Atttiude is Everything

You know, I talk quite a bit about the mechanics of small-scale gold prospecting and mining. But in my view methods and approaches are one thing and attitudes are another. So in this post I'll be discussing how the attitude you bring to your prospecting and mining activities can produce a more productive outcome to those activities. Ready? Read on then.

Why Ask for More Rain?

I've been at this small-scale gold prospecting and mining thing for over three and a half decades now. I've weathered the storm in all sorts of gold locations here in the United States and Old Mexico, both wet and dry. Along that winding path I've run into all sorts of individuals, some of whom I've written about specifically here in Bedrock Dreams. Like people anywhere, I've met and worked alongside miners who were sterling individuals and some who were, for lack of a better term, royal pains in the asses. In other words I've seen them all. But truth be told, the miners and prospectors who really impressed me the most were not always those getting the most gold. They were the individuals who went for the gold with passion, intensity, and most of all...a positive outlook and attitude.

 (Go for the gold.)

You see, it's my belief that to a great extent you are what you think and believe, and that your success in small-scale gold mining is greatly influenced by how you go for the gold from an attitudinal standpoint. I also believe attitude is key to success in life in general, no matter what job you work or career you follow. Good things come from good thoughts. It's really as simple as that. "Gold is where you find it," is the old saying and there's a bucket load of truth in that statement. Maintaining a positive attitude and "can do" outlook in your mining and prospecting efforts helps create a predisposed environment for a successful outcome, no matter the location or the situation. You see, like attracts like. If you walk around in your daily life pissing and moaning and playing the "poor, poor pitiful me" routine the only thing you're going to accomplish is to draw more negativity onto you. In other words, by clinging to that dark cloud you're only asking for more rain. Now if you take that sort of negative thinking and translate it into your gold mining and prospecting endeavors you're more apt to end up on the shitty end of the stick one way or another. Trust me on that. It will have a negative impact on your ability to get the gold and I don't give a rat's ass how good you are (or think you are) at prospecting and mining.

Believe in the Possibilities

Gold prospecting and mining is, at it's core, very hard work. I've said this countless times and I'm saying it again here. The concrete rewards, though great, are often few and far between. Frustration and discouragement are often hanging around in the shadows, ready and willing to sap your strength and poison your attitude. If you're a "Debbie Downer" to begin with and carry that negative attitude forward into your mining thing, then you can rest assured it's going to be a long, tough road for you ahead. Take it from one who knows. I spent far too many years as a negative thinker myself and the value added from that sort of approach was totally counterproductive. If you yourself are a negative thinker let me give you some advice, OK? If you keep thinking the same old way and doing the same things the same old way within that context you can't expect the heavens to open up for you and the gold to jump into your poke. The proof of this is the simple fact that the same old shitty things keep occurring in your life, the same toxic people keep hanging around, and the overall situation (mining or otherwise) never seems to get much better. In order to break this vicious cycle you must first change the way you think. Change can be tough, but if you want to better things and the chance to make things really happen for once in your life, you're going to have to man or woman up and make those changes.

Now I'm not saying that thinking positive about getting the gold means that those nuggets and troy ounces will start magically appearing behind every boulder in that stream or wash. But the fact of the matter is that they may very well start showing up if you have the capacity to believe in the possibilities and have the courage to dump the old ways of thinking and acting out. Believing in yourself and your capacity for positive outcomes is fundamental. "Cast aside all doubt and believe it will be." If you carry that sort of attitude forward into all things, including prospecting and mining, then the potential for success is greatly amplified if not assured. Some of the most taxing small-scale miners I've ever been around (other than myself, that is!) were those folks who consistently whined and complained about how hard mining and prospecting were and what a shitty take they were getting. Maybe, just maybe, if they had taken a more optimistic outlook and believed in themselves a bit more, then greater amounts of that yellow would've started showing up in their sluice or gold pan. At the very least, they would have been a hell of a lot more fun to be around.

Gold prospecting and mining are microcosms of life in general. If you want more "gold" in your life, then it follows suit that your thinking (and your behavior as well) should reflect a strong belief in postive outcomes. Remember, attitude is everything.

Be good to one another. Most importantly, be good to yourself.

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2015

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  1. JR, it always amazes me when someone says "I can't do that" or "I've never done that, I don't know how".
    My Dad used to say "Can't is for quitters that won't even try". If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. If you are not just stupid or too lazy, you can learn anything if you want it bad enough. Nobody has ever done anything before they do it the first time. If someone else can do something, there's no reason why you can't also. All that being said though, gold can be a little different. If it's not there, you won't find it no matter how hard you try......if you want it bad enough, try another spot!!
    I've been working the last several years on an old 1948 jeep. I'm not a very good mechanic, but I can't afford to have it done. It is either do it myself, or give up, so I'm learning. It's a struggle, but it is coming along .....yep, I want it bad enough.


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