All About Gold Mineralization (Part 1)

( I couldn't have said it better myself.)

Sign of the Times?

If you've been around "Bedrock Dreams" long enough, you already know that I place a great deal of emphasis on the geology of gold and gold mineralization. A solid understanding of mineralization and mineralized zones out in the field is fundamental to being more successful as a gold prospector or small-scale miner, and that's a fact.

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Still, it's surprising to me how many prospectors and small-scale miners are clueless when it comes to even basic knowledge of gold or other precious metals mineralization. Maybe it's a sign of the times...we are definitely a society these days that demands "quick fixes" to nearly every issue or problem that comes our way. This attitude is pervasive it seems, and even some small-scale or recreational gold miners fall victim to it.

Dream Merchant "Come Ons"

It surely doesn't help when treasure hunting, metal detecting, or gold mining dream merchants tell you that you can "find an ounce of gold a day" or "fistfuls of gold" if you just buy and read their books or spend hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars on the expensive gear they sell. For those prospectors or would-be miners out there who want quick fixes or magic bullets (i.e., don't want to work hard), these sorts of dream merchant "come ons" are exactly what the doctor ordered, however.

Gold Concentrators

Sure, I'm old school...I cut my teeth as a small-scale miner back in the day when much more emphasis was placed on being well rounded in terms of prospecting and mining knowledge and experience. I had the additional blessing of being mentored by a duo of hard-nosed old timers who had, in turn, cut their mining teeth during the Depression years (1930s) here in the United States.

Good at What They Did

These grizzled mining veterans knew their stuff and could pinpoint mineralized areas and push your nose right into the gold without the benefit of $3,000 metal detectors or purported gold maps sold by some unscrupulous, on-line huckster. One of the reasons these old timers were so good at what they did was simply because they studied Ma Nature and the signs she delivered up pointing the way to potential deposits of gold.

(Never underestimate the value of an old timer.)

Additionally, these old timers were not averse to studying up on the topic of mineralization by reading books, geological bulletins, and old mining reports. Although neither one of them was "highly educated" in the strictest sense of that term, when it came to understanding how gold formed and what the visual indicators of mineralization were, they could give any PhD. in geology a run for his or her money.

This is my prologue to a series of posts I'll be writing on gold mineralization. Stick around and you just might learn something...

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