Gold Sampling: a 3-Phase Plan of Attack (Part 4)

(Sample before you run...not after.)

In my view the most critical phase of gold sampling operations or activities is sampling itself. The information you receive from careful sampling can be crucial when it comes to getting the gold.

PHASE II. SAMPLING (continued)

Logic vs. Luck

I've said many times here in "Bedrock Dreams" that it never hurts to have luck. I can also lay down a reasonable bet each and every one of us can cite examples from our mining careers where we witnessed someone getting lucky (usually not ourselves, I hesitate to say).

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However, if you depend on luck alone to bring in the gold I suspect you'll end up very disappointed after all is said and done. Successful gold prospectors and miners at each and every level understand that aside from knowledge, experience, and the capacity for hard work a logical approach to mining is mandatory.

Sure, those who throw logic to the four winds and opt for the "Chicken Little" approach will get a bit of gold and even pull something good when the planets align themselves directly in favor of the foolish or the ignorant. But I'm telling you right here and now that if you're serious about gold mining (lode or placer) and want to get more gold you need to make proper sampling a fundamental building block in your mining activities.

"Garbage In, Garbage Out"

I don't like belaboring the point, but once again how you sample is directly linked to the information you seek, the scale of mining you're pursuing, and the resources and gear at your disposal for pursuing your sampling goals.  A major point to remember here is that the sampling information or data you desire on the far end is directly linked to the sampling information or data supplied on the front end. In other words (and paraphrasing the computer geeks), "Garbage in, garbage out."

For example, if you only take three samples of ore or dirt from a single location at a given depth, process those samples, and then use that information as a basis for your mining operations...well, my friend you're just not going to end up with reliable data and chances are your gold recovery efforts will suffer accordingly. The overall idea here is to take as many quality samples as you can. Good data in, good data out. Large mining companies and most commercial mining operations understand the importance of this should you.

Perhaps you're beginning to see that this gold mining thing is a bit more complex than many think it is and that there's much more to it than meets the eye. Those of you who understand this to the fullest extent are ahead of the game and I congratulate you.

There's more to come, so stay tuned.

(P.S. I ordered a new home computer yesterday...back on track soon.)

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