Mining Tips From an Old Timer (Part 10)

In case you didn't already know, I'm the old timer here. All those years of gold prospecting and small-scale mining have raced on by, leaving me to scratch my head and wonder how I lost track of all that time. So bear with me a bit and allow me the opportunity to present a few "philosophical" tips on prospecting and gold mining. Who knows? You just might uncover a pearl of wisdom here.

28. Let go of expectations and outcomes.

Small-scale gold mining and prospecting is rife with frustrations, disappointments, and missed opportunities. Sure, we all have our moments of success and triumph as well, but when you're after the gold you better be prepared for more of the former and less of the latter. It's just the way things work in mining and prospecting...a good deal of the time anyway. One method for making your prospecting and mining activities more fun and less angst-driven is by simply letting go of your expectations and outcomes. Most of you out there, like myself, are small-scale guys and gals and not commercial operators so this should be pretty easy for you to pull off. If you approach your mining and prospecting activities from a zero-sum standpoint without false expectations of overblown outcomes, then the pressure is essentially off. Everything becomes good. If you find a little color that's just fine...if you find no color at all that's fine too. There's always next time. If you find that nice nugget or hit a rich pocket or paystreak that's great! It really doesn't matter in the long run. You see, it's all about the the joy of the chase and trying to beat Ma Nature at her own game. Want to be a happy miner who's got it all together? Drop your expectations and let go of the outcomes associated with those expectations. Learn how to enjoy the ride...

29. Trust that what you project will become your reality.

This tip has a link back to the previous one. If you approach your mining and prospecting activities with the attitude that you aren't going to succeed (whatever the term success means to you), then you WON'T succeed, pure and simple. What you project to the universe at large is exactly what the universe is going to give back to you. You see, whatever you "ask" for via your thoughts, emotions, and actions (in mining or life in general) is what that universal delivery service will eventually send your way. If you walk around like some sad-sack victim all the time bitching, moaning, and complaining, or telling yourself things are too hard or can't be done...then guess what? The universe is impartial and can only react to what you tell it via your thoughts, emotions, and actions. With this in mind, it behooves you to remain optimistic in all your mining-related pursuits and approach everything with a "can do" attitude despite the obstacles, the frustrations, and the disappointments. If you believe and feel that that you'll be a success at prospecting and mining then ultimately nothing but good results will come your way. Think big, think positive, and project that confidence and positivity to others and the universe at large. You'll be quite surprised at the results over time and even more surprised when the universe starts delivering what you want to your doorstep. So keep the faith brothers and sisters. Keep the faith...

30. Enjoy where you are at this very moment.

Life is very fragile and often we go through it without fully realizing that we are dangling from a precious little thread. Ultimately, there may be NO tomorrow and yesterday is ancient history already. This is a lesson I learned well many, many years ago. All we truly have is right now. So enjoy where you are at any given moment because there are no guarantees in this life, gold mining and prospecting included. All of us have to do things we aren't particularly fond of (working jobs we may not find fulfilling, scraping up enough money to pay the bills, keeping the family on track, dealing with difficult people, etc.). So when you ARE out there in those desert dry washes or sluicing that mountain stream for gold, remember to fully feel the joy and excitement of those moments. Tell yourself how great they are and remind yourself that it's good to be alive and well. Take special pleasure in those times away from the maddening crowds and all the hum-drum bullshit. But even in the worst of times, rise to the occasion and realize that things like pain, or sorrow, or hurt mean that you're still alive and kicking. It's all part of the process. So make the best of it, good...bad...or indifferent...

31. Be grateful for the abundance that surrounds you.

If you open your eyes wide enough you'll see what tremendous abundance exists all around you (and in your own personal life as well). Those gold-bearing streams and washes you work or nugget patches you swing your detector over are just small manifestations of the greater abundance that exists in nature and in the universe at large. Those flakes, fines, or nuggets of gold in your pan are concrete examples of that abundance and the very fact that you're recovering them means you're tuned in (mind, body, and soul) to receiving at least part of that universal abundance. There are always a couple of ways to look at things...the glass is half empty or it's half full. As human beings (and as miners and prospectors) whatever we receive is usually not viewed from gratitude for the reflection of universal abundance those gifts are, but instead we tend to view those things from a perspective of lack, scarcity, or need. When we do that, we are essentially throwing stumbling blocks out there to the abundance and gifts trying to reach us. That means gold too. So be grateful for everything you have, no matter how big or how small, how rich or seemingly poor. Gratitude is the first big step in learning appreciation for what you do have and for all the abundance in your life...people, places, and things. So go for the gold and be appreciative and grateful every step of the way. Do that, and even greater abundance will be yours...

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2015

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  1. hell-o MR. JR,,,i,m tom-tom,, I,ve been reading your gold prospecting site for a long time ,,and would like to say it,s the best that I,m aqnainted with,,,
    but that's not what I,m wanting to post about at this time,,,
    in the last few months I,ve gone through some serious problems,,,i was reading your post for the 13th ,,Thursday,,,
    well I,ll have to say that I was encouraged by what you said,,especially part 30,,,i,ve talked to family and professionals ,,but what you wrote in this post was great for me at this time in my life,,,,,and I wanted to just say thank you for the thought you put into your web-site here,,,you never know who it may help,,,even me,,,thanks again and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,,, Thomas franklin ,,north arkansas

    1. I don't reply to comments very often Tom-Tom, but I'm glad my words were of help here. You take good care out there, hear me?

  2. Very good advice as usual! Best wishes to you and yours and the prospectors that read this blog.
    Rattlesnake Jim

  3. Here's a link to a song from years past that is one of my favorites. It's by the Marshal Tucker Band called "Fire on the Mountain. It's about folks who left their homes back east and went west in search of gold.
    Rattlesnake Jim


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