"Beating a Dead Horse?": More on Buying Mining Claims

 ("And this year's P.T. Barnum Award goes to all you claim hustlers and scammers. Congrats and keep up the good work!")

Read My Lips

I realize some of you out there think I’m beating a dead horse with this mining claim issue, but it just refuses to go away. Just this past week alone I’ve received a half a dozen e-mails asking my opinion as to whether so-and-so seller is reputable or whether the person e-mailing me should buy this placer mining claim or that one.

OK, read my lips one more time: I DON’T RECOMMEND YOU BUY UNPATENTED MINING CLAIMS FROM ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Especially right now. Got it?

Making Money off You

The amount of hustling, lying, scamming, and general dishonesty being committed out there by many (if not most) sellers of unpatented placer claims has reached epidemic proportions just as gold has reached historic highs in spot prices. Does that fact tell you anything? It should.
Let me go through this yet again. Anytime someone hustles something, or better yet, anything that panders to your dreams they are gonna make money off of you. How much money they make depends on what they are selling, how significant your particular dreams are, and just how greedy, needy, desperate, (or better yet) informed you are concerning those dreams.

Who Cares About the Truth?

Of all the mining “dream merchants” out there, it’s been my experience that claim sellers are the worst of the lot. Bar none. This is nothing new brothers and sisters…it’s been going on as long as mining claims have been in existence in the U.S., or anywhere else for that matter.

Now this doesn’t mean that every claim seller is all bad but conversely I’ve never come across a claim seller that was all good either. White lies are common even when dealing with a “reputable” claim seller so this may suggest to you that the lowest orders of claim-hustling cockroaches don’t even know what the truth is, let alone care about it.

 ("Psst...hey 'Pard'...yeah you...need a mining claim?")

Here’s a Tip

Believe me, I take great pride in the fact that I know I’m pissing off you claim hustlers and scammers out there yet again. The truth hurts, as always. So you go head on and attack me via e-mail like you’ve done in the past for “spreading malicious lies,” and “chasing my customers away,” or for being “small minded.” That last one really made me laugh.

Here’s my response to those criticisms: My, my, my...why get all heated up if you have nothing to hide?

Folks, here’s a tip for you from one who knows: avoid the stinky doggie doo-doo and file your own claims. You’ll not only save money and heartache over the long run, but you’ll be helping to put some of these snake oil salesmen (and women) out of business at the same time.

Good luck to one and all.

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(c)  Jim Rocha (J.R.)  2011

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