Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why and What For?

As you loyal Bedrock Dreams followers and supporters out there already know, periodically I digress from the straight and narrow path to rant, rave, or otherwise express strong personal views that have little, if anything, to do with small-scale gold prospecting or mining. This is one of those posts, so please bear with me here.

Speaking my Mind

Right off the get go I want you all to know that I am not a media follower or a news junkie. In fact, I'm far from it. I don't watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio and I rarely take a look at it online. No, I'm not hiding my head in the sand nor am I afraid to confront "reality" as we know it these days. Those of you who've been with me from the early days of this blog know that I tend to maintain a "take-no-prisoners-mentality" and that I speak my mind whether others like that fact or not. In other words, I roll over for no one. Never have and never will.

OK, all this said, a short time ago I inadvertently caught a bit of news that literally turned my stomach. I heard a radio talking head mention that things were going south in Iraq and that the Iraqi city of Fallujah was back in the bloody hands of Al Quaeda and various and sundry other Muslim cut throats, religious fanatics, and suicide explosive vest wearers. The same (or similar) murderous bastards who fervently praise Allah before proceeding to slaughter anyone who has the great misfortune to disagree with them, practice a different religion, or be in the wrong place at the "right" time.

Paid in Blood

From the very first days of the "coalition's" invasion of Iraq in 2003, Fallujah had a reputation for harboring the worst of the worst when it came to the dog turds I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Fallujah is where many of the poor souls who ended up on insurgent or terrorist (same thing) decapitation videos spent their final terrifying days and where many other Iraqis and captured "infidels" were tortured mercilessly before death released them from the tender mercies of the animals holding them against their will. The psychotic killers who had this stranglehold on Fallujah during the first 12-18 months of the Iraq War loved gloating about it and the fact the United States or the coalition could (or would) do little about it. Well, those towel-wrapped shitheads were dead wrong on that assumption.

(The enemy.)

After two Battles of Fallujah, the first in April 2004 (eventually called off due to political pressure and "public opinion") and the second, more successful campaign in November and December of that same year, the violent and rabid insurgents in Fallajuh (including many foreign fighters) were driven out...ostensibly once and for all. But most were stone dead...shot or blown up at the hands of the marines who bore the brunt of the house-to-house fighting in both the first and final Fallujah battles, along with strong support from the Brits and the U.S. Army and Navy (especially in the latter battle). The cost for cutting the terrorist cancer from Fallujah? About 150 American lives (many of these marines) and nearly 1,200 wounded. Other, non-U.S. coalition forces also paid their price in blood for liberating the city.

Real, Not Contrived

The second Battle for Fallujah has been called the heaviest fighting U.S forces have seen since the the battle for Hue City during Vietnam's 1968 Tet Offensive. Interesting analogy, since I was at Hue in '68 doing my very small part to try and help liberate the ancient imperial capital from the clutches of the North Vietnamese Army (who were every bit as ruthless as any modern insurgent or terrorist could hope to be). Heavy casualties were suffered at Hue, with the marines bearing the brunt of that cost also. It was a meat grinder and a living hell for all concerned. Take it from someone who knows.

(Hue, Vietnam 1968.)

OK, enough history lessons. It's time to get to the point. Go back in time 10 years or so and imagine yourself yourself as one of those young marines, soldiers, airmen, sailors, or Brits who fought so hard to wrest Fallujah from the evil animals holding it. Along the way you've lost your share of good friends, buddies, shipmates, and fellow soldiers and marines. You've seen sights and heard sounds best left for nightmares and horror movies, only what you've experienced is totally real, not contrived.


Now fast forward to 2014 and hear that same talking head on the radio announce to you that Fallujah is once again in the hands of those filthy murderers of innocents. Think back to the friends you lost and the sacrifices you made in 2004. Tell me, just how are you going to feel? Or take it a step further and board that time machine for Hue in January, February, or even early March 1968. Again, after all that blood and sacrifice and treasure wasted, how are you going to feel when those North Vietnamese tanks roll into Hue in 1975?

 (Fallujah 2004.)

I can't help but feel a bitter kinship with those who fought so hard at Fallujah only to see their sacrifices tossed like a soiled Kleenex into the dirt. What did they fight so hard for? Why did they sacrifice so much? Most importantly, what did their buddies die for?

And some of you still wonder why I despise politicians and the dirty money that drives them?

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2014

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  1. And worst of all is "our" fearless leader in the Whitehouse........
    Opps! Not politically correct......I might have offended someone.........I hope!

  2. You mean our "Dear Leader" and the neo-Stalinists in power Gary? Best, J.R.

  3. J.R.
    Those who ignore history....are bound to repeat it. Doesnt that say it all. Eventually....we will get it over here in the US. Sending our citizens to fight.....get wounded....some permenantly....or even DIE...needlessly.....for what? A few headlines.....a "feel good" that lasts a few hours. A sound bite? A note on the front of national papers? Such a waste of human potential. Now I'm not an isolationist.....but feel we have been sticking our "democratic.....holier than thou" nose into every other countries business will cause us nothing more than needless numbers of our people coming home in boxes. Fathers / sons / daughter / mothers. The "human collateral damage" is just to much!

    I know the "WAR MACHINE" and it's umbrella industries have been responsible for allot of the saber rattling....all in the name of the cost of what? PROFIT? Ask Dick Chenney how much Haliburton made from the Iraq / Kuwait conflict? If we blow it all up in the name of "democracy"....we can charge the people of that poor impoverish rebuild with "proper" American Companies. (supplying foreign products). Sad sad, sad! Now America has a huge will take decades to pay off...all on the backs of good working the tax payers. STOP IT AMERICA!!!!

