Top 12 Multi-Million Ounce Gold Deposits (Conclusion)

 (Southwestern Australia's Boddington open-pit gold mine is one of the top twelve Au producers in the world today.)

Extensive and rich gold deposits still exist out there. Here are numbers six through twelve of the top multi-million ounce gold deposits in the world today.

7) Pueblo Viejo Deposit (Dominican Republic)

This one caught me a bit off guard...I hadn't thought of the Dominican Republic as a large-scale gold producer but it appears I'm wrong in that regard. Mining operations began at Pueblo Viejo in the summer of 2012 and this deposit is expected to produce over 33,000,000 troy ounces...primarily gold with some silver thrown into the mix as well. Pueblo Viejo is primarily an epithermal gold deposit typified by its highly sulfide ores containing lots of iron pyrite. (The Dominican Republic is, by and large, a friendly place to be and may offer prospecting opportunities for small-scale gold miners.)

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8) Las Cristinas Deposit (Venezuela)

Although very rich in natural resources, Venezuela's problem the last few decades has been its socialist governments led by radical left wingers like the late Hugo Chavez. So filthy capitalists beware...but I digress. The Las Cristinas Deposit is said to contain 32,000,000 troy ounces of the yellow metal. (For obvious reasons, I don't think Venezuela would by my first choice if I were to head out into the boonies looking for gold.)

9) Boddington Deposit (Australia)

The open-pit Boddington Deposit is thought to contain nearly 30,000,000 troy ounces of gold and has been producing for some time now. Appreciable amounts of copper and molybdenum are also being recovered at Boddington. The ore bodies are primarily metamorphic porphyry in granitics and green schist. (Australia is still kicking out large amounts of gold and remains a favorite spot for nugget shooters and small-scale miners.)

10) Caspiche, 11) Cerro Cassale, and 12) Pascua-Lama Deposits (Chile)

The last three large gold deposits are all in the South American nation of Chile. The Caspiche is thought to hold around 26,000,000 ounces, while the Cerro Cassale and Pascua-Lama both contain close to 25,000,000 troy ounces of gold each. Once again, all three gold operations are large scale with major mining concerns running recovery operations. (Chile is one of the most stable and prosperous countries in South America and holds good potential for small-scale prospectors and miners with the experience and the "right stuff.")

 (Terrain near the Cerro Casale Deposit.)

Again, I fully understand that very large-scale gold deposits like these are way beyond most of our capabilities. However, the point to remember here is that large-scale deposits do exist out there and so do many others that are less extensive and that can be prospected and worked for good returns.

Take care out there and best of luck in your prospecting and mining endeavors.

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