2008 Bedrock Dreams Archives (Vol. 1) Now Available

The first volume of the 2008 Bedrock Dreams Archives is complete and available for purchase. Please read on for details.

Volume 1 of the 2008 Archives contains 104 pages and can be purchased for $8.99 (USD) by clicking the "Buy Now" button located at the end of this post or clicking a similar button located in the right sidebar of Bedrock Dreams. PLEASE REMEMBER that this is a digital PDF electronic file that is downloadable to your home computer or in some instances, your hand-held device, and NOT a hard-copy book to be sent you through regular mail (US Postal Service, FedEx, etc.). Let's be clear on that right here and now, OK?

I know some of you were adamant in the past about favoring printed, hard-copy versions of the Archives or a potential gold prospecting/mining book down the road. I understand the reasons for your choice in that regard. However, we all need to face facts, especially regarding the archives. My cost for printing, binding, handling, and mailing a hard copy version of Volume 1 of the 2008 Archives (or any other volume for that matter) would mean that the cost of this volume would go up considerably, if not exponentially, and both of us would suffer needlessly.

Like it or not, we live in a digital age and a digital download is the easiest and most cost effective means of providing readers with access to the 2008 Archives (and the hundreds of other archived posts to come from the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013). By the way, I printed my digital file of Volume 1 of the 2008 Archives and ended up with a beautiful hard-copy version. So, push come to shove, just hit that print button on your computer and voila! You'll have a hard-copy version right there in your hot little hands.

Here are the contents of Volume 1 of the 2008 Archives (please note that all posts have been edited and in some instances updated and rewritten):

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Top States for Gold
Gold in New Hampshire
Placer Mining Equipment: the Sluice Box
Staking Your Own Gold Claim
Working Old Tailings for Placer Gold
Gold in the West: Oregon
Gold in the Midwest: Indiana
Placer Mining Equipment: the Rocker Box
Gold in San Diego County
Placer Mining Equipment: the Dry Washer
Choosing the Right Gold Pan
Gold in the Southeast: Virginia
So You Want to Buy a Gold Claim?
On “Reading” Streams
Southern California Placer Areas: East Fork of the San Gabriel River
Southern California Placer Areas: the “Potholes”
Gold Prospecting Clubs: to Pay or Not to Pay?
More on “Reading” Streams
Gold in New England: Maine
Placer Gold in California’s Deserts: a Brief Timeline
Gold in the Southwest: Arizona (Part 1)
Getting the Gold: Some Thoughts on Crevicing
California’s Motherlode Region: Where Did All That Gold Come From?
Use Your Gold Pan First
Placer Gold Sampling (Part 1)
Southern California Placer Areas: Randsburg
Nugget Shooting From a Historical Perspective
Placer Gold Sampling (Part 2)
Gold in the West: Utah
Placer Mining Equipment: the Highbanker
Even More on “Reading” a Stream
Gold in the Southwest: Arizona (Part 2)
Placer Mining Equipment: the Suction Dredge
How Gold Deposits are Formed
Gold Mining Safety Tips
Gold in the Southwest: Arizona (Part 3)
Six Bedrock Gold “Sniping” Tips
Gold in the West: Utah
Placer Mining Equipment: the Spiral Wheel Concentrator
“Can I Make a Living Gold Mining?”
Gold in the Midwest: Ohio
On Gold Claims in British Columbia
Gold in the West: Wyoming
How to Run a Sluice Box (Part 1)
How to Run a Sluice Box (Part 2)
Where to Find Crystalline Gold in British Columbia

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