Cripple Creek's Gold Placers (Conclusion)

(Beautiful downtown Cripple Creek.)

Decent Amounts of Fine Placer Gold

In this post on Colorado's Cripple Creek placers, I have specific locations you may want to try to see if you can recover some of the large amounts of fine gold in the area. Additionally, although very infrequent, some small placer nuggets have been found in the area as well.

Where to Look for Placer Gold

Mining literature suggests that experienced (emphasis on that word here) gold prospectors and small-scale miners can find decent amounts of very fine placer gold in nearly all the drainages near and east and southeast of Cripple Creek, as well as north, northwest, and west of the communities of Victor and Goldfield.

Specific Placer Locations:
  • Southwest facing slopes of Carbonate and Mineral Hills (the richest fine and crystalline gold deposits are here).
  • Cripple Creek itself south of the town site.
  • North Fork of Wilson Creek.
  • Entire length of Arequa Gulch.

(Old map of the Cripple Creek Mining District.)
  • Flanks of Globe, Gold, and Bull Hills.
  • Gold Run 1-1.5 miles south of the Cripple Creek town site.
  • Poverty Gulch directly east of the Cripple Creek town site.
  • Squaw Gulch near the Anchoria-Leland mine site.
Two Important Qualifiers

If you're set on doing a bit of prospecting or mining in the Cripple Creek region, there are two important qualifiers you need to be aware of:

1)  Many of the gold-bearing gulches, drainages, and hillside gravels are either bone dry or have water in them (or nearby) only on a seasonal basis. Needless to say, this can put a damper on your ability to sample locations or process material unless you're properly prepared to do so.

Gold Pans
Gold Concentrators

2) More importantly, much of the Cripple Creek area is under patented claim. This means the claim owners are the land owners as well so erase any thought from your mind about trying to get into these areas to work. Trespassing won't make you any friends in the area. However, a bit of research or asking around on your part may reveal open or unclaimed placer locations near Cripple Creek, Victor, or Goldfield.

For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Cripple Creek is a tourist destination and a gambling getaway of sorts. So if you can't find a place to pan or set up a concentrator, you can always try your luck at the tables.

Hell, mining's a gamble anyway...

Good luck out there.

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