More on Midwestern Glacial Gold (Part 4)

 (Small flakes of Indiana glacial gold.)

Although I've been sidetracked somewhat lately getting other info published here in "Bedrock Dreams," I'm finally able complete this series on Midwestern glacial gold. In Part 3 of this series I tuned you in to some of the better glacial gold areas in Iowa and in this post I'm covering the same sort of information for the states of Indiana and Michigan.


Compared to some Midwestern states,the glacial gold placer occurrences in Indiana tend to be spotty. Geologists believe that these gold deposits are the result of glacial drifts that moved southwestward from Precambrian veins located in eastern Ontario province and western Quebec province, Canada.

Gold Concentrates
Gold Pans

It's estimated in some instances that this glacial transportation of gold from Canada into Indiana covered distances as great as 1,000 miles or more. Typically this means that Indiana glacial gold deposits located in the upper reaches of these movements contain more placer gold than those at the far end of the glacial "train."

According to state geologists, some of the "richest" glacial gold ground in the "Hoosier" state are located near the communities of Martinsville and Nashville, both of which lie roughly south and southwest of Indianapolis. Decent glacial gold values have also been recovered around Aurora and Milton in southeastern Indiana not far from the Ohio border.


The state of Michigan is no stranger to metals mineralization and mining, especially in the Upper Peninsular areas like Keewenaw. Iron, copper, silver, and small amounts of gold have all been mined in Michigan at one time or another. Additionally, the "Great Lakes State" was directly in the path of a series of glacial advances and retreats that carried gold with them down from Canada.

 (Michigan's Upper Peninsula.)

Numerous glacial moraines can still be found in Michigan and any placer miner worth his or her salt would be well advised to research and sample these areas since they will undoubtedly contain glacial placer gold deposits. Some geologists also believe that quite a bit of glacial gold from Canada may still lie trapped beneath glacial drift locations and even underneath some of Michigan's lakes and ponds. Recovering glacial placer gold from the latter may prove problematic for most of the state's small-scale miners, however.

Carhartt Wear

Areas worth checking for Michigan glacial gold can be found along the Grand River not far from Ionia as well as some of the tributary streams flowing into the Grand. These tributaries include the Maple River and other, smaller tributaries. If hard rock mining is more to your liking, then there may be opportunities for some gold prospecting in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Best of luck to one and all.

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  1. Had found gold along the Grand, but far from the maple river... Still looking for a "BIG PAYOUT "!

  2. I hope you hit that "big one" my friend! Best of luck and thanks for commenting. J.R.


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