, commercial fishing, ranching, small-scale gold mining, and virtually every other honest pursuit of hard labor you can bet your ass your turn will come. It's just a matter of time. After all, these are fanatics on a mission and they have the money to fuel that mission. It's a scary thing, truth be told.

Welcome to future...

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2015


  1. JR, I wish I could say you were wrong, but I can't. This "Green religion" is like a disease that keeps spreading with no cure. It's good to have folks looking out for things, but when it is taken to the extreme, on either side, nobody wins. As you say, these folks have blocked every job that has made America what it is....or at least what it was. This country produces next to nothing anymore, and keeps digging itself deeper in debt. Forest fires are happening every summer now, and getting bigger every year. The "Greenies" say it's Global warming, yet if these diseased trees were logged and taken out of the forest they would not be burning and putting "Greenhouse gasses" into the air to cause "global warming". Instead it would provide jobs not only for loggers but anything dealing with wood or paper,and we would have a marketable product......not just smoke. They want to help, and they believe they are doing the right thing, but they are too damn blind to see that they themselves are creating the problem. Logging is just one example, the list is endless....
    Well,....now that I have given myself a headache, I'm going to bed. Good night to all.

  2. It does seem hopeless at times and in California it is. We need to fight using their tactics. We need to get creative with fundraising amongst other things. It is a war, and as you know, a war can only be won by doing enough damage to make your enemy surrender or perish. Admit or not, they are the enemy. They are actively destroying our country and stifling our God given rights of freedom along with our constitutional rights.

    Yet again I find we share the same conclusions when it comes to these environmental water heads.

    Regards Jeff


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