More on Where to Prospect: a "Miner's Miner" Speaks Up (Part 1)

 (The Klamath River in Siskiyou County, California is one of the West's Top 10 gold-bearing streams.)

"Miner's Miner"

Every now and then you'll hear me apply the term "miner's miner" to certain individuals who've been around the mining block for some time now and who truly know their stuff when it comes to all things gold prospecting and mining. I never use this term lightly, but instead reserve it as the highest accolade I can give to a fellow gold miner.

California prospector and miner Stan M. is one of these select individuals who has my respect. You know, I like to think I've been at this mining gig for a while now (32 years) but I'm a babe in the woods compared to Stan... he's been at it for 43 years or more (both hard rock and placer mining).

Stan wanted to give his perspective in response to my recent series, "Reader's Query on Where to Prospect Prompts Response." What he has to say should be of great interest to you all:

"Like You Said..."

"Hi Jim, I just read Part 2 on 'where to prospect' in your 'Bedrock Dreams' website. I don't know about too many other places but I do know about gold in Siskiyou County, California. I also think there are lots of open places in the deserts of Southern California too."

"I've been mining Siskiyou County since 1969. There are lots of places in the County where someone can prospect all he or she wants and nothing will be said. Like you said in your post, if people want easy access they're going to have to do some research or join a club like the New 49ers."

"Untold Millions in Gold-Bearing Material"

"There are probably untold millions in gold-bearing material just waiting for someone to prospect. The Trinity Alps Wilderness Area of California is loaded with some of the finest gold I have ever seen; then you have the Marble Mountain Wilderness Area also. You're gonna have to hike in and you'll either have to pan (not recommended), hand sluice, do some underwater sniping, or try gravity dredging. When I lived in Etna some time ago, two young men came out of the wilderness with several nuggets that would not fit in their hands. The gold is still there, you just have to go for it...but like you said, it won't be easy."

 (Placer gold from one of The New 49ers Prospecting Club's Klamath River claims.)


"I used to be a subscriber to a California geologist's report back in the 1980s. If my memory is correct, state geologists reported that gold was discovered in the headwaters of the Yuba River at the 3000-foot level but no one ever thought there would be gold at the 6,000-foot level. The geologist I subscribed to reported that he found overlooked pay streaks 300-feet wide and 13-feet deep at 6,000 feet. This same geologist speculated that a person tunneling on bedrock at these locations could make anywhere from 200 to 600 ounces of placer gold a day! "

(Note: During the California Gold rush many locations below the 3,000 foot level on the Yuba and its tributaries were even richer than what Stan is saying this geologist stated. However, don't think for one minute that finding and recovering all that gold will be a walk in the park for you or anyone definitely won't be. J.R.)

There's more to come from Stan in my next post. In the mean time I'll check with him to see if he wants to provide an e-mail address for readers who may want to contact him (if not, I'll respect his privacy as I've always done in the past).

Good luck out there.

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