Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a Bit of News

Hello to everyone. I hope you all enjoy a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years to come.


Now for some blog-related news. I've removed the Bedrock Dreams Archive section about a week earlier than planned, so any late comers are sadly going to be S.O.L. in terms of accessing the Archives. I'm still debating how to proceed as the New Year rapidly approaches, including the disposition of all the gold mining information contained in the Archives (currently there are nearly 700 posts there dating back to 2008).

Some of you out there have been extremely solicitous and helpful in terms of suggestions about how to handle the Bedrock Dreams Archives. Suggestions have included e-books (been down that route already and it didn't work well for me), a hard-copy prospecting/mining book, selling DVDs containing the Archives, and so on. To all of you who made these suggestions and offered your help and expertise I want to say thank you very much. But in the final analysis, it will be me, myself, and me alone who'll decide whether the Archive info ever sees daylight again in any form.

That said, there is a very slight possibility I may start posting to Bedrock Dreams once again after the first of the year (2015). Right now I'd give the odds of that happening at less than 25%, but it is a possibility. If I do start back up it'll be at a much reduced post rate and without free access to the Archives (in other words, you'll have to pay money for Archives access). On the flip side, any posts I do write will be longer and more detailed from an information standpoint. Once again, however, none of this is a certainty and I may just stick with my earlier decision to pull Bedrock Dreams offline in its entirety.

As always, I'm open to your thoughts and ideas, so feel free to kick in your point of view here with the understanding that there's still a 75% probability that Bedrock Dreams will "disappear" soon.

My very best to you all!

Jim Rocha (J.R.)
Santa Fe, NM


  1. Would love to keep this site going even if it was one blog post a month. Thanks for everything in the past.

  2. Agreed. I have always enjoyed your posts.
    Either way thanks for all of the information you have shared over the years and all of the time you devoted to this great site!

  3. J.R- I'll somedays find other websites that may go as long as a year and a half between post. None are about getting the gold, though. Just post when you want too, You gotta tell somebody don't you? We're all here to read and heed what you say. It's all good. If you don't somebody else will.

  4. I'm bumming, as I just found your website and had found some helpful information. I have just completed my second season, here in New England, where it's a tough game. I was disheartened to see the blogs gone. Wish I had found it sooner, color me sad...

  5. J.R. I thought of you yesterday as I argued with a greenie. I only wish I had your wit and wisdom. I so miss your blog. You are such an inspiration. I hope all is well with you. Have a Merry Christmas. Find lots of gold in 2015.

  6. late to the party,so i'll try and keep it brief.i got my Christmas present early by landing on the site before the archives were taken down.thanks for keeping it up as long as you's the most informative place on the web on gold and plain talk.Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy, New Year to you Sir .may Santa fill the crevices with gold for your next outing.happy trails and pannin THANKS

  7. PS. Always willing to pay for valuable information. Only fair to the author. My fear is as we move forward much of this information will be lost.Kind of like a library burning down. You have been so generous with your knowledge. Exposing us to history and preserving it at the same time. All with a style uniquely your own. You have helped so many people you will never even know about. I met a girl online. Then took her to a local prospecting meeting. Turned her on to your website. I swear to god she must have read everything that you wrote over the course of the next couple weeks. Her comprehension is great. Now all I can say is wow she has such a great understanding of prospecting and has found way more gold than I would ever imagine anybody could that early on.that simple analogy is why you are such a valuable asset to the mining community.once more thank you.

  8. Hey JR

    Thanks for all of your posts. I am grateful for any and all posts you have made and/or will make in the future. And I would definitely be interested whatever form, if any, you make the archives in.

  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS JIM, I'm happy to see that you are missing this a little! If I can offer any advice (from an idiot here) A real hard back book is the way to go. Those "e-books"and dvd things are cheap and not durable. Personally, I would not pay any amount of money for any of them. A "real" paper book though, I have bought many. And they last if taken care of. For Christmas I was given my Great Grandpa's old school reader book.......from 1843 !!!! I never liked school and would never have kept a school book...!
    As for Bedrock Dreams, I think a lot of your viewers, seeing it was over, will be lost. They may, or may not find it again. Don't expect it to take off like wild fire. I would like to see you keep at it, after all, you started this for a reason. Ask yourself what the real reason was,money,pride,enjoyment......something else? Make this fun again if you decide to keep it. Don't feel that you have to work at it as hard as you were. There is another gold site I look at that only has a post every month, sometimes every few months. It doesn't matter, it is interesting and I check it every once in awhile to see if there is something new. Keep it fun, or give it up.....either way, thank you for all you have done and good luck with what ever you decide. Your friend, Gary "Muskrat" Thomas


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