Bench and Field Testing the Fisher "Gold Bug Pro" (Part 1)

(Fisher's "Gold Bug Pro" shown with the standard  5" nugget coil. $649-700 USD.)

 It took a while but I'm finally getting around to talking about a bit of bench and field testing I did with my new Fisher "Gold Bug Pro." I wrote in an earlier post (see close of this post) about how impressed I was with this newer addition to the "Gold Bug" (GB) series of gold machines, and now I'm back to try and finish the job.

Features and Comments

 Since I didn't list the features of the "GB Pro" before, let me do that for you now:
  • V-Break, Variable break-point tone discrimination system
  • Computerized ground grab
  • Real-time computerized ground balancing
  • V.C.O. audio in All Metal and Discrimination Mode
  • Independent control over threshold and gain
  • Continuous ground condition readouts
  • Ground phase value indicates type of ground mineralization
  • Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of ground mineralization
  • Static pinpoint with depth indicator
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • 19kHz operating frequency
  • Ultra simple user interface
  • Ultra-lightweight (2.5 lbs)
  • 5" coil (11" coil also available)
  • All-metal and discriminate modes
I won't cover all these features, but there are a few I'd like to touch on:
  • Real-time computerized ground grab/ground balancing: Unlike other versions of the "GB" where you had to pump the coil up and down and then manually adjust various potentiometers to get the machine ground balanced, the "GB Pro" uses a simple touch-pad button. Just press and hold the button, give the machine a few quick pumps, and you're off and running.
  • Independent control over threshold and gain: Adjusting the threshold sound and sensitivity (gain) are important functions for any gold detector. In my opinion these functions should always be manually set and the "GB Pro" gives you that option.

 (My "GB Pro" out in the field here in New Mexico.)

  • Static pinpoint with depth indicator: Although this machine operates using movement (standard "sweeping" motion) to detect targets, once you've hit a target you can use the "GB Pro's" static pinpointing feature. You press and hold the pinpoint touch-pad button while the coil is over the target and the machine will display a numerical target ID as well as depth readout.
  •  Dual headphone jacks: This feature may seem rather innocuous at first, but if you've ever had to keep switching out stereo headphone adapter jacks, it's a big plus in my book. The housing of the "GB Pro" has both of the standard-sized headphone jack receptacles, so you never have to carry adapters or switch them out.
Don't worry, I'll get to the start of my bench and field tests in my next post. I'll also finish up with my descriptions and comments of a few more of the "GB Pro's" features.

Good hunting to you in the mean time.

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