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(The historic Cariboo Gold District in the Canadian Province of British Columbia.)

"Cariboo Bushcraft"

A short while back I introduced you to Canadian gold miner Eric "Greywolf" Brigden in a post titled, "Sinking a Placer Test Shaft: 'Greywolf's Method.'" Now "Greywolf" is back with a new video on YouTube and a brand, spanking new online website/forum called The Gold Prospectors Forum.

Greywolf's new video is titled, "Cariboo Bushcraft Tips for City Slickers" (I had to smile at that one!). I can tell you this about "Greywolf"...he knows the outdoors and he knows gold mining. No, not just the usual "here's how you pan for gold" routine, but the real nuts and bolts aspects of gold prospecting and mining.

You'll Learn a Thing or Two

Want to know how to crib a placer test shaft? "Greywolf" can show you. Need to learn how to properly set up or repair your equipment? Ask Eric. If you think I'm BSing you (something I'll never do, by the way), take a look at some of "Greywolf's" mining videos on YouTube. You'll get "schooled up" in a hurry. Eric works his own claims in the historic Cariboo Gold District, so he knows what's what.

I also urge all of you out there to visit The Gold Prospectors Forum and give Eric your support by signing up and becoming a forum member.Unless I miss my bet, I suspect you'll learn a thing or two there you won't learn here at "Bedrock Dreams" or anywhere else for that matter.

Dickies Work Clothes

I wish "Greywolf" well in this new endeavor just as I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and the best of luck out there.

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  1. Thanks Jim, any time you want to join us and chew the fat or shoot the breeze about all things gold and shiny related, stop on by......Greywolf

  2. You got it Wolf...I'll be there! J.R.

  3. 525jeffm has left a new comment on your post "More From Canadian Miner "Greywolf"":

    I'll take your advice. I'll view the videos and sign up for the forum. There is a never-ending need to learn from more experienced miners than me. Never turn down an opportunity to increase your knowledge. Thanks again Jim. (This comment is from Jeff M.)


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