New Version of Aussie CreVac Now Available

(Aussie miner Adrian Keighran's earlier version of the CreVac.)

In a previous post titled "More on a Nifty Little Item From Down Under", I did a little write up of Australian "fossicker" Adrian Keighran's CreVac mini-suction dredge for cleaning cracks and crevices. Now Adrian has come up with a new version of the CreVac that employs a "garden hose" type function for washing/clearing bedrock surfaces.

As Adrian recently told me, "The new CreVac will now work underwater for indefinite periods and still catches the good stuff. With the new model you could catch 1 liter to 50 liters of wash with no worries whatsoever."

Now here's a video link where you can watch Adrian using the new CreVac:

As always, I urge all of you to support small-scale miners who have taken the time to design and build their own mining gear like Adrian and his CreVac. So take a look and if you're interested, contact Adrian via his website:

A hearty "good on ya mate" to Adrian and all you Aussie "fossickers" in the land Down Under.

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