Support Those Who Support Us (Conclusion)


In my previous post I brought two small-scale mining and outdoor user advocacy groups to your attention and briefly discussed the first, Public Lands for the People (PLP). Now I'd like to introduce you to the second advocacy group, the Western Mining Alliance (WMA).

Your Support is Needed

As a brief reminder, both the WMA and PLP are fighting for your rights as small-scale miners and outdoor enthusiasts. In turn, these organizations need (and deserve) your support in all respects, whether those be financial or otherwise.

Since I believe in leading by example, I've gone ahead and joined both of these organizations and have either donated $$$ or paid their membership fees. I know times are tough, but your membership fees or donations show that you are committed to fighting for your own rights as small-scale miners and outdoor users. If you can't donate money, then how about some of your time, help, or expertise?

Western Mining Alliance

Here's what the WMA has to say about itself and its goals:

"The WMA was formed in the spring of 2011 as a result of proposed changes to the California dredging laws, mandated by court order. (We are) a committed group of miners (who) decided to take up the fight in an effort to save the western heritage of the individual miner."

"WMA is a mining advocacy group committed to preserving the right of Americans to enjoy the freedoms provided by the U.S. Constitution. We are miners and we won't apologize for that. We built this country and we intend to preserve this country for future generations of hard-working Americans."

"We Are Under Attack"

I have to say that I like these words and the no-BS manner they're presented in. The next statement by WMA is also right on the money:

"Mining and virtually all (outdoor) activities across the West are under attack by extreme environmental groups seeking to reshape America into a country our founding fathers never intended. These extremist groups have been manipulating politicians and regulators to achieve a Utopian dream of socialist policies. WMA is committed to stopping this."

It doesn't get any clearer or stronger than this and the truth here is self evident.

You'll find links to both the PLP and the WMA in the right sidebar of "Bedrock Dreams." Please take a moment to visit both sites and do what you can to support their efforts on your behalf and in behalf of American miners and outdoor enthusiasts across the nation.

Good luck to one and all...

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