Blowin' in the Wind...

(Separating the wheat from the chaff.)

Before I move forward and lay down some contrarian gold prospecting and mining principles, let me dispense of some chaff that's been blowing in the wind. Something's been eating at me lately and I feel the need to spill my guts about it and then move on. So here goes:

Losing the Luster

Those of you who've been with me a while now understand that Bedrock Dreams is NOT your typical or generic gold prospecting and mining site. (Yes, I know I've said this before but it doesn't hurt to reaffirm this point periodically.) I don't call myself "Uncle Bill" or "Prospector Sam" nor does my homepage open with twangy fiddle or banjo music meant to establish how authentic I am. Nor do I openly claim to be an expert on each and every aspect of gold prospecting and mining...I'm good, but not all things to everyone.

When I first started publishing this blog nearly seven years ago, there wasn't much to differentiate Bedrock Dreams from the host of other websites out there except decent grammar and pretty good writing. Back then I tended to lay out the same sorts of basic information and tips that 99.9% of the other gold prospecting blogs and sites continue (even now) to regurgitate day after day.

Now hold on a minute before you blow your cork pard...learning about gold pans, sluices, highbankers, dry washers, gold locations, gold claims, and gold deposition is pretty much mandatory on the front end of this thing of ours and is practical, necessary information. However, beyond the front end this sort of basic "how to" info eventually loses its luster and becomes much less useful in the long run.

 ("How to's" are great...up to a point.)

Don't get me wrong...Bedrock Dreams contains plenty of this sort of introductory information but at some point I made a conscious decision to go against the grain and try to "elevate" things by throwing in bits of my personal mining experiences and philosophy, as well as trying to get you to see that there's much more to all this than just gold pans or banjos and fiddles. There's a unique and colorful history to gold mining that should be examined, personalities and characters who deserve recognition, and veteran-level techniques and practices that should be incorporated...whether mine or yours. You see, most of you who were novices or "newbies" when you first started reading Bedrock Dreams are now journeymen (or women) if not out-and-out veterans now.

I Could Be Wrong

One thing I try to do here is to get you to think outside the box a bit. There's plenty of status quo prospecting and mining advice out there these days but very little in the way of contrarian or what I'd term "imaginative" advice. It's all, "Look for this, do that, buy this, and then do that again." Solid info to be least when you're starting out as a prospective gold miner. Me? I'm interested in taking it all to another level with you.

Whether you're a consistent reader or simply a new visitor to Bedrock Dreams who finds that your need for basic, "how to" gold prospecting and mining information is not being met here then let me suggest that you'd probably be better off on an "Uncle Bill" or "Prospector Sam" website. You see, I'm not marching backward for anyone. At the same time I want to present a unique, personalized viewpoint on all things gold mining that will hopefully lift your knowledge and expertise levels above the the mundane and the usual.

I could be wrong, but I think I can make you a better miner and hopefully a better person. In the long run, can they do the same?


(c) Jim Rocha (J.R.) 2014

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  1. Jim, I guess I've gotten to know you after these last few years better than I thought. My last comment hinted at "things getting to ya". I don't blame you in any way. It has to be time consuming and frustrating to write something as often as you do and get no response, comments or donations. I'm sure you wonder if it is worth the effort and if anybody is out there even looking at this. Well, I for one look forward to each new post and appreciate the info and time it takes you to do this. I'm sure there are many more. One day soon I'll make good on my promise to send you something nice. Hang in there my friend, it is winter after all. Things will pick up in the spring! Gary

  2. Everything in this life seems to come in cycles Gary...this sort of thing included. That said, I have my ups and downs as well. But I am absolutely committed to going beyond the "normal" here when it comes to all things mining. Thanks for all! J.R.

  3. Hello J.R. "I could be wrong, but I think I can make you a better miner and hopefully a better person. In the long run, can they do the same?"
    I don't think that is their target old mate. They just put the standard how to stuff out there because they can and it makes them feel good and I don't think it hurts anyone. You can never learn too much and I think from time to time a fresh re-look at the basics is actually needed. Is what they do or say really anything for you to worry about?
    You going above and beyond is expected by us that see you as a mentor from virtual space. Mate it could be worse we could all be living with you on a snake infested claim with no water, no gold, fifteen kids and only one nappy (oh wait a minute thats my life) life sucks a little sometimes, your not the type to march to anothers tune so what?
    I must go now and look up what is normal !

    1. Well Mate, you make (as always) some very good points and I thank you for your perspective here. Had to laugh out loud on your claim description! Good on ya, J.R.

  4. Jim, That is what makes this site so good. I have bought book after book and they are all pretty much the same. They go on and on about how to use a gold pan, needed info for sure, but I've got that figured out, what's next? Where do you look? What signs do you look for? How do you sample an area? How do you decide when to give up on an area and move on?? You have touched on all these things, most of the books don't. I know the exspence is high,and a bit of a gamble, but I still think you should write a book. Not the computer version, a real book with paper pages. Anyhow, just my 2 cents worth......... Gary

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  6. Put the wrong comment here at first Gary...sorry about that. I hear ya about the book but I suspect that it wouldn't be profitable after all is said and done. Still, something I'd like to do if I ever retire! Best, J.R.

  7. Hi Howard,

    Curtain and I have really learned alot from you over the past 4 years. Your mining knowledge is absolutly invaulable. Although we are not newbies anymore since this is the start of our fifth year prospecting, I do feel sometimes that Curtain and I are dummer than a box of rocks and sometimes have trouble finding our ass with two hands and a flashlight! We will be out in The Bradshaws again in a few months. At least we don't give up!


  8. Hi two boys are learning the ropes slowly and surely. One day there'll come a time when I try and offer tips or advice and you'll just roll your eyes! Keep at it and never give up. Ever. Best, Howard (J.R.)


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