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 (Dave Knight of Carlin Trend.)

Nevada geologist, prospector, miner, and businessman Dave Knight has been an avid reader and supporter of Bedrock Dreams for some time now. Dave and his family members are the proud owners of Carlin Trend Mining Supplies and Services in Elko, Nevada and now, Superior, Arizona as well. Dave, his family, and Carlin Trend have been backing my play for some time and I'm here to return the favor.

For starters Dave and the good people at Carlin Trend know their stuff. Dave himself holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology and has been a prospector and miner here in the Western and Southwestern United States for a full 40 years (beating yours truly by a good four years!). Anyone whose been at this mining thing for that long and has maintained as good a reputation as Dave's deserves your respect...and mine.

Carlin Trend Mining Supplies and Services is a multi-faceted business that purveys not only a wide array of prospecting and mining gear and supplies, but also offers a range of geological (and other) services, including:

Claim Staking: This includes every aspect of staking from initial land research to locating, perfecting, and filing mining claims.

Geochemical Sampling: Soil, stream sediment, and trench sampling are included here.

Mine Hazard Fencing: Securing abandoned mine hazards under existing regulations established by the Nevada Division of Minerals. 

Core Cutting: Carlin Trend has the facilities and geo-tech support available for core-cutting projects.
Reclamation: Seeding and raking ground disturbed by mining operations...something most Federal, State, and local bureaucracies require these days.

Land Research: Carlin Trend has composite maps depicting active mining claims in any given area as well as information on the location of patented mining claims and private lands. Dave and his crew can also research mineral and water rights ownership.

As you can see, Carlin Trend Mining Supplies and Services is not your typical "mom-and-pop" prospecting shop...retail, online, or both. Dave and his family run a professional operation, right on down to the organization and appearance of their website, logo, and ad material.

 (This Gfeller pocket transit and case is just one of the specialized prospecting and mining items carried by Carlin Trend.)

The next time you're looking for prospecting and mining gear or mining-related services, please visit the good folks at Carlin Trend Mining Supplies and Services by clicking here or using the clickable banner/box ad in the left sidebar of Bedrock Dreams. I know Dave and his family will appreciate your business and will always treat you fairly and squarely.

Me? I'm proud to be associated with Dave Knight and Carlin Trend.

(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2014

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