Reader's Perspective on Dowsing Rods and Treasure Locators (Part 1)

(Dowsing rods.)

As many of you know, I'm not the biggest fan of dowsing rods and so-called treasure locators. That said, I honestly do try to remain open to the possibilities, my own skepticism notwithstanding.

I recently received the following message from David Robinson, a "Bedrock Dreams" reader, concerning dowsing rods and treasure locators. I think it worthwhile to post what David has to say, since he has a uniquely personal perspective on this issue:

"It Worked Very Accurately"

"I read your December 2008 blog post on dowsing rods and treasure locators and just wanted to share my knowledge in this area. I am an ordained gospel minister and I am very suspicious of whatever power causes these things to operate, but I have first-hand knowledge that they, in fact, do work."

"My grandfather owned a pendulum metal locator and I heard his stories of using it to locate veins of metal in Georgia and Alabama. One Christmas around 1960, my dad and uncle got the pendulum out and showed it to all the grandchildren. My uncle had brought a sack of silver dollars to give to all his nieces and nephews a silver dollar for Christmas which we took turns hiding around the house while someone else tried to find them with the metal locator. It worked very accurately for my dad and uncle, but not for me."

"Located Every Time"

"The metal locator was probably made around 1910 and had a brass-clad, lead-filled pendulum with two male wire contacts on the large end. A brass handle surrounded by lead was connected to the contacts by an insulated wire and looked well made."

 (Treasure pendulum.)

"All my family members are very honest and do not lie, so there was no cheating going on and there was no doubt that my grandfather and dad firmly believed the pendulum worked. Even though it was just a game to us kids that Christmas, the bag of silver dollars was located every time."

"Not Some Superstitious Redneck"

"My last unmarried aunt recently passed away and my grandfather's house was cleaned out, and I was just offered the metal locator (pendulum) at my brother's house the day before yesterday. Since the supernatural is very real to me and the power behind the metal locator could be demonic, I wanted nothing to do with it. Still, I do not doubt it's ability in receptive hands."

"I have a M.S. degree in Computer Science and am a former National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) engineer so I'm not just some superstitious Alabama redneck. However, I don't want to practice anything that may rely on demonic power. Metal locators and dowsing rods just might fall into the same category as Ouija boards."

I'll have more from David in my next post. In the meantime, try to keep an open mind and maintain a level respect for his point of view as I myself am doing.

Best to you all.

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  1. A few human charistics to it not electrical impulses that flow through your bodies nervous system? When touching your skin with a volt meter.....does it not give you a small reading? Don't fish and other animals use this detection/awareness of "magnetic" fields for both migration and predation? Is the gravity that holds you to the ground....effected by metallic content of the surrounding soils/rocks?

    You see where I'm going with this.....there are many things of men and earth...that we do not understand yet. So....although I'm skeptical, I remain "cautiously optomistic" on this matter. I look forward to reading the next installment. Thanks J.R.

  2. Thank you for commenting and for providing a different insight into this much debated area. I appreciate it! J.R.

  3. Hello Jim, I have seen the pendelum thing done over maps to find gold, and I think that is total BS, but I have seen it work (even by myself) to find burried water lines. I have no Idea how or why, but it does work. I have heard it works for gold as well as water, but I have never seen it done, and I'm not sure about that one! As for your guy posting this, you should have taken it. It was your Grandpa's and it has at least one good memory attatched to it. If it never hurt him, it won't hurt you! Hang it on the wall if you don't want to use it. Gary

  4. I remain skeptical of these things in terms of their ability to "find" gold and silver. However, I remain open to the possibilities. You have given some good advice here Gary...Thanks! J.R.

  5. I believe there is a 1 million dollar prize to be had by any dowser who can independently and repeatably detect anything, water, gold, bigfoot, under controlled conditions. It's gone unclaimed for decades.

    Seriously? Demons?

    The single thing that irks me more than anything as an amateur, part-time detectorist and treasure hunter is that it seems in the vast majority the treasure found is not the yardstick measure of intelligence or rational thought; it seems in fact to be inversely proportional- the biggest idiots seem to find the best stuff (excluding the real Pros out there like Rodger Ballard et. al.)

  6. I believe that million dollar prize offer still stands, unless I miss my bet. Thanks for commenting, J.R.

  7. I was just reading posts concerning dowsing rods., I have a stumpgrinding business, and need to know what lies under or around the stump to be removed by a grinding machine. I use brass dowsing rods[ brassing rods with flux removed] I use this method several times each day to locate metal and PVC pipes, cable, phone, and power cables.It works, almost accurate within a few inches. So, it's a fact, dowsing rods do work, I've used them for over 10 years, daily.

  8. Thanks for adding your perspective and experience with dowsing rods here. Best to you, J.R.


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