Platinum Still Being Found in Northern California Streams (Conclusion)

(Platinum nugget.)

California Alluvial Platinum Locations

In the previous posts on this topic I've been talking mainly in general terms about platinum in Northern California. Now I'd like to address some specifics for you, including locations where placer platinum and small platinum nuggets (as well as placer gold) can be found. Please note that the following list is not all inclusive by any stretch of the imagination.

Junction City Area: I mentioned Junction City in my first post about platinum in Northern California, and for good reason. It was near Junction City that some of the largest platinum nuggets ever found in the "Golden State" were recovered. Many (if not most) of the streams and drainages in the area will show some alluvial platinum, but access to these locations may be limited due to private property and unpatented claim issues. Junction City is in Trinity County just a short drive from Weaverville, a well-known California gold area.

Hayfork Creek: Historically, Hayfork was known (and probably still is) as one of the most prolific platinum producers in the Junction City area. Much of the platinum recovered today along Hayfork Creek is in small grains or coarse pieces, but occasional small nuggets can still be found there. It's my guess a few large platinum nuggets are still hiding in the Hayfork area as well.

Carrier Gulch: This tributary of Hayfork Creek can still produce alluvial ferro-platinum and many small nuggets were recovered here in the past. However, I'd keep my eye out for areas along Carrier Gulch that were once worked by Chinese miners...I'd bypass these locales simply because the Chinese were meticulous when it came to recovering precious metals and unlike Anglo miners, they didn't leave much behind them.

Beegum Creek: Beegum is smack dab in the middle of  a geological melange in the Junction City area, a tip off that platinum is likely to be found in the area. Many small grains and coarse pieces of ferro-platinum can be found in and near Beegum Creek, especially on or just above bedrock.

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Nevada County: A pretty good distance south of the Trinitys and Klamaths (and the Junction City Area), Nevada County is a very good gold area in the Northern Mines section of California's Motherlode region. I've done lots and lots of mining and prospecting in Nevada County and know its gold potential firsthand. However, alluvial platinum (including nuggets) can also be found at various locations in the county, especially in the North Bloomfield area.

(Nice ferro-platinum nugget recovered near North Bloomfield in Nevada County, California.)

Also, remember that all the areas discussed in this series of posts about alluvial platinum in Northern California are also good placer gold producers. If you can find some open ground in these locales (not an easy task anymore, by the way), you'll be sitting in tall cotton my friend.

And that's a fact...

Good luck.

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  1. Hi, I actually live in Weaverville and my friend found what looks to be a real platinum nugget in junction city. How can I tell if it's real?

  2. I'd find a local jeweler or geologist at one of the colleges. Let them check it out. I've never tested platinum, only gold.


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