The Golden Age of Bullshit

As I do on occasion, I'm veering away from the straight and narrow to rant, rave, and expound in this post. Read on only if you're not easily offended or don't mind having a personal "hero" or two body slammed. Remember, I warned you.

Down the Garden Path

That's it, step right up folks, 'cause were headed into a brand-new era, the Golden Age of Bullshit. Forget the golden ages of Greece and Rome, they were nothing by comparison. Sure, bullshit has been around a long, long time and seems endemic to humans in general. But here in the United States the art of slinging bullshit has risen to such dizzying heights that half truths, subterfuge, shuffling the buck, and blatant lying are apparently attributes to be admired and copied.

Don't believe me? May I suggest you extract your head and brain from your nether regions, particularly those among you who still suffer from a measure of fervent naivety, misplaced belief in incompetent, agenda-driven ideologues promising "hope and change," and asinine gullibility in general. Whether you realize it or not or whether you choose to believe it or not, you (in fact all of us) have been led down the garden path by some of the most cynical, hypocritical, and ruthless self-serving politicos and slimy wannabe power brokers who've ever slung a shovelful of smelly doggie turds over the fence into your (not their own) backyard. And you'd better like it or else.

You see, where there were once great orators to be heard, we now have glib answers to difficult questions, evasive tactics, and foolish posturing. Tarnished bullshit of the lowest order. I was taught as a child that actions speak louder than words and that talk is cheap. Never in the course of this nation's history has talk been any cheaper or more hollow in its import. Words and meaningless threats have little, if any, impact on our potential enemies in this world. Some of those enemies laugh openly at our weakness while others plot and scheme ways to tear us down.

News That's Fit to Print?

Meanwhile the media at large has forsaken real journalism and dialogue in favor of acting as the regime's propaganda arm to ensure the Dear Leader gets his daily ineptness cover up and makeover, or that the Commissars and Party Members in the senate or congress don't get brought up on corruption charges. That is, unless they're deemed an enemy of the state. As if that weren't bad enough, these very same graft-ridden multi-millionaires have the unmitigated gall to step up to the microphone and lecture you and I about tightening our belts and taking one for the team. This after they've been stealing from the "team" since the day they were elected. What grand and total bullshit.

When the media isn't blaring its own bullshit horn it's generally busy promoting trashy Hollywood movies inevitably concocted by mercenary producers and directors intent on churning out crap, not high art. Not that the general public these days has any interest in real art anyway...the public is far too busy following the latest scandal-driven pseudo-news stories about which former pop star is now in rehab or exposing herself or himself on stage. All the news that's fit to print, right?

Interestingly enough, the Hollywood acting crowd is one of the biggest supporters of the Dear Leader and his Party chums. Go figure, huh? But what do you expect from what are mostly spoiled, insulated, pampered, and way overpaid little weasels and weaselettes who, by and large, have never had to sacrifice much of anything, anytime, anywhere or never worked a real job in their lives (sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it?). But how they love to toe the bullshit Party Line, all the while dictating to you and I how to live and "act" while they themselves overdose on painkillers or hard drugs or get caught up in various sex scandals, some of which would have the Marquis de Sade blushing three shades of red. These are the people we're programmed to look up to, to idolize?

Truth of the Matter

At the same time our physical, economic, and cultural borders are under a massive onslaught brought about by decades of indifference or more recently, political agendas seeking voters and/or power grabs. Large segments of the American population have been "institutionalized" to accept welfare handouts as a viable alternative to work or career seeking while you and I foot the tax liability (which grows more considerable each year). The truly needy get lost among the illegals, crack addicts, and welfare cheats who form a sizable segment of those on aid these days, thanks to the powers at be (both now and in the past). But hey, if an EBT card is all it takes to buy another vote, why not? That's the sort of modern-day bullshit that leaves me shaking my head in wonder.

When we were much younger we were told that our later years would be "golden," heralded by retirement at or well before the age of 65. I'm now 66 and still working full time as are many of my generation. I'm not going to blame this fact on any one thing or any one person, because we all make choices and decisions along life's path that can help or hinder us in this regard. But the concept of the Golden Years we were brought up with is nothing more than...yep, you guessed it...golden bullshit. Always was, always will be. That's the truth of the matter, like it or not.


