Mining Fool's Gold with Hypocrisy

(Pitching great Roger Clemens when he was with the New York Yankees.)

A Glaring Example

There's no knowledgeable or self-respecting miner I know who'd waste countless hours and hundreds of thousands (or worse yet) millions of dollars mining iron pyrite or fool's gold. That's because gold miners are, by and large, practical minded folks who know the true value of hard-earned money and what real gold looks like.

This is not the case with the U.S. Congress and Attorney General Eric Holder's "Justice" Department though. Their recent investigation (witch hunt) of pro pitching great, Roger Clemens, is a glaring example of what I'm talking about:

I Know This...

In case you've been hiding out in a mine shaft for the last year or so, Clemens was taken to task by Congress and Holder's "Justice" Department for lying to Congress about his supposed steroid and performance-enhancing drug use while in the pros. Hoooo boy....that's a hot one! Lying to Congress...

I'm no fanatic pro sports fan nor do I particularly care to delve into Roger Clemens' personal or professional life. I do know this, however...I thoroughly despise drugs and those who purvey them. Drugs killed my only brother...a Marine Vietnam combat veteran who had a good heart and great potential that was, sadly, never realized.

Real Crux of the Matter

I digress, however. Just this morning Roger Clemens was found "not guilty" of lying to Congress. Was he falsely accused? Perhaps, but the real crux of the matter is that an individual American citizen was made to stand and defend himself in front of our bloated, corrupt Congress accused of lying to them. LYING TO THEM????

Where could you find a more despicable gathering of liars, thieves, and scam artists than the U.S. Congress? (Perhaps the U.S. Senate, but they weren't the ones that dragged Clemens' name through the dirt.) No, it was the pack of self-serving, lying hypocrites sitting on their smug asses in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Holder's "Brain Children"

Let's not forget Attorney General Eric Holder either...after all it was "his" U.S. Justice Department that served the will of Congress in Roger Clemens' ordeal. This is the same Eric Holder who wanted to try those incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay for murder and other acts of terrorism in civilian courts with the exact same judicial rights held by you and I as American citizens.

Oh, and what about Holder's failure a few years back to prosecute the New Black Panthers for intimidating voters at polling stations with clubs and, more recently, his "Fast and Furious" plan that caused the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was shot in the back with an AK-47 assault rifle provided to Mexican criminals as part of Holder's brain child.

Absolutely Disgusting

To add insult to injury, instead of using their own money (fat chance, right?) to prosecute Roger Clemens, Congress and the Justice Department used our tax money. Get it? Your money and mine. They used OUR hard-earned money to mine fool's gold using a shovel made of pure hypocrisy.

While we sit here and watch our own resources dwindle on a daily basis, Congress fiddles on while Rome burns. There isn't one Congressman or Congresswoman out there worth a shit in my opinion and if you truly believe the government is looking out for your best interests, then you better get to shoveling fool's gold right along with them.

Congress' self-serving hypocrisy is absolutely disgusting. What a nest of vipers...

(c)  Jim Rocha  2012

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  1. Amen J.R. I think you hit the nail on the head:

    "mine fool's gold using a shovel made of pure hypocrisy"

  2. Thanks Steph...I'm not one to mince words as you can readily see. Take care out there! J..R.

  3. HI JR- There's not much more you can say. That does a good job of covering these Washington self-serving losers.

  4. Hey Badger, thanks for your support. These scumbags need calling out. Best to you! J.R.

  5. Amen!!! While all of this hypocrisy is taking place, our "Justice Department" is lying to that same Congress re: Fast and Furious etc. Yet it's taken HOW long to start contempt proceedings? And which RINOS are fighting these proceedings?

    1. Very good point Scoobie. Yep, how quickly they turn on one another. Best to you, J.R.

  6. Don't think I could add a thing. Maybe we can get this published in the New York Times for everyone to digest (probably not). The manipulated media is too "bought off" to call out any of the fat-cat bozos in Washington. (I bet George Washington is rolling in his grave at just the thought of his name being associated with these belly crawling scum suckers).

    Oh well, so much for not adding anything. :-)


  7. Allen, you added plenty and I couldn't agree more. Our voices no longer seem to be heard, however, by those who align themselves with big money, special interests, and lobbyists. The idea of public service is a sad joke these days and doing the right thing is obviously scoffed at by most, if not all, politicians here in the U.S. Their ultimate goal is acquiring and maintaining power...along with becoming wealthy at our expense. American politics is a cesspool full of vermin...J.R.

  8. Early in this country's history. Congressmen were pretty much drafted to do a job that took them from friends and family, even more so for Senators who were tapped by a state legislature. It was seen almost like jury duty, and not a life time job.

    Somewhere on the path since, something has went horribly wrong.

    Maybe it's just the amount of power that unelected bureaucrats have. Congress critters come and go, but a federal employee knows how the game is played and will just wait for the next election.

    Regulation with the force of law... god help those that cross them!

    I truly believe the smallest federal government that can do what "constitutionally has to be done" is exactly the right size for this country.


    1. Thank you for your perceptive comments here Cal. I couldn't agree with you more...Best to you. J.R.


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