Weekend Gold Miners: a Family Oriented Prospecting and Mining Club

 (Array of small nuggets recovered by a Weekend Gold Miners member.)

For Better or Worse...

As many of you already know, I’m not much of a joiner. I tend be a loner of sorts and to keep my gold prospecting and mining forays a personal endeavor. Occasionally, however, I’ll break my lone-wolf routine long enough to teach the basics to a novice (something I enjoy, by the way) or to work with a trusted “pard” or two.

Tips for Gold Miners

I’ve not been a member of a gold prospecting or mining club for well over 30 years for any number of reasons…one of which is I simply don’t like crowds of any size…large or small. Then to, I don’t like playing by other people’s rules any more than I am already forced to. That’s just me…for better or worse.

"Rich in Gold and Gemstones"

All that said, I do think there are some pretty good gold prospecting and mining clubs out there and the Weekend Gold Miners is one of those. Located in the heart of Georgia’s gold country, the Weekend Gold Miners have a number of gold-bearing properties for club members and their guests to prospect and mine.

(Members dredging on a club property.)

The Weekend Gold Miners is “a family-oriented, non-profit corporation that gives you a place to relax, prospect for gold, visit with other prospectors and most of all, have a good time in the outdoors. On each of the properties leased by the club, members and their families are encouraged to pursue one of many exciting hobbies. Each of the properties is very rich in GOLD, GEMSTONES, artifacts and the beautiful outdoors.”

I Genuinely Like This Club

Just so you know, the Weekend Gold Miners club didn’t hit me up for a promo piece in “Bedrock Dreams.” I’m writing this post because I genuinely like this club and their approach, not to mention the fact that they have been big supporters of me in terms of numerous referrals to this site.

(More placer gold from a Weekend Gold Miners location.)

If you live in Georgia or a neighboring state I highly recommend that you check the Weekend Gold Miners club out, or better yet, become a member. I can honestly say that if I lived physically closer to this crew, I’d probably sign up myself!

Gold Concentrators
Metal Detectors

Here’s the URL to the Weekend Gold Miner’s website: http://www.weekendgoldminers.com/index.html

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Good luck to one and all.

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  1. I was a member for around 4 years a while back. Great club and beautiful properties. I highly recommend this club for anyone with driving distance of Dahlonega or Cleveland, GA.

  2. Thanks for commenting and reaffirming things Allen. Best to you, J.R.


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