Your Dreams Should Always be Golden

 ("Golden Dreams" by Christian and Alicia.)

Miners are Dreamers

I've often had folks ask me why I chose the name "Bedrock Dreams" for this site. At first glance that may be readily apparent to most of you...after all, bedrock is typically where you'll find your best gold and most of us dream about finding rich pockets of gold packed tight in bedrock cracks and crevices or strewn about in hefty paystreaks atop it.

Above all other things, gold prospectors and miners are dreamers. As I've often said before, golden dreams are very potent drivers and motivators...for example, they get us up and out the door and busting our humps all day long for the sheer joy and excitement we get from seeing that yellow gleam in our sampling or clean-up pans.

The Lucky Ones
Sure, gold's monetary value has something to do with it. After all, shouldn't we be paid something for pursuing our dreams? That's the ideal...right? Being paid well to do the thing or things you truly love?

In my mind, the luckiest people in the world are those who work at doing what they truly love, be that gold mining or any other occupation, for that matter. These fortunate souls followed their golden dreams and brought them to fruition. Some did it the easy way, and others the hard way after much travail, effort, and sacrifice. Either way, they are the lucky ones.

You See...

As most of you already know (and others are learning), it's very difficult to make a decent living as a small-scale gold miner. Can it be done? In some instances yes, but those instances are very rare...even with spot gold prices as outrageously high as they are these days.

Yes, I've advised against throwing all your resources into trying to make a living solely as a gold miner, if for no other reason than to make things easier on your family members. You see, I'm a pragmatic sort of guy with a low BS tolerance. I can also be a hard ass as well as quite contentious at times (as my wife reminds me periodically).

Decades Race By

That said, however, the last thing I want to do is trample anyone's golden dreams. Yours, your husband's, your wife's, your children's, or anyone else you are close to or who is close to you...and that's a fact.

One thing I've learned in my 64 years on this planet is that this life is tenuous and very, very short. First the months race by, then the years, and finally the decades. One day you wake up and realize the likelihood of being able to attain those golden dreams you entertained when you were young and still vital are slipping out of your grasp.

Here's the Deal

So here's the deal. FOLLOW those golden dreams of yours, no matter what they are or where they may lead you. Do whatever you can and whatever is necessary (within reason) to make those dreams a reality.

You deserve to have your dreams fulfilled...and those dreams should always be golden.

(c)  Jim Rocha (J.R.)  2012

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  1. JR,
    I know we have emailed a lot Lately, After reading your article I had to put in my 2cents worth, As you advise against anyone using there life’s savings to pursue a dream making a living gold mining your being honest based on many years of knowledge. I don’t think you or they realize that you are really giving them a larger gift. My experience, although not as long as yours, has been that make a profession out of what you love and it becomes a job, some will say no but I beg to differ. I love to fly and have my pilots license as well, most of my friends from flight school went commercial and now fly for a living, I guess I don’t need to tell you what they do on their weekend off work, (it’s not flying) Living on the east coast as you know I also do a lot of off shore fishing and have a pretty nice down east boat, A good friend of mine who also loves to fish decided to have a new one built got his captains license and chartered fishing trips for the past 2 years, He just sold his boat and used the money to put a pool in his yard. (he loved to fish but as a business took the fun out of it) As a successful business owner I know for a fact that doing it for a living your counting mileage , fuel cost, overhead, taxes and so on, then the stress sets in then the wife and its time for a new hobby . I guess what I am trying to say is I am glad there’s not enough gold to make a living at it, for me, as if there were I still would not doit I love the chase too much to ruin it by making it my job. If you think about it you will understand and be thankful as well. (your job is the vehicle that supports your life style)
    Your friend,

  2. Well said Tim. I appreciate your perspective...we sometimes forget that even our dreams can sometimes turn into drudgery if we allow it that to happen. Thanks for commenting and for being a friend and advisor. Best! J.R.


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