More Gold Dredging Drama: Dave Mack Fights Back

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I am a bit behind the curve on getting this information out, so please forgive me..,and a special apology to miner Rattlesnake Jim who passed this info along to me in the first place.

Point Man in Fighting Back

As many of you already know, certain "elements" within the State of California have been waging a war on small-scale gold mining for many years, especially suction dredging. In fact, I can remember some of those nefarious elements trying to shut us down as far back as the early to mid-1980s when I was actively working the North Yuba River.

In recent years the anti-mining/anti-dredging coalition of "greenie" fanatics and cult members; Indian tribal interests (including...surprise, interests); self-righteous, left-of-center "nature lovers," and the weak-willed, graft-ridden politicos who pander to them all have effectively shut down dredging in the once-Golden State.

Dave McCracken (expert gold dredger, small-scale miner, and President of The New 49ers prospecting club) has long been the point man in fighting back against California's anti-mining interests. Just recently, "Dave Mack" (along with others) filed litigation against the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG).

Here's what Dave Mack has to say about all this:

"The New 49ers and several others filed takings litigation against the California DFG on 13 April 2012. Here's a look at our complaint:" 

 "We filed this case in Yreka, Siskiyou County, a location which is more in touch with the results of the DFG's ever-expanding over-regulation, not only with small-scale miners but also with the agricultural industry and other forms of natural resource development (like our hydro dams). Not a day that goes by in Siskiyou County that there is not some news in the local newspapers about the loss of property rights at the hands of State officials and other agencies of government."

 (Dave Mack of The New 49ers.)

"Enough is enough! Our complaint first challenges the DFG's recently adopted suction dredge regulations. If we can't overturn them, then clearly there will have been a 'taking' by the State of the productive use of our mining properties. We expect others will join our suit in time, since the new regulations propose to take away the only practical use of thousands of mining properties across the State."

"Here's a reminder that our legal fund needs all the help it can get. We are giving away 15 American Gold Eagles in our existing prize drawing. More information can be found here:" 

"We appreciate anything you can do!"

"Dave Mack 
The New 49'ers"

Give Your Support

If you live outside the State of California, you may think none of this applies to you...but guess what? You may be sadly mistaken about that my friend. If they can pull this crap in California they can eventually do the same thing in Arizona, or Montana, or Idaho, or wherever you live in "the land of the free."

So I urge each and every one of you out there to give whatever support (moral, financial, etc.) you can to Dave Mack and any and all of our own who are fighting back against the forces that seem bent on stopping all aspects of small-scale mining in California and elsewhere in the U.S.

Don't let the bastards grind ya down...

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