    One last thought.......after all of our time "cleaning up" many of the poppy fields were destroyed? say they belonged to the "tribal leaders" that sided with we left them alone....really? This is one of the reasons the British left the conflict early. They were repremanded for "straining" relations with the locals......REALLY? Sad, Sad, sad! As the heroine resurges in Americas heartland....justt know we could have at least done that job.....but no. Now again they will be reaching into our country and taking more lives of young Americans! I love you America....but sometimes you need a "bitch slapping"!!!

    As I started out....."those who ignore the past....are doomed to repeat it!''
    (Thank yoiu J.R.....for letting me rave for a few minutes!....I needed it this morning!)

    Be safe out there!

  4. You understand perfectly what I was trying to get at here. Who REALLY benefits from all this B.S.? Those who sell the weapons and get the government contracts...them, and the greedy and power hungry politicians who do their bidding. It disgusting now and it was disgusting back in 1968. Thanks for commenting, J.R.

  5. JR, in the last two days, I have talked to two guys in their upper 60's......both veterans. without my saying anything, both complained about America today. Both said they were proud of their country and considered it an honor to serve.....neither feel that way today. That is the shame of America. Kennedy's famous speech,"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". How would that sit with folks today if Obama had said it?? Folks were proud of America then.....not so much today. It is sad, real sad. I saw a bumper sticker that said it all, it read " I love my country, but I fear my government". I feel sorry for kids today.......I hope and pray it will get better, but I have my doughts........Gary

    1. Gary, there's an old saying that says "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer still." A smart thing to do in this day and age since even the government is suspect. Best, J.R.

  6. Yes JR.

    Infuriating what is happening. On the muslim front, they are barbarians. It is not religion, it is "crazy". They are all crazy primitive sub humans. there are no good muslims, they are ALL bad. simple: if you are a muslim, you are required to believe that non muslims are infidels. these infidels have to convert, or be killed. so, muslims may say they do not beleive that, but they do, and will not say so if confronted.

    I will have a bumper sticker that says: "Muslims are the Problem. Recognize the Threat" after i am done coaching baseball. With all the economic chaos we have had, people are losing sight of what a long term problem that muslims present to each of us as well as the world.

    I do have my "Armed Infidel" bumper sticker on my truck currently.

    1. I see this all from a very limited personal view Sim. I despise anyone who uses God's name as justification for killing innocents. I also hate the cowardly politicians and avaricious power brokers who keep conflicts going so they...and they alone...can profit from it. Everyone else loses. Thanks for commenting, J.R.

  7. J.R can"t agree more. Why go to battle if your not going to win. WE just keep fighting these battles over and over again. Keep the media out fight the battle win and go home.Or just find a better way.

  8. Sometimes I think the wealthy and the powerful don't want to "win." As long as conflicts and wars continue, they can make more and more money or gain greater power. My simplistic view anyway... Thanks for stepping up to comment. J.R.

  9. When I think of politicians and all the infighting in congress, the media reporting on how our military fight our battles, the money hungry war machine in Washington, the lost lives, the treatment of our vet's, the move to reduce our military wages and pension, etc etc etc.. makes me sick. This will keep going on until we grow balls in all the key positions of government and civilians. What a mess we are in since losing the great generation. Don't give up your gun's.. Fred

  10. You're absolutely right Fred...we'll keep descending in this downward spiral until the bulk of the American people snap out of their welfare pink cloud and grow a pair. Those in office these days are nothing but bullies and cowards anyway. Best, J.R.

  11. JR--Speaking of history repeating itself--maybe you remember 1979? How pissed we were at having hostages for 400+ days? We kicked ass in Vietnam and the politicians--as you point out--bailed on our military. But we were still the US of A and we didn't take s--t from anyone. Like Muscrat said, we were proud of our country. But day after day we would go to the bar and every night they flipped the number of days in captivity . . .248 . . . 312 . . . 377. Carter did nothing but give away the Panama Canal etc etc , tell everyone to drive smaller cars and then crushed our Olympians' dreams by boycotting the Russian Olympics. He was the biggest pussy in US history.
    Unfortunately, I think Carter has fallen to second place behind our new camrade president. No need to really disparage the person--Obama does it every time he opens his lying mouth. Obama is so weak, he has singlehandedly consolidated the Terrorists in Libya and Egypt--straight across to Syria, Iraq and Iran AND started a second Cold War. He works SO hard creating jobs--he watches movies on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the WH theatre, plays golf every weekend and then has to take a vacation to recover. LOSER!
    But . . . what happened when the people woke up in 1980? We elected Ronald Reagan (a huge underdog according to the media) and from 1982 through 2001, we lived in a hugely prosperous time. So like "King" says in the movie Platoon, "Keep your powder dry and your pecker hard and the world will turn."
    Hang in there, friends. Let's find some gold while we wait for Obama to limp from office.
    Keep at it, JR. Dave aka Florida Gold

  12. Very well said Dave and I couldn't agree more. A while back (pre-Obama) a couple of long-time friends asked me who I thought the worst U.S. president in fairly modern times was. My answer? Jimmy Carter, flat out. Since 2008 I've had time to reflect on that answer and it no longer holds true for me. The inept, posturing, self-indulgent neo-Stalinist currently in the White House is. I belong to no political parties and am not a far leftie nor a right-wing nut. I despise them all across the board. Thanks for commenting and telling it like it is brother. J.R.