Canadian Placer Gold: Southern Quebec Province (Conclusion)

(Old timers hydraulicking gold-bearing gravels in the Beauceville District circa 1882.)

 Beauceville Mining District

There are a number of productive placer gold rivers and streams in Canada's southern Quebec Province. Nearly all of these fall under what's know as the Beauceville Mining District, which is 50-60 miles south of Quebec City.

Here's a short list of auriferous streams in the District:

Moulin River: Large amounts of non-glacial placer gold were recovered from the Moulin River in past days, with the best gold values typically found on bedrock or in false bedrock clay layers. The extreme upper part of the Roulin is the most productive.

Types of Placer Mining Equipment

River des Plantes: What I said above about the Moulin River applies to the R. des Plantes as well, with one major exception...the des Plantes carries small quantities of platinum in addition to placer gold. Again, the farther upstream you are here the better the precious metals values.

Gilbert River: The Gilbert is well well known in the southern Quebec mining community and contains large tracts of placer ground. The best areas along the Gilbert River are found along North Branch and near the junction of Caron Creek.

(Sampling the Gilbert River.)

Chaudiere River: Lots of fine or "flour" gold can be found on the Chaudiere only a mile or two upstream from the town of Beauceville. Larger flakes or even small nuggets may exist here as well, but you'll have to do a bit of prospecting and sampling to confirm this assumption on my part.

Gold Concentrates
Gold Pans
St. Victor River: Your best bet for finding gold on the St. Victor is upstream from where it meets the Chaudiere River. If the river itself is being stingy with its gold, try any terrace or bench gravels you come across.

Once again, the best gold-bearing gravels in the area will show the rusty reddish-brown staining of iron oxides/iron sulphides. Bedrock may be very deep but keep an eye out for any clay layers, especially those with a putty like consistency.

Good luck to you all.

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  1. hi do you know the rules for panning in quebec?thanks,Eric

  2. I'm sorry, but I'm not a Canadian miner. Your best bet to find this info out to ask the Canadian miners at the Canadian Gold Prospectors Forum:
    Best of luck, J.R.

  3. the laws in Quebec state you cannot pan in waters creeks or rivers I have a prospecting licensee and its useless they charge you 40 dollars for it and you can wipe your a with that's all Quebec is a dictatorship when it come to mining or prospecting. they took all the rights from other older mining companies and the new ones around paid big money well there in the same bed with the Quebec government. If you caught panning in a creek or rivers the fines are outrages
    they wouldn't do to a big mining corp but will slap you with thousands of dollars fines. Now if you think that's ok well i think more like a dictating Quebec is a hole of french people the best scammers around is the government of QUEBEC


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