Big Bucks in Placer Gold Discovered in Sacramento Home

 (The duct work leading to an old floor heating grille like this held hidden treasure in Sacramento, California.)

A couple of Sacramento, California homeowners were not looking forward to the expense of having their entire heating and cooling system redone. However, what they didn't know is that in the process, they'd come up with more than enough gold to pay for the installation.

These two folks were also blessed to have been dealing with a reputable company whose employees are obviously as honest as the day is long. Clark and Rush, the company performing the HVAC work, should be commended for its business practices and the trustworthiness of its workers.

Baby Food Jars Filled with Gold

Clark and Rush worker Steve Ottley and his co-worker were checking the duct work leading to a old floor heating grille when they discovered a dozen baby food jars each filled to the brim with placer gold dust, flakes, and small nuggets. Steve admits that for a split second he thought about keeping the find secret but being the value-driven guy he is (and his partner as well), he informed the homeowners of the find.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time Clark and Rush workers have found hidden treasure in a home they were working on. Back in the 1980s a crew from Clark and Rush uncovered over $25,000 in gold coins stashed away in the duct work of another home.

 (Two of the "golden" baby food jars.)

Treasure Windfall

What's the value of the placer gold found in the Sacramento home? From a purely gold "melt" standpoint, those 12 baby food jars are worth around $300,000 in cold, hard cash. For the homeowners, this treasure windfall will easily cover the estimated $6,500 bill for Clark and Rush's work on the home's heating and air conditioning.

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What's the the moral of this little gold and treasure tale? Gold (and treasure trove) is where you find it.

Check That Duct Work

So if you live in an older home where the duct work may provide a likely hiding place for "goodies," it might be a good idea on your part to take a bit of time to check likely stash points out. Who knows what you might find?

 (Another view of the placer gold discovered by Steve Ottley and his co-worker.)

(My thanks to "Rattlesnake" Jim and Stan M. for passing this info along to me. Also, kudos to Steve Ottley and his co-worker as well as Clark and Rush for their reliability and honesty...two traits that are hard to come by these days.)

Good luck and good hunting out there.

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  1. I hope the folks that own the house will give the finder a share of this. Folks that are honest all too often get punished for it, part of the problem that afects the majority of people today. The homeowner could have never known it was there just as easy. Doing the right thing is what we should all do, but it seems rare anymore.

  2. Amen Gary...if you can't do anything else at all, at least try to do the right thing. J.R.


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