More on Midwestern Glacial Gold (Part 2)

 (Large glaciers like this transported gold southward from Canada into the Midwestern states.)

Here's my second post of this series on Midwestern glacial gold:

Gold Transported in Glacial "Ebb and Flow"

As large glaciers moved into the Midwestern states south from Canada in an "ebb and flow" movement pattern over millenia, they carried with them great amounts of detritus including rocks, boulders, various and sundry gravels, silt, sand, and This gold was scoured out and transported from major veins in Canada as well as veinlets that already existed in selected Midwestern states such as Minnesota.

Placer Gold Locations

Once the major glacial movements had subsided, the gold carried within them was further dispersed by erosional factors and countless stream flows and glacial melt lakes. In fact, the Great Lakes themselves are very large glacial basins as many of you out there already know.

Glacial Gold "Trails"

As with gold distribution in most placer environments, glacial gold in the Midwest was not distributed evenly. Glacial gold "trails" were richer in some locales than in others, just as gold placers are richer in some areas than in others.

 (Midwestern glacial gold. [Photo courtesy])

Here's a hint for those you interested in recovering Midwestern glacial gold:

These glacial gold trails have been outlined and mapped by geologists and other specialists over time. I think it would be well worth your while (providing you're not already ahead of this curve) to take the time to do a bit of research and find where these Midwestern glacial gold "trails" are in your home state.

Gold Panning Kits
Mining Equipment

With just a minimum of time and effort I was able to get my hands on a very basic Midwestern glacial gold "trails" map that shows the main areas of gold transport from Canada southward.

Want a Copy?

For those of you who can't find what I'm talking about here and want a copy, contact me via e-mail ( and I'll give you my mailing address. That way you can send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and $1.00 (for copying costs and my time). Once received, I'll send you a copy of the basic Midwestern glacial gold "trails" map.

That's it for this round. Be safe out there and may all your dreams be golden.

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