What Big Brother, King George III, and Leftists Have in Common

I'll just let the title of this post do the talking...

Sound Familiar?

As both a subscriber and supporter of the Western Mining Alliance (WMA) I look forward to their monthly newsletter, especially as it pertains to the WMA's fight to preserve the freedom and rights of small-scale miners in the West. As the WMA has rightly pointed out, Senate Bill 1270 is a threat to the entire surface mining industry in California, small-scale or commercial. In a nutshell, what SB 1270 does is remove the authority of local governmental entities to determine the efficacy and suitability of surface mining plans and places that same authority and final "say so" in the hands of the State. The nonprofit "Sierra Fund," a fiercely pro-greenie, rabid anti-mining group is claiming credit for sponsoring this abortion of a bill, by the way. But why should that come as a surprise to any right-thinking person in California (or anywhere else in the West, for that matter)?

In case you haven't heard, big government (i.e., Big Brother) is all the rage right now in leftist circles from Washington, D.C. right on down to the same California voting districts that elected (and then re-elected) whack jobs like Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer...not to mention that paragon of anti-gun political correctness, State Senator Leland Yee who was recently caught with his grubby hands lifting "goodies" from Chinese mobster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow's cookie jar. Now Leland ol' pal, ol' pard, whatever in the world possessed you? Weren't you the same degenerate hypocrite who was willing to ship sophisticated weaponry like rocket launchers into the hands of potential terrorists? They got ya cold on that one pal...so sorry.


Unfortunately Idaho appears to be following in the footsteps of Big Brother in California when it comes to gold suction dredging. Actually, it's not so much the State of Idaho as it is the Feds in the form of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By the way, wasn't it the EPA that went into parts of Alaska not long ago cammied up in full combat gear and wielding automatic weapons to put the fear of Big Brother (there is no God in Leftist World, by the way) into the hearts and minds of small-scale miners in the Last Frontier? Essentially, the EPA is giving Idaho dredgers a choice as part of their new permitting process:

1) Dredge on the creeks and streams they allow you to work (most, if not all, are piss poor gold ground and some are not gold-bearing at all!).

2) Don't dredge (i.e., "Tough shit pal. Our way or the highway.").

Idaho dredgers and perhaps highbankers as well may be adversely affected by this pile of doggy doo masquerading as environmental protection. So step on up you Idaho sourdoughs. Why? Because the Feds are essentially giving you no choice at all.

The Good Lord Help You

Don't you just love this sort of haughty King George III versus the low-life Colonials crap? In the last eight, or ten, or twenty years we've seen it time and time again so it's nothing new, but since the Dear Leader was overwhelmingly elected and became the "Chosen One" for the second time in succession it seems this sort of bullying is everywhere nowadays. Yep, you heard right. The same liberal weenies and leftist ideologues who told us that a new age of hope and change was dawning upon us have become what they decry the most. Bullies of the worst sort. (And guess who'll guard the electric fences and watchtowers of the potential American Gulag to come?)

(Here's the first bully we fronted off.)

You see, leftists and liberals (as well as their hosted parasitic special interest groups) love to proclaim their liberality, their love of nature and of their fellow man. They want to convince you that they hold the moral high ground, that they (and only they) are in the right. But the Good Lord help you if you disagree with them or contest their world view in any way, shape, or form. You'll see that one-world, all-things-loving, dope-smoking, elitist, Prius-driving, neo-Stalinist standing in front of you change into a raging maniac faster than Lon Chaney Jr. became the Wolfman in those 1950s "B" horror movies. I shit you not.

Next, they'll scream directly in your face, spittle flying, call you every filthy name in the book, and sneer down at you like a Saudi Prince does his servants. You see, it's all about having things "their way" and despite their phony openness, what they really want is to intimidate and bully you into marching lockstep with them. This agenda starts at the White House itself, filters its way down through Congress and the Senate, and into all those federal bureaucracies that Big Brother uses to bully you into submission. Not to mention all those "supporters" out there who'll scream bloody murder and accuse you of being a racist homophobe if you dare disagree with them or express any downside statistics or viewpoints.

How to Deal With Bullies

There's one bright spot in all this bullying however. It took place recently in Clark County, Nevada by a group of cowboys, ranchers, supporters, and just everyday people like you and I who finally said "Enough is enough!" and stood their ground against Federal bullies wearing full combat gear and carrying automatic weapons. (By the way, since when did it become SOP for Bureau of Land Management [BLM] agents and pogues to suit and strap up like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Predator?") And that corrupt, despicable little weasel Harry Reid has the unmitigated gall to call Americans standing up for their rights "domestic terrorists?"

 (You'd think these BLM pogues were in Afghanistan, not Clark County, Nevada.)

There's only one way to deal with bullies brothers and sisters, no matter where they come from, what they profess, or how much they try and intimidate you. They've had us on the run for a while now, but it doesn't have to be that way if you're willing to stand up for what you believe.

That's the truth of the matter if you want your country (and your freedom) back...

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2014

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  1. JR, Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately bullies survive because of fear. Most folks are too afraid to stand up to them. Most have good reason too, the bullies in the form of government can ruin your life as easy as squashing a bug. It's not suppost to be that way, but sadly, it is. My Dad worked for the EPA. He died in 1980. Even then, he was ashamed to tell folks what he did for a living and tried to change things for the better. He didn't get far with that. My part of Idaho is still wild, but the forest nazis are doing their best to ruin it too. Just do what we can and become outlaws I guess...... Gary

  2. There are good people in those Federal agencies Gary and I'm sure your Dad was one of them. But what I fear are the ones who love or need their jobs so badly that on the far end after innocents have been murdered they'll just say "I was only following orders" or "I was just doing my job." Best to you, J.R.

  3. JR, It has always amazed me how a perfectly "normal" person can get a government job and with in 6 months they have them so brainwashed you can't stand to be around them any more. I guess that is why folks like Hitler, Jim Jones and that Applewhite guy are able to do the things they do. Most folks are better at "following" than "leading'. It seems few can think for themselves anymore. The other problem is that outdoors people, miners,hunters, trappers.....we are mostly "loners" to a certain degree. Most would rather be left alone to do our thing than be a part of a club or organization. This leaves us vulnerable to attack. Like they say, there is safety in numbers. Without folks like the NRA, or similar organizations we are easy to force into a corner. Is there any National Mining Rights organization? If there is, are they really fighting for our rights, or just filling their pockets with gold? Never give up. Gary

  4. The great pearl of wisdom in all this is what you said at the end of your comments: "Never give up." Thanks Gary. J.R.

  5. i agree, never give up, never. most of the commie workers will do what ever they are told so they can either keep their job or they are brain washed. i choose to believe it;s both.

  6. Thanks for commenting and again...never give up. Thanks, J.R.

  7. Damn straight. Fight them at every turn. Make them pay for every inch of ground they try to steal. I am forever arguing with these idiots. Facts mean nothing to them. Eventually it will be those of us with guns fighting another revolution. No one wants that, but in the end there's little chance of anything else.
    Regards Jeff


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