"Desert Rat" Jim Straight on Hunting Magnetite Pockets

 (One of the nicest guys out there...Jim Straight.)

Since we've been on the subject of geomagnetic prospecting I thought I'd include the following from one of the most experienced and best known "desert rats" still out there, Jim Straight. For those not familiar with Jim, he's a degreed engineer and gold prospector and miner, as well as a published author who has written numerous books, articles, and pamphlets on dry washing, prospecting for desert gold, and nugget shooting. (Did I mention he's one hell of a nice guy too?)

Jim's 84 now and since he's started to slow down some he's asked miner Dan Taylor to take over his book business and Dan has graciously allowed me to publish the following info on hunting magnetite pockets is reprinted with Dan's (and Jim's) permission: