Due Process? (on the Standoff Between the BLM and Miners in Southern Oregon)

 (Federal "agents" during the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada.)

Well, it appears the U.S. Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is at it again in a Bundy Ranch style standoff with small-scale gold miners in southern Oregon. I've said again and again here in Bedrock Dreams that our mining (and personal) freedoms are being gradually whittled away and the current situation in Oregon seems to drive this point home with even greater emphasis.

Essentially, here's what's happening. The BLM is doing it damnedest to force small-scale gold miners near Grants Pass, Oregon off a legal claim (the Sugar Pine Mine) that has been worked for nearly 140 years now. Unsubstantiated reports state that certain "representatives" of the BLM have threatened to burn down buildings on the claim if the miners don't vacate the site. Evidently, militiamen and women from various parts of the U.S. have been apprised of the situation near Grants Pass and have been asked to ensure that due process is upheld and, if necessary, to counter any assault by the Feds on the miners.

Ruby Ridge and Waco

Due process? Let me ask you this question. Since when has the Federal government been committed to due process? I'm reminded here of the 1992 Ruby Ridge Incident where a number of Federal agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF); the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and the U.S. Marshal's Service closed in on Randy Weaver and his family in a remote area of northern Idaho. Yes, Weaver and his wife were survivalists who believed an imminent apocalypse was near and Randy may have had a very loose connection to the Aryan Nations, but did those things justify shooting 14-year old Sammy Weaver in the back and killing him after the Feds shot the family dog and Sammy defended himself? Or, the death of Weaver's wife who was shot by a FBI sniper while standing on the front porch holding her and Randy's baby in her arms? And what about Waco, Texas when the Feds assaulted David Koresh's compound in 1993 causing the deaths of 76 people, including many women and children? Granted, cult leader Koresh was no shining example to anyone with common sense, but were the Feds justified in doing what they did? Evidently they were in both cases because Federal officials (including then Attorney General Janet Reno) came out pretty much unscathed after all the smoke settled. Not true though of Randy Weaver's family and the innocents who were killed (murdered?) by the Feds at Waco.

(The Weaver family before the Feds shot and killed young Sammy and Mrs. Weaver.)

(Federal armored battering ram and the holocaust that consumed 76 men, women, and children.)

Only Following Orders?

But as usual, I digress. According to the News Network's Gary Franchi, at least one BLM official has openly declared that "He has issues with the U.S. Constitution" after he served a cease and desist order to the Oregon miners. Maybe I'm old school in thought and behavior, but aren't Federal officials sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States? Fat chance of that these days, methinks. Now I'm not trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater here because I've met and had dealings with BLM workers who were good people just trying to do their jobs and get by like the rest of us. I'm sure the same is true for certain people working under the umbrella of other Fed organizations. But what do you do when the government you work for acts like an oppressor intent on bending its citizens to its will and says the end justifies the means? Do you just say, "I was only following orders?" We heard that excuse for murdering millions from former Nazi war criminals at the post-World War II Nuremberg trials. Here's another question for you right thinkers out there. Who truly holds the high moral ground in these sorts of incidents. The oppressors or the oppressed?

 ("I vas only following das orders of mein Fuhrer!")

Parrots in Gilded Cages

It's also no surprise to me that the mainstream media has been relatively silent on this situation developing in southern Oregon. It's my belief that the mainstream media these days is composed of little more than parrots in gilded cages squawking out what they are told to squawk by a government that can pull the plug on them any time it cares to. Or alternately, all those talking heads on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, etc. are pouring out mindless drivel on the questionable lifestyles and activities of the latest, all-the-rage celebrities because they know the dumbed-down masses out there will lap that mindless crap up like dogs at the dinner bowl. These are the main reasons I DON'T follow the news and am dependent on good people like "Rattlesnake" Jim and "Muskrat" to keep me filled in on the latest happenings out there. If you think I'm hiding my head in the sand because of this, that's OK. My peace of mind is worth more to me than what others think. There it is...

 (Gotta love those mainstream media parrots.)

