Illinois Gold Prospector's Dedication Brings His First Color

 ("I feel a bit silly sending you this...")

Dedication and the Three "Ps"

Nearly a year and a half ago I met an aspiring gold prospector and miner from Illinois whom I'll call Bob M. to  protect his privacy. What Bob lacks in overall gold prospecting knowledge and experience he more than makes up for with his dedication and what I call the three "Ps"...patience, persistence and perseverance.

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Bob M. also understands the value of research. In fact, I'd say his abilities as a researcher are outstanding and underlie his analytical approach to trying to find a bit of color in a part of Illinois where no gold is supposed to exist.

Sure, some gold from is supposed to exist in isolated locations in Illinois, but as far as Bob knows none has been documented in his particular area. Here's what he had to say about his single-minded pursuit of color where it's not supposed to be:

"I Haven't Given Up"

"Hi J.R.,"

"Just dropping you a line from Illinois to let you know that I haven't given up on gold prospecting, even after 15 months of messing around not finding anything (but learning a lot in the process). In the meantime, I've been looking for indications of diamonds, hoping for that stray diamond which I've read about being found throughout the Midwest. So, I've accumulated a small pile of these grains, one of which looks to me like a little ruby (the red hexagonal crystal)."

("The red hexagonal crystal.")

"I feel a bit silly sending you this, because it's only a very small piece of gold. This all just goes to show, like you say, that persistence and doing things right are the keys. I'm kind of stubborn anyway and I just like looking at rocks."

 ("A very small piece of gold...")

"I was determined to prove that there's a bit of gold in this part of Illinois and I'm also just as determined about the diamonds. By the way, this may be the first bit of gold ever found in this particular Illinois county. At the very least, I haven't been able to find or read an account of gold being found here."

("This may be the first bit of gold found here.")

To those of us who mine gold here in the West or Southwestern U.S, Bob's small find may seem like "much ado about nothing." I disagree, however. - any strap, any length, any color!

Not only does Bob's find underline the age-old adage that "gold is where you find it," but it also shows the value of commitment, dedication, research, and hanging in there no matter what.

Way to go Bob...the gold may be small but the discovery is not.

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