A "Never Leave Home Without It" Tale (Conclusion)

 (Waterfall on Duke's Creek.)

 Here's the second and final post in this two-part series about a recent prospecting foray by Georgia gold prospector and miner, Brent K.:

"An Old Gold Mining Property"

"Well, I drove back up the mountain to where I had seen that fellow unloading his truck. Before I had the chance to even knock on his door, he came out to greet me. After some polite conversation, he informed me that the spot I was checking out was indeed on private property. In fact it was his neighbor's land and he'd  be arriving the following week."

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"As it turned out, the fellow I was talking to and his neighbor do some gold mining during the summer months on about 20 acres. This gentleman even showed me some old tailing piles from mining operations back in the late 1800s. We were standing right smack dab in the middle of an old gold mining property."

(The "cascading" bedrock that Brent mentions.)

"Well shoot, this is all great and I am thoroughly enjoying the history lesson, but I'm looking for a spot to do my own prospecting. Today, however, the Golden Gods were shining on me. This fellow told me about a spot at the bottom of the mountain and up the road on Duke's Creek where there was a small waterfall, and further up the stream from the waterfall was some cascading bedrock. This spot used to be private property but the owner had passed away and now the land belongs to the county."

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"The gentleman told me panning was allowed, but that was about it. He mentioned to me that if I had some sort of suction tube, I could probably get some color out of the cracks and crevices. I chuckled a little, smiled, and said, 'I left the gold sucker tube I made at home.' All I could think about was some silly credit card commercial about 'never leaving home without it.'"

"I walked away not having seen any color, but far from discouraged. When the missus lets me out of the house the next time, my gold sucker will be packed up right along with my gold pan and shovel."

"Yours in prospecting,


There you are. I guess the moral to Brent's story is, indeed, "don't leave home without it."

Best of luck to you all.

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  1. JR,
    Its guys like that that give our hobby a good name. My concience always gets the best of me too. Its discouraging to know that one i dont giva #@!% attitude can ruin it or give us all a bad name. Give Brent my admiration for doing the right thing even though he may have gotten away with it. I hope he does get permition from the land owner and probly will it sounds like a good spot.

  2. Thanks for the good comments Tim. I'll make sure Brent gets this passed along to him. Take care out there! J.R.


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