A "Never Leave Home Without It" Tale (Part 1)

 (Brent K. heading up the mountain.)

Bear With Me

I thought I'd get this post in before I continue on with what could turn out be a lengthy but highly informative series of posts on gold mineralization. So bear with me for a bit.

Gold Pans

Brent K. is a energetic and enthusiastic small-scale gold prospector from Georgia, a state long noted for its lode and placer gold production back in the day. Brent just sent me the following, which I'd like to share with one and all:

"Hey J.R."

"Your 'pard' Brent here with a 'never leave home without it' tale."

"Earlier today (with the permission of the missus!) I headed up to Sautee/Nacoochee Valley, Georgia for a little gold prospecting adventure. I found myself turning down a dirt road aptly named Gold Lane. Actually, 'turning down' might be a little misleading because the road went straight UP a mountain! The reason for me being in the area was some information I'd received from a fellow prospector."

"As the road wound its way around and up to the summit and then back down the other side I heard the sound of running water off to the side. I followed the stream farther down the mountain and on the way down I came across a gentleman unloading some gear from his truck to his summer home. I waved, said 'hello,' and continued on. Just around the next bend I saw a makeshift trommel as well as other mining items across the stream that indicated there was some mining going on in the area."

"Exposed Bedrock Everywhere"

"A little further down the road I found an area to pull over and park. Once I got out of my truck a beautifully sweet sound filled my ears...the running of a small mountain stream. I clambered down the bank through the thorns and poison ivy until I came to a picturesque little stream with exposed bedrock everywhere. Oh my goodness! My mouth began to water and my brow began to sweat. This was an absolutely beautiful set up."

(Bedrock showing in Brent's little stream.)

"Then you (J.R.) invaded this glorious moment. All I could think about was 'Bedrock Dreams' and all the posts I'd read about claim jumping, private property, asking permission, and the like. So here's what I did. I crawled back up the back through all those thorns and the poison ivy (despite the fact I'm allergic to poison ivy) back to my truck."

There's more to come from Brent K., so stay tuned. In the interim I wish each and every one of you the best of luck.

Carhartt Wear

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