By way of explanation for all this, let me tell you I belong to no political party as we know them here in the United States. I'm an independent thinker and a realist with no preconceived, "pie-in-the-sky" attitudes or expectations. In my view this two-party system of ours is broken and both the left and the right offer little except more of the same bullshit. You may disagree and that's OK. But I earned the right to speak my piece by sacrificing my youth in the brutal conflict known as the Vietnam War during combat tours in 1966 and 1968 (I was 18 and 20, respectively). That's a hell of a lot more than I can say for the great majority of the lying thieves who run the show these days or those who ran it when I served in one of their numerous foreign wars...them or their family members. You utter hypocrites. You nest of vipers.

What's the remedy for the precarious position we now find ourselves in? I'm not entirely sure on that one. What I am certain about, however, is that REAL change is needed, perhaps even a new nationalist ideology, not some diaphanous slogan plastered on bumper stickers or neo-socialist posters with the Dear Leader's chin thrust high into the air as he proclaims "Forward! Nor do we need more capitalist robber barons in industry or on Wall Street making us pay up the wazoo for their uncontrolled greed and golden parachutes.

Forward? Forward to what?

Welcome to the Golden Age of bullshit ladies and gents.

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2014

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  1. Wow JR, now that could be considered venting, don't know what set you off but it will probably fall on deaf ears.
    Political leaders around the world are so out of touch with the general population. The distance between those that have and those that have not,,, has expanded so greatly that there is nobody representing the people. IT DOES appear that only the mighty dollar matters and not just in your country. Hopefully a true leader will step forward and he or she will need to be of the People and Teflon coated.

  2. This has been building for a while Mate...I'm sick unto death of the bullshit in this country these days. Venting? yes. But also the truth if you live in the U.S. these days. Best, J.R.

  3. Hi JR. I'm in the same boat with you. Nice to know people are aware enough to speak out and against this. Hopefully enough will wake up so that we can create some real hope, and change the socialist direction of the country. Maybe even instill some personal responsibility that is severely lacking in today's society. Sadly, this isn't just the case in the USA but all Western nations. The mainstream media is left wing controlled in all of them and persistently manipulating the unwitting sheeple.
    Don't let the b*st*rds grind you down. I look forward to picking up on more of your worldly prospecting knowledge soon.

  4. I won't let them grind me down, don't you worry about that pard. I appreciate your comments and your intelligent perspective. J.R.

  5. J.R. for president... you views right on. Thanks my old friend for venting and telling it right. Respect my old friend

  6. You'd never catch me running with that pack of liars, thieves, and general n'er-do-wells Greg! But sometimes you need to speak your mind and screw the rest. Hope all is well with you and the family. Best, J.R.

    1. …And therein lies the problem. Representation was established as a means for the working man to have a say in government activities. However, you would have a hard time finding a real businessman in any branch of the US government these days. The whole capital city is filled with “Career politicians”! They fill the populous minds with ideas of what is good and right but it is all, as you say, BULLSHIT! They follow a mindset of, “what’s good for the goose, is not good for the gander”. The best thing we could do with our government is clear out all of the career politicians and fill it up with hard working business men and women who earned what they have the hard way. Regardless of what party they belong to, or how much money they have, the important thing is that they earned what they have and apply all of their ideas to their own lives. Unfortunately that is just wishful thinking. No right minded businessman would ever want to get wrapped up in the bureaucracy and frustration that is government.

  7. Yep, therein lies the problem. We need (however it's achieved) real change and re-structuring of this government and the parasites who make a career of bleeding the rest of us. Best, J.R.

  8. Hello again JR, I just got back from a trip to the Seattle Washington area. My Grandma Thomas turned 100 years old on April 6th! Saddly the other grandparents, both mid-90's, ain't doing that well. The reason I'm telling you this, is someone in the family wrote to the Whitehouse. Barack and Michell Obama sent Grandma a picture of him and a letter saying happy 100th birthday. Made out like they were friends......nice or bullshit? I'd bet on the latter. Maybe I shouldn't feel that way, but I don't think he sent it, just some secretary. I could tell by the look on Grandma's face she was as impressed as I was............Gary

  9. That's great about your Grandma turning 100. That's a hell of a landmark! As far as an Obama photo, I'll pass but nice they sent one to her. Best, J.R.

  10. Brilliantly stated. Personal responsibility? Why? That's what they teach the masses, and the water heads out there believe them and bit by bit the greatest country the world has ever seen or will ever see is destroyed.

  11. The greatest president in my opinion was Ronald Reagan. Despite some of his failings he loved America and inspired others to do the same.


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