I can only hope that this situation in southern Oregon can be resolved peacefully and, of course, in favor of the miners at the Sugar Pine Mine. That's who I'm rooting for anyway. The Feds? Well, they can kiss my royal red behind if they are truly up to their old tricks again.

What a world we live in these days...(sigh)...

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2015

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  1. Hello JR, The way I understand things, is that the trouble at Ruby Ridge started after an undercover Federal agent asked Randy Weaver to cut the barrel off of a shotgun. Yes, I know that is not legal, but if someone is willing to pay you for something as simple as that, and it is not your gun, I believe I would have done it also. To do what they did, set him up and then kill his family is as wrong as it gets. Waco??? If what we have been told true, that may be a tiny bit more justifiable, but still wrong. I don't know enough about this one to understand what is happening yet.........Gary

  2. Big Spring Invites Army to Conduct Special Ops Training in City
    JADE HELM 15
    Posted: Apr 16, 2015

    BIG SPRING - A large-scale military exercise set to run from July 15 to November 15 has sparked rampant conspiracy theories involving everything from Walmart to martial law.

    The Special Operations mission, called Jade Helm 15, is just another training opportunity to "practice core special warfare tasks," according to United States Army representatives.

    "The size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart," said Army Special Operations Command officials. "To stay ahead of environment challenges faced overseas, Jade Helm will take place across seven states... The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas."

    Special Operations Forces will only train in five states: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

    According to Jade Helm operations planners, training will only be conducted on private and public land with the permission of landowners or regional authorities.

    "In essence, all exercise activity will be taking place on pre-coordinated public and private lands," stated an Army Special Operations Command press release.

    Those "pre-coordinated lands" include the City of Big Spring.

    After an Army presentation last month during a Big Spring City Council meeting, city officials granted Army Special Operations Command permission to train within city boundaries.

    "Is it going to affect the community?" said Councilman Bobby McDonald. "Well, of course it will affect the community because they will be here. There should be no disruption. The community will be aware sometimes that they're here, and sometimes the community won't be aware. Sometimes they will be in uniform, and sometimes they will not be in uniform."

    Jade Helm operations planner Thomas Meade said during the meeting that all troops involved "will be wearing an arm band with a marking that identifies them as part of the exercise."

    He said local residents "participating or role playing in the exercise" would also have distinct markings.

    "If they have a legal reason to be here, it doesn't bother me," Marck Schafer told NewsWest 9. "But if somebody comes through my backyard, I want to know [about it beforehand]."

    Big Spring resident Jacob Martin said city officials had done a "poor job" of informing people about the exercise. However, he does not mind the military presence and believes it will stimulate economic growth.

    "You're going to have thousands of troops here buying groceries, and the military's going to be buying fuel in the area," he said.

    Army Special Operations Command representatives could not confirm if Jade Helm personnel will purchase supplies locally.

    Officials also could not share how many troops will be sent to the area, when they are scheduled to arrive and whether or not any are already stationed in Big Spring.

    "I saw a train carrying all sorts of military equipment heading into Big Spring," another resident, who requested to remain anonymous, told NewsWest 9. "There were also about 14 helicopters flying over the [Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle] Airport last night and a tank getting driven through that open field [near the airport]. It's scary seeing that and not knowing what in the world is going on." NorCal Ron

  3. Anonymous, WOW! I can understand the military wanting to train in as real a situation as possible, but this has a huge chance of going wrong and getting people killed. Then there is the conspiracy theory nut inside of me that asks "is this really to intimidate the public so there is less resistance when they do it for real?" Nellis air force base in Nevada (AKA area 51) has been used for this very thing since at least the 1970's when I lived there, probably before that. They really don't need to train in a real town anywhere.

  4. I don't turn on TV for news. It's just a different version of Pravda. The government is way out of control and not enough people will stand up to reign it in. I'm not a fervent Trump supporter to be sure, but who else will lead in loud chorus of no more? I never owned gun until a year ago, now I own 3. Never had a problem with anyone having guns just never felt a need until the current idealogues in the white house managed to get re-elected. Then I knew the country might be too far gone to save. But there is always hope. Never throw in the towel.


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