The Partnertuff 13" Rock Crusher/Hammer Mill (Conclusion): by Reily Smith

 (The Partnertuff 13" Rock Crusher/Hammer Mill.)

In this post, California gold miner Reily Smith finishes up on his views, tips, and suggestions of the Partnertuff 13" Rock Crusher/Hammer Mill.

Have an Extra Key

5) The set screw that holds the key between the pulley and axle should be tightened every day. While crushing and grinding ore/rocks, I've gotten to the point where I'll shut the Partnertuff down if I hear any unusual noise. I also keep a close eye on the pulleys in case they start sliding off. Here's an example of what I'm talking about here. The key goes in the key way with the set screw on the pulley.  On one occasion it flew off and I couldn't find it no matter what. The moral of this little tale is that you should always have an extra key for the unit in your toolbox.

6) CAUTION! Don't overfeed the Partnertuff hammer mill. I usually drop just one rock or piece of ore into the unit at a time and then wait for the sound that tells me that piece is pretty well ground up (typically 1-3 seconds). Only then will I feed another piece into the unit.

Break the Feed Material Down

7) Just because a rock or ore piece fits into the Partnertuff's feed tube doesn't mean it won't jam when it makes the bend into the grinding chamber. After sending more time clearing rock jams than crushing rocks, I've gotten to the point where I break my feed material down into handball-sized (or smaller) pieces before I even fire up the unit.

The Partnertuff 13" Rock Crusher/Hammer Mill (combined with a $99.00, 6.5 horsepower engine from Harbor Freight) will crush rocks into powder down to the 80-120 mesh range as long as the screen doesn't have a hole in it. I soak the pulverized ore in common dish soap and then run it through a Gold Cube. The 4-stack Gold Cube does a good job of separating the heavies. (By the way, the Harbor Freight "Predator" engine looks just like the same sized Honda engines.)

 (80-120 mesh powder. In this image, it isn't crushed ore but garlic!)

Once again, if you 'd like to learn more from Reily or ask him specific questions concerning the Partnertuff 13" Rock Crusher/Hammer Mill, you can reach him at reilysmith

(c)  Reily Smith (for Bedrock Dreams)  2013


  1. Appreciated this article quite a bit. Reily shows us "his rig"and provided all of the details, including the caveats of ownership. I have worked many different small mining devices....but not a rock crusher. After spending big money on the now defunct dredge (thank you CA "Confusionists") I'm now forced to become creative. This unit passes that an affordable price. Thanks J.R. for posting this one. Hope to see more of the guys rigs in future posts!

  2. Thank you for commenting on this post. And a big thanks, of course, to Reily. Best, J.R